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Chapter 12: She Is Saved

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The village chiefs name was Liu Shuan, also nicknamed Shuan Zi.

His heart tightened and he quickly got someone to call Doctor Zhang over. Then, he looked at Qin Xi and said with sympathy, “Child, do you have anything else to say”

Qin Xis face was pale as she begged, “Chief, since… since… Mother and Grandpa said so… then… dont make things difficult for them… Please… please help me… write… write a letter of agreement… that from now… now on… we have nothing to do with each other!”


The village chiefs heart ached for her. He sighed and then looked at Qin Guobiao and the others reproachfully. “Youre even worse than a child.”

The Qin family was silent for a moment. They all glared at Qin Xi with resentment. If not for this little bi*tch, they wouldnt have embarrassed themselves in front of so many fellow villagers. In the future, they would definitely become a laughing stock.

“Hmph, the sooner the ties are cut, the better. There is no point in having such a family! Shuan Zi, write the agreement!” Han Dazhu said indignantly.

The village chief let out a long sigh.

In the end, under the witness of the villagers, the village chief wrote a letter of agreement. There were three copies. One for Han Dazhu, one for Qin Guobiao, and one for himself.

The village chief put away the letter and said, “Alright, once the letter is signed, it will be legally effective. In the future, the Qin family will have nothing to do with Qin Xi, and Qin Xi wont be obliged to help the Qin family. By the way, the girl also mentioned that when you have time, go and get her name out of your household register. Take care!”

Li Guihua quickly nudged Hu Xiaofeng with her elbow. “We have time. We have time now. Xiaofeng, take the household register and go to town to settle the procedures.”

Hu Xiaofeng looked at the letter in Qin Guobiaos hand and had a mixed feeling. After being nudged by Li Guihua, she nodded and went to do it.

At this moment, a shout came from a distance. “Doctor Liu is here. Make way!”


The villagers quickly made way for Liu Dequan, who was in his fifties. He was sweating profusely.

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“Uncle Liu, youre finally here. Come and take a look!”

Luo Xiujuan was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. She grabbed Doctor Liu and brought him to Qin Xi.

Seeing Qin Xis appearance, Liu Dequans expression was solemn. He quickly squatted down to check on her. Although he was only a village doctor, his decades of experience told him that Qin Xi was not poisoned at all. Not only was she not poisoned, but she was also very healthy.

If not for the fact that her face was sickly pale, Liu Dequan would have thought that these villagers were pranking him.

In order to confirm his guessing, he took her pulse again!

Seeing Liu Dequans solemn expression, Qin Xi gave Luo Xiujuan a look and glanced at the pool of dark red blood on the ground.

Luo Xiujuan immediately had an idea. She quickly covered her face and sobbed as she asked Liu Dequan, “How is it, Uncle Liu Xi just spat out a mouthful of blood. Is she already…”

A mouthful of dark red blood

Liu Dequans eyes lit up, and the solemnity on his face immediately disappeared. He laughed heartily.

The villagers looked at each other in confusion. What was going on What was so funny about a mouthful of blood

While everyone was discussing in confusion, Liu Dequan finally spoke.

“This girl is really lucky. The poison is all in this pool of dark red blood. Now that she spat it all out, she is saved.”


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