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Chapter 14: Confession

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Han Dazhu asked worriedly, “Whats wrong, girl Are you still thinking about the Qin family…”

He thought that Qin Xi was in a bad mood because of cutting ties with her family. It made sense. Although those people treated her brutally, they were still her family after all. How could she not be sad

Qin Xi was silent as she began to prepare to tell the story/lie…

“Grandpa, its like this. When I was young, I met a master who taught me many skills. He taught me how to read, medical skills, Qigong, and talismans…”

Before Qin Xi could finish, Han Dazhus hand trembled in excitement and his walking stick fell to the ground. He asked impatiently, “Really You really met a master”

Luo Xiujuan also looked at Qin Xi expectantly, wanting to hear more from her, but she was puzzled. “Then all these years, you…”

Qin Xi continued, “Mother, do you want to ask me why I endured the Qin familys bullying all these years instead of using my skills to impress them”

Luo Xiujuan said what was on her mind. “Yes, if youre really that capable, they wont treat you like that, and you wont have to suffer.”

Qin Xi shook her head and she said, “Do you think that if I revealed my ability, they would stop bullying and abusing me No, itd only get worse.”

Han Dazhu nodded in agreement. “You are right. If they knew, they would definitely use you to make money.”

“So… when Qin Feng poisoned me, I beat him at his own game and threatened the Qin family to cut ties with me. In the future, I wont be obliged to help them.”

Qin Xi looked at Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan guiltily. “Im sorry, Grandpa and Mother. I didnt tell you about this in advance. I was afraid that you wouldnt agree to me risking my life, and I wasnt sure if your acting skills could really fool them… So… I made the decision on my own. Im sorry!”

Han Dazhu did not expect Qin Xi, a girl who was not even 20 years old, to be able to plan a few moves ahead of others. Although he was indeed angry that she was risking her life, he could understand her intentions.


Seeing that she was sincere in admitting her mistake, Han Dazhu chose to forgive her. Besides, Qin Xi was right. If she really told them the plan in advance, their acts wouldnt be convincing.

“Girl, we dont blame you. We only blame the Qin family.”

Luo Xiujuan bit her lip, her eyes filled with shock. She felt that her daughter-in-law was too smart. Not only did she fool everyone, but she also made all the villagers stand on her side.

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Han Shi did not understand what they were talking about. He sat beside Qin Xi obediently and fiddled with his clothes from time to time, but his eyes were fixed on Qin Xis hand.

He thought to himself, “My wifes hands are really beautiful.”

“What about the poison” Han Dazhu asked.

Qin Xi said with a smile, “Its been removed long ago. My plan was to fool Qin Feng and make him anxious. Only then would he freak out and agree to my request.”

The more Han Dazhu looked at Qin Xi, the more satisfied he was with this granddaughter-in-law. “Not bad, not bad! Then what do you plan to do next”

Qin Xi said seriously, “Grandpa, I plan to ask Doctor Liu to take me in as his student. That way, I can practice my medical skills openly and people wont gossip about it. What do you think”

“Youre really thoughtful. However, I wonder what Liu Dequan will think!” Han Dazhu asked worriedly. He more or less knew what kind of a person Liu Dequan was.

Qin Xi said confidently, “Dont worry, Ill get him to agree.”


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