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Chapter 10: Ill Come to Find You After I Die...

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When the villagers saw how miserable Qin Xi was, they felt bad for her and started to persuade the Qin family.

“Old Madam Li, do a good deed and agree to that. She is your granddaughter after all. Show some mercy.”

“Thats right. This child is about to die. Dont be so cruel!”

Li Guihua pointed at the villagers angrily. “Whoever thinks she is pitiful can take her home and bury her in your ancestral grave. If you dont want to, shut up.”

The villagers immediately shut their mouths. They were here to watch the show, not to pick up a corpse to take up the space of their ancestral grave.

Qin Xi looked at Hu Xiaofeng with tears in her eyes. “Mom… dont you… want me to… come back”

Hu Xiaofeng pretended to be in a difficult position. “My daughter, its not that I dont want you to come back, but youre already married. Theres no need for you to come back.”

Qin Xi stammered in a weak voice, “But… but after I die… I will miss… miss… you and… Father… Grandma, Grandpa… Eldest Aunt… Oh right… and Brother and Cousin… Eldest Uncle and the others… Can I… come back to… to see… you Youve… treated me so… good and taken care of me… Can I come back to find you…”

Coming back to find them after she died

The faces of the Qin family instantly turned pale, and they could not help but feel deep fear, especially Hu Xiaofeng and Li Guihua. In the past, they had bullied Qin Xi a lot. If she came back after she died, the first thing she would do was deal with them…

At the thought of that scene, Hu Xiaofeng and Li Guihua subconsciously shivered and screamed, “Youre not allowed to come back. Youre not from the Qin family. Youre not allowed to come back…”

The others were not any better, especially Qin Feng. He was so frightened that he trembled. He hid behind Li Guihua and shouted, “You cant come back. Grandma, you cant let her come back. Shes no longer a member of the Qin family… Grandma, dont let her come back.”

Han Dazhu said sarcastically, “Hmph, if you didnt do anything bad, why are you so afraid of being haunted”


Li Guihua tugged at Qin Guobiaos clothes, feeling flustered and uneasy. Her voice was trembling as she whispered, “Old Qin, think of a way. What if that bitch turns into a ghost and comes back to haunt us What should we do”

Although Qin Guobiao wasnt superstitious, when he thought of what his family had done to Qin Xi, he felt guilty.

He glanced at Qin Xi and sighed. “Xi, dont blame Grandpa for being so extreme…”

Then, he looked at Han Dazhu and announced to everyone, “I hereby announce that Qin Xi is no longer a member of the Qin family. Since she has already married into the Han family, she will be a member of the Han family forever… Cuiyun, go and get the genealogy book. Feng, go and call the village chief over.”

Zhang Cuiyuns eyes lit up. “Hey, good! This is a good idea!”

Qin Feng immediately crawled out of the courtyard to call the village chief with trembling legs.

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The villagers did not expect the Qin family to be so cold-blooded. Qin Xi was already in such a state, but they still wanted to cut ties with her. Was this something a human would do

Cold-blooded, a family of cold-blooded beasts!

Li Guihua was excited. “Yes, as long as this little b*tchs surname is not Qin… shell have nothing to do with us!”

Han Dazhu widened his eyes and was furious. “Qin Guobiao, Li Guihua, are you still human Shes your granddaughter. Are you going to watch her become a homeless vengeful soul”

A smug smile appeared on Li Guihuas mean face. “Lame Han, are you the emperor or what Why are you interfering in the Qin familys business Dont you think too highly of yourself.”

Han Dazhu was furious. “You…”


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