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Chapter 11: Vomiting Blood

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“Brother Qin, isnt this too much Were all from the same village and will be seeing each other on a daily basis. Theres no need to go to such an extent,” Auntie Cai next door came out and said.

She looked at Qin Guobiao in disapproval and sighed with pity. “Besides, Xi has had a hard life since she was young. Now that shes almost dying, you… Sigh, cant you just let her rest in peace”

Li Guihua spat. “Old Madam Cai, dont stick your nose into my family affairs. Its her fate whether she suffers or not. Its none of our business! If youre so bored, get your granddaughter-in-law to lay an egg. Dont walk around medding in everything you see.”

Knowing that she wasnt as good at quarreling as Li Guihua, Auntie Cai snorted and turned to leave. “You… Hmph, Im not telling you. Youre too selfish. Youll regret it one day.”

At this moment, someone shouted that the village chief was here. Qin Xi quickly stuffed something into her mouth and lay back under the blanket.

“Whats going on” The village chief was in his forties. He looked ordinary and had dark skin. Seeing that a fight was about to break out, his face immediately darkened.

Hu Xiaofeng pointed at Qin Xi and said, “Village Chief, you came at the right time. I want to cut ties with Qin Xi.”

The village chief looked in the direction she was pointing. Seeing that Qin Xi obviously didnt have long to live, he was shocked. “Whats wrong with this child Wasnt she alive and kicking a few days ago”

Hu Xiaofeng was so guilty that she did not dare to look the village chief in the eye. She straightened her neck and said, “Chief, the Han family are bullies. That b*tch is already married, but they still want her to be buried in my familys ancestral grave. Chief, this is inappropriate, right”

The village chief still did not know what had happened, but what Hu Xiaofeng said made sense. However, he knew Hu Xiaofengs character and did not believe her on blind faith. He looked at the people around him and asked, “Can someone tell me what exactly happened here”

“Chief, dont you know The Qin family is simply a bunch of animals. They poisoned Xi and even blackmailed the Han family to pay the gambling debts. Theyre the ones in the wrong in the first place, and now they want to cut ties with this poor child. How outrageous!”

Some villagers couldnt stand it anymore and told him what happened. The village chiefs face immediately darkened.



This was against the law. He did not expect such a horrendous thing to happen in his village. If word got out, it would affect the reputation of the village and his position as the village chief.

He looked at Qin Guobiao. “Uncle Qin, are you really going to cut ties with this child”

Although Qin Guobiao was ashamed, he still gritted his teeth and nodded. “Chief, lets do that. If she wants to blame, blame herself for being unlucky. In the future, well just take her as a stranger.”

As soon as he said that, the villagers clicked their tongues. What a shameless old thing!


“Ah, Xi, Xi, how are you”

“Wifey, why are you vomiting blood”

Luo Xiujuan and Han Shi exclaimed in unison. Everyone looked over and saw Qin Xi vomit a mouthful of dark red blood. The villagers hearts tightened and they looked at her with sympathy.

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Seeing this, Han Dazhu panicked. He looked at the village chief and slapped his thigh. “What should we do Shuan Zi, what should we do”


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