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Chapter 24: He Can Be Cured

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The next day, when the sky lit up, Qin Xi woke up early and began to refine the herbs she had collected.

Now, although she was married to Han Shi, she was actually staying with Luo Xiujuan.

While she was putting the herbs into the pot, Luo Xiujuan had already put on her clothes and came out with a basin. She smelled the pungent smell of herbs in the air and asked curiously, “Xi, what are you doing”

Qin Xi smiled brightly. “Im making a poultice for Grandpa. After applying it a few times and going through a few sessions of acupuncture, Grandpa can throw away the walking stick!”

She said it casually, but Luo Xiujuan opened her mouth in shock. “Xi, is what you said true Can his leg really recover”

“Not only him, but also your back pain.”

Qin Xi picked up the spatula and stirred the pot. She then gave her another shocking news. “Of course, also Stones illness. However, its more difficult to treat Stone. It will take more than a month to treat her, so I…”


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Hearing a loud clank, Qin Xi subconsciously turned around and saw that the basin had fallen to the ground and all the water had spilled out. Luo Xiujuans weathered face was already covered in tears. Her lips were trembling and her voice was extremely hoarse as she asked gingerly, “Xi, did you just say that Stones illness can be cured Are you kidding me”

Qin Xi walked over and picked up the basin. She smiled brightly. “Mom, you have to believe me. I can even remove poison, let alone treating Stone. Dont worry, Im kidding you.”

“Alright, alright, alright. I believe you. I believe you…” Luo Xiujuan immediately burst into tears.

For so many years, when Han Shi was made fun of for being a fool, she felt like her heart was bleeding. Tears welled up in her eyes and she wished she could become a fool in place of her son.

Qin Xi patted her shoulder and comforted her. “Alright, Mom, its bad for your health to cry too much. When I finish brewing these herbs, Ill make a beauty ointment for you. I guarantee that youll look ten years younger after using it.”


Luo Xiujuan sobbed and looked at her with red and swollen eyes. “Really”

Qin Xi nodded. “Of course, but it takes time!”

“I can wait, I can wait…”

Luo Xiujuan actually did not care if she looked young or not. She only cared if her son could be cured.

Qin Xi helped Luo Xiujuan wipe the tears off her face and said, “Mom, well get better and better in the future. Stone and I will be good to you and Grandpa. At that time, you can enjoy your life!”

At this moment, Han Dazhu pushed open the door and came out of another room. When he saw the pool of water on the ground and Luo Xiujuan crying, his heart suddenly tightened. “What happened”


When she saw Han Dazhu, Luo Xiujuans tears started to stream down again. “Dad, Xi said that Stones illness can be cured…”

Han Dazhu was so shocked that his body trembled. He sniffed and tears streamed down his face as he muttered to himself, “Great, this is great. Our Han family can finally have a descendant.”


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