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Chapter 13: Mystic Doctor

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“What She is saved”

“This is simply miraculous!”

“I think the Qin family is her jinx. As soon as she left the Qin family, she would be fine!”

Although this sounded ridiculous, villagers always looked at things through a superstitious lense.

The villagers discussed among themselves. Without exception, they all said that Qin Xi was not destined to die. As the saying went, one who survived a disaster was bound to be blessed. In their opinion, Qin Xis blessing was yet to come!

Qin Feng was also shocked when he heard that. He shouted in ecstasy, “Thats great, I didnt kill anyone. Thats great. I dont have to go to jail anymore!”

Li Guihuas eyes lit up. She tugged at Qin Guobiaos sleeve. “Old Qin, now that she is awake, does it mean we dont have to return the money”

Before Qin Guobiao could speak, Han Dazhu said sarcastically, “Dont think about going back on your word. The crime has been committed. Its an entirely different matter whether the victim dies or not. If you dont compensate, I can still press a charge against you.”

Qin Feng and Li Guihua swallowed back the words that were on the tip of their tongues.

This farce ended with the Qin family forking out 400 Yuan. The wicked things the Qin family did also became a laughing stock in the village.

Of course, other than the Han family, no one knew that the biggest winner was Qin Xi, who put up a perfect show as a dying girl.


After returning to the Han family and closing the door, Qin Xi jumped off the stretcher with a radiant smile.


Seeing that she was full of energy, Han Dazhu laughed out loud. “Girl, youre really smart. You made them pay a heavy price today and even successfully cut ties with them. How smart!”

Qin Xi scratched her head shyly. “I was just lucky that this idea came across my mind. Its all thanks to Grandpa and Moms cooperation. Speaking of which, Grandpa and Moms acting skills are really good. Its some oscar-level acting.”

“Oscar Whats that” Luo Xiujuan asked in confusion.

Seeing that Qin Xi praised his grandfather and mother but did not praise him, Han Shi panicked and asked, “What about me Am I the best”

Qin Xi praised generously, “Yes, youre the best, especially that kick. You even kicked the door off. Youre really amazing!”

As she spoke, she even reached out to rub his head. Han Shi was already shy from being praised by his wife, but now that his head was rubbed, his handsome face immediately turned red. He lowered his head and chuckled.

At the sight of that, the three of them immediately burst out laughing.

After laughing, Han Dazhu handed the 400 yuan the Qin family gave him to Qin Xi and said with a smile, “Girl, here, take this 400 yuan. You can buy whatever you want with it.”

Qin Xi thought for a moment and did not refuse. It was not that she was greedy for this money, but she was in urgent need of it.

After she was reborn, not only was she bestowed with some mystic techniques that allowed her to absorb the essence of heaven and earth to cultivate the legendary ancient martial Qi, but also she could treat illnesses and prevent disasters from happening.

Overnight, she became a mystic doctor.

Thinking back to her previous life, it was not difficult to guess that they came after her for the jade pendant. However, she did not know how those people knew the secret of the jade pendant.

Of course, what was done was done. It was useless to think too much. This question was destined to remain unanswered.

What she should be thinking about now was how to tell the Han family that she knew medicine. Otherwise, she would be restrained in the future.

Qin Xi took the 400 yuan and stopped smiling. She looked at Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan solemnly. “Grandpa, Mom, I have something to tell you. Lets go in first!”

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The four of them entered the house and closed the door.


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