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Chapter 28: Wifey, I Want to Eat It

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For three days, Qin Xi did not idle. She massaged Han Dazhu and gave him acupuncture treatment while helping Luo Xiujuan recuperate her body.

She even used her free time to refine a special pill that could make the vegetables grow overnight.

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Not only that, vegetables nourished by this pill could also help the health of people who ate it.

Qin Xi named this pill: Vitality Pill.

After eating this kind of vegetable, Han Dazhu could walk in five days.

Qin Xi did not expect the Vitality Pill to be so magical. She pulled out a carrot from the vegetable field and looked at it. It was as thick as an adults arm. Qin Xi swallowed her saliva and said to Luo Xiujuan, who was trimming the vegetable garden beside her, “Mom, do you think… if we sell the vegetables in town, well make a lot of money”

Luo Xiujuans eyes lit up. “Yes, we can definitely earn a lot. Xi, youre really our lucky star.”

“Mom, if we use this pill to grow tea, wouldnt we make a killing” Qin Xi thought of the tea plantations on the mountain and her eyes lit up.

“Thats a good idea, but wouldnt that attract too much attention If we just sell some vegetables, no one will notice it. After all, no one can see the vegetable field. Our tea plantation is in the air on the mountain. Others would definitely notice it and be suspicious.”

“The teas in the tea plantations are all nourished by the same water, the same soil, and the same planting method. Why should our teas be better than others” Han Dazhu shook his head in disagreement.

Qin Xi felt that what he said made sense. She raised the arm-sized carrot in her hand and smiled abnormally happily.

“Then well sell vegetables. Theres a market tomorrow. Grandpa, lets go and make money! When we make enough money, well buy the mountain at the back of our house. Well plant our own tea trees and sell them to the various provinces. In the future, we can sit at home and count our money!”

The more she spoke, the happier and more excited she became. Her big eyes were as bright as stars.


At the same time, her happy mood spread to Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan who were also excited and happy.

Han Shi stopped eating the radishes and hopped to her side. He circled her happily. “Were making money, making money. I want to make money to buy a lot of delicious food for my wife!”

Luo Xiujuan picked up a bad vegetable leaf and threw it at Han Shi. She glared at him and scolded with a smile, “Little bastard, you forgot about me after getting a wife! Why have you never thought of buying me delicious food”

Han Dazhu grinned and said, “See, I told you that raising a son is just wasting food. Daughters are sweethearts and the best.”

His tone sounded disdainful, but he looked at Han Shi with undisguised love.

Han Shi opened his arms and hugged Qin Xi. He said foolishly, “Sweetheart, Im my wifes sweetheart!”

Qin Xi was shocked and looked embarrassed.

She had never been in close contact with a boy before, not to mention that there were elders around. Being hugged like this, she immediately felt her cheeks and ears burning red. Even her neck was red, making her look like a ripe apple.

Over the past few days, she had been nourishing herself with medicine, and her skin had become as smooth and fair as that of a boiled egg.

Her dry hair also became soft and sleek.

Han Shi couldnt help but sallivate and say, “Wifey, your face is like an apple. I want to eat it!”


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