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Chapter 17: Saving People

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Liu Dequan immediately took out the needle bag and spread it out on the bed.

Qin Xi took a deep breath. She, who had never touched a silver needle before, was as if possessed by a divine doctor. The silver needles in her hand quickly pierced into a few major acupoints on the child.

Qin Xis movements were smooth and skillful. She did it so fast that before Liu Dequan could realize it, the childs body was already covered in silver needles.

Liu Dequan was dazzled and extremely shocked. It was at this moment that he really knew that Qin Xi was a genius.

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After Qin Xi was done, she said to Liu Dequan, “Grandpa Liu, bring me a basin.”

Liu Dequan quickly brought the basin over. With a wave of her hand, all the silver needles returned to Qin Xis hand.

At the same time, she patted the child on the back. The child let out a cry and spat out the food that wasnt yet digested. Then, the child began to cry.

The room was immediately filled with a sour smell. Liu Dequan looked at Qin Xi excitedly. “Its done!”

After the door was opened, Li Fugui and his family ran in hurriedly. The childs mother quickly held the child in her arms and knelt on the ground to kowtow.

“Thank you, Doctor Liu. Thank you, Doctor Liu…”

Liu Dequan helped her up. Just as he was about to say that he was not the one who saved her, he saw Qin Xi shake her head at him.

After Li Fugui and his family thanked him and left, Liu Dequan asked, “I admire your medical skills. May I know who your shifu is”

“Grandpa Liu, youre exaggerating. In terms of experience, Im far inferior to you. In terms of aptitude, Im just a beginner. This time… I was just lucky.”


Qin Xi said humbly, “As for my shifu, hes long gone. I dont know his name. He just passed by and pitied me, so he taught me some things. Ive been working hard all these years to polish what he taught me.”

Liu Dequan laughed heartily. No one knew his limits better than him. Qin Xi said so only out of respect. He asked, “Qin Xi, you flatter me. Tell me, what else do you need my help with”

Qin Xi smiled shyly. “I really cant hide anything from you, Grandpa Liu. Its like this. I want to be your disciple…”

Before she could finish, Liu Dequan immediately waved his hand and rejected, “No, your medical skills are better than mine. I have nothing to teach you!”

Qin Xi said, “Grandpa Liu, I want to go out with you to treat patients and learn. We can also discuss medical skills with each other.”

Liu Dequan immediately understood what she meant. He stood up excitedly and said in disbelief, “Qin Xi, you mean…”

“Learning is a life-long journey. Grandpa Liu, we can learn from each other. The acupuncture technique just now is called the Five Elements Acupuncture Technique. If you want to learn, I can teach you!”

Liu Dequan was overjoyed. “Sure, sure, Im more than happy to do that!”


At noon, using the excuse of picking mushrooms, Qin Xi entered the mountains. Han Dazhu was worried and asked Han Shi to go with her.

Shangwan Village was located on a plain at the foot of the Shangwan Mountain Range. A small river ran through the entire village. It was a tributary of the large river behind the Shangwan Mountain Range. This river was also an important water source for the surrounding villages.

This place was lush with water and vegetation. There were many wild flowers growing around it, blooming very beautifully under the sun.

Most of the villagers here made a living through paddy fields, orchards, and tea plantations. For the Han family, it was a tea plantation.

In order not to attract attention, Qin Xi and Han Shi took a shortcut up the mountain.


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