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Chapter 22: Yin-gathering Talisman

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Qin Xi recalled the message she received from touching the black smoke on Han Shi. She suppressed her racing heart and reached out her hand nervously.

When her hand touched the Yin energy, she felt a chill entering her body. This chill was not as cold as she had imagined. Instead, it had an indescribable warmth.

Clearly, she had absorbed it and turned it into her cultivation.

At the same time, a blurry image suddenly appeared in her mind. In the image, a sneaky figure came to the grave and buried a small ax with blood underneath. Then, disasters descended on the Han family one after another.

First, Han Dazhus leg was broken, and then Han Guohua died of an accident on the mountain. Old Madam Han couldnt take the blow and was bedridden. After a few days, she passed away. As for Luo Xiujuan, who was pregnant with her second child, she suffered a huge blow and had a miscarriage. Then, it was Han Shi…

Qin Xi vaguely saw that Han Shi actually discovered something he shouldnt have, so as the consequence of which, he was beaten to retardation.

Although this scene was blurry, she could still see it. The culprit who caused the family to be destroyed was actually a small ax covered in blood.

Although she had inherited the mystic medicine technique, her cultivation was only at the first level and she did not have the ability to track down the culprit. However, if she could dig out the bloody ax, she could avoid any disasters from happening again.

At the thought of this, Qin Xi asked Han Shi to bring the shovel over. Han Shi did not know what she was going to do, but he still brought it over.

Qin Xi used her true Qi to dig out the ax. Although it had been buried in the ground for more than ten years, the Yin energy emitting out of the ax was still very strong.

Qin Xi could tell at a glance that there was a Yin-gathering talisman sealed on this ax. This talisman could gather evil. If one was touched by it, they would be plagued by bad luck and their family would be destroyed.

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“Eh, why is there a small ax”

Han Shi wanted to reach out to take it out of curiosity, but Qin Xi absorbed the Yin energy on it first. When the Yin energy entered her body, another scene appeared in her mind.


This time, she saw the face of the person who buried the ax clearly. It was a middle-aged man with shifty eyes. He was unfamiliar and probably not from the village. Moreover, through the scene, she understood that this shifty-eyed person was also instructed by someone.

Therefore, the clue was cut off again.

Qin Xi did not understand why someone would go to such an extent to harm the Han family who were just a bunch of ordinary villagers. Who had they offended

It was already dark. Every house was lit up with dim candle light. Under the light, the two of them finally reached home.

Seeing the two of them return, Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan were finally relieved. Luo Xiujuan said worriedly, “Why are you back so late Did something happen”

Just as Han Shi was about to speak, Qin Xi calmly stepped forward and said, “Its nothing serious. We just found a small wild boar. This wild boar was really stupid. It fell down the steep slope and died after hitting a tree. Stone and I were afraid that there would be a big boar nearby, so we waited for a long time. Moreover, we took a big detour to avoid being seen by the villagers.”

Only then did Luo Xiujuan see the black boar on the ground. She covered her mouth in surprise. “Oh my god, a wild boar”

It had been many years since their family ate wild animals. Now that she thought of the taste of wild boars, she subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

Han Shi chuckled and danced happily. “Mom, I want to eat boar stew. I want to eat boar stew!”

“Alright, alright, alright. I guarantee youll eat it tonight!”


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