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Chapter 21: Yin Energy

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Sensing that danger was approaching, Qin Xi quickly covered Han Shis mouth and made a shushing gesture.

Han Shi blinked and thought that his wife was playing with him. He nodded obediently.

After a while, a sound came from afar. A wild boar quickly rushed out of the bush. This wild boar was two times bigger than the previous one. From its size and weight, it weighed about 400 to 500 kilograms.

When it saw the dead wild boar on the ground, it arched its head and roared at the sky.

In an instant, the entire forest shook!

Han Shis body trembled, and his face was filled with panic and fear. He subconsciously edged closer to Qin Xi and said in a very low voice, “Wifey, Im afraid!”

Qin Xi gently patted his arm and whispered in his ear, “Dont be afraid. Dont make a sound. Well be fine!”

Han Shi nodded heavily and grabbed Qin Xis arm tightly. His eyes darted around, afraid that another wild beast would suddenly jump out and eat them.

Qin Xi found him quite cute and held his hand tightly. Her gaze landed on the wild boar on the ground.

The wild boar was wreaking havoc in the surroundings. The bush and the trees nearby were destroyed. It was simply a mess.

Qin Xi sighed in her heart. If she had to confront this wild boar, it would probably take a very long time.

However, this wild boar was too big. If she carried it back, she would definitely not be able to explain herself to the Han family. If other villagers saw her bringing back such a big boar, they would probably gossip.

At the thought of this, she felt that she should leave this wild boar for now. When she reached the second level of her mystic medical technique, she would come back and conquer it.


After waiting for more than an hour, the wild boar finally calmed down and turned to leave.

At this moment, it was almost evening and the sky gradually darkened. Feeling that the coast was cleared, Qin Xi immediately jumped off the tree. She waved at Han Shi. “Lets go home!”


The two of them carried the wild boar to the foot of the mountain. It was time for the villagers to have dinner. In order not to attract attention, Qin Xi chose to take a detour.

They passed through the middle of the back hill.

However, the back hill was a graveyard where several generations of villagers from Shangwan Village were buried, so this place looked gloomy and deserted.

Han Shi did not know what this place was, but he knew that his grandmother and father were buried here. When Qin Xi brought him here, he happily pointed in one direction. “Look, my father and grandmother are lying in that grave mound. Grandpa said that when he dies, he will be buried there too.”

This was clearly a heavy topic, but why when it came out of his mouth, it sounded like he was… buying a house

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She casually glanced in the direction Han Shi was pointing. With this glance, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and stared at the small grave mound. Her heart skipped a beat.

In front of the grave mound, a black fog emerged from the ground and floated above it. This reminded her of the black fog she saw on Han Shi on the first day of her rebirth.

This black fog was filled with Yin energy.

Qin Xi thought for a moment and put the wild boar down before walking towards the Yin energy. Seeing this, Han Shi immediately threw the wild boar down and followed suit.

“Wifey, where are you going”

Qin Xi said, “Nothing. I just want to say hi to Grandma and Father!”

She walked to the Yin energy and looked at the small grave mound. There was no tombstone or name. Only a few pieces of yellow paper were pressed under a stone the size of a basin. It looked especially simple.


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