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Chapter 23: Deep Hatred!

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In order not to let Luo Xiujuan find out the real cause of the wild boars death, Qin Xi quickly cut off the boar head and cut it into pieces.

After making sure the evidence was all gone, Qin Xi was finally relieved.

At this moment, Han Dazhu came to the kitchen with his hands behind his back. He said solemnly, “Xi, can you step outside with me for a while”

“Oh, okay!”

Qin Xi quickly washed her hands and followed him out. “Grandpa, whats wrong”

Han Dazhu took a puff of smoke and said, “Looking at the things you brought back, I know you must have entered the mountains, right”

Qin Xis heart skipped a beat. She thought to herself, “Oh no, I was too busy removing the evidence so that Luo Xiujuan couldnt find out, but I forgot that Old Han has been to the depths of the mountain countless times.”

“Grandpa… you, you know!”

Han Dazhu nodded and looked a little pensive.

Qin Xi thought that Han Dazhu was angry and quickly explained, “Grandpa, didnt I say that I know Qigong Actually, it was very easy to deal with this wild boar. Really, I wont let Stone be in danger! Dont worry!”

“Girl, thats not what I meant.”

Han Dazhu waved his hand and sighed deeply. His eyes were filled with sadness. “You might not believe me when I say this, but I feel that the Han family is cursed. An invisible danger is looming over the Han family. Just like Stones father, he died on the path that he took countless times.”

Qin Xis heart tightened. She wanted to say something but hesitated. “Grandpa…”


Han Dazhu looked up at the moonlight. “Xi, youre a good girl. Stone is really blessed to have a wife like you. I know youre capable and dont want to stay in the countryside. If you leave one day, I wont say a word of complaint!”

Qin Xi said seriously, “Grandpa, Stone is very good. I dont feel bad about marrying him. Besides, its you who gave me a family and took me away from the Qin family. If I really leave this place, Ill definitely bring you all with me!”

Hearing this, Han Dazhu was quite moved. However, he still shook his head. “Its good that you have this thought in mind, but… but I dont want anything to happen to you. When the time is right, leave!”

Qin Xi knew that Han Dazhu was stubborn and knew why he wanted her to leave.

After thinking for a moment, she asked tentatively, “Grandpa, more than ten years ago… Did you or the Han family offend anyone You know, that kind of deep hatred.”

Han Dazhu frowned and thought about it seriously. He shook his head firmly. “No, ten years ago, my temper was very good. Every time I came back from hunting, I would give some to my neighbors. Ive never been angry with anyone, let alone become enemies with them.”

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Ever since disasters befell his family one after another, he had become extremely bad-tempered. This was also his defense mechanism to protect his family.

“Why did you ask this Xi, did you sense something” As Han Dazhu asked, his expression immediately became serious.


Qin Xi took out the small ax she had been hiding. “Grandpa, when Stone and I passed by the ancestral grave today, we found this!”

Han Dazhu took the small ax and looked at it carefully. He did not find anything wrong. “Is there anything wrong with this”

Qin Xi said with a solemn expression, “Yes! This ax has been soaked in blood. Someone put a talisman on it. Grandpa, this bloody ax was buried in the Han familys ancestral grave for fifteen years!”

Han Dazhus eyelids twitched, and his heart was in turmoil. He grabbed Qin Xis wrist excitedly. “Xi, are you saying… my family was schemed against by someone”

Qin Xi nodded heavily. “Yes, Grandpa!”


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