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My Mysterious Doctor and Blessed Little Wife Is Such a Tease Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Cant Hold On Any Longer!

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It was hot!

Qin Xi felt dizzy. Her body felt like it was on fire, and her eyelids were so heavy that she couldnt open them.

Vaguely, she had a strange dream. She dreamed that she was reborn in 1983 and became a wretch who was not loved by her parents and bullied by everyone.

Every day, she lived on tenterhooks and avoided troubles, but she was still covered in wounds. She was like a newborn cub that had no ability to defend for itself and was at the mercy of nature.

And the culprit behind all of this was her family.


She originally had a harmonious and happy family. She grew up under the love and doting of her parents. However, good times were short. One day, her parents were hunted down by an unknown organization and she was shot by a bullet right in the heart.

Before she died, she felt the jade pendant on her neck heat up and emit a dazzling light. As for what happened after that, her memory was blank.

Was she not dead Or was she saved by someone

“This child probably cant hold on any longer!”

At this moment, an old voice was heard. It was filled with worry and grief.

Han Dazhu looked at Qin Xi with tears in his eyes. Lying on the bed, Qin Xis eyes were tightly shut, her face was red, and beads of sweat were breaking out on her forehead.


Beside Han Dazhu stood a middle-aged woman. She was dressed in gray clothes. Her face was thin and sallow, and her eyes were deep-set. She looked much older than her actual age.

At this moment, the middle-aged woman was using a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off Qin Xis forehead. Her eyes were filled with sadness and self-blame.

“Dad, why dont I… go and beg the Qin family to come and see her again” Luo Xiujuan looked at Qin Xi, who was on her last breath. She gritted her teeth with tears welling up in her eyes that refused to fall.

Hearing that, Han Dazhu snorted coldly. “Youre not allowed to go. The Qin family is just a bunch of animals. Dont count on them.”

“But Xi is from the Qin family after all.”

“The Qin family Have you forgotten how the Qin family treated Xi All these years, the Qin family has been treating her like a slave. She doesnt have enough to eat or wear. She even sleeps in the cowshed. The people of the Qin family are all animals. Xi is now part of our family. Even if she dies, we have to bury her in the Han familys ancestral grave. Youre not allowed to look for them! If you do, dont ever come back!”

Looking at the stubborn old man, Luo Xiujuan shook her head and wiped her tears secretly.

At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door. Han Dazhu frowned and walked towards the door with his walking stick. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a group of people rushing into the house, led by a young man in his twenties.

Han Dazhu looked at the young man in the lead, his eyes filled with vigilance and hostility. He asked in a gloomy tone, “Qin Feng, what are you doing here”

Qin Feng was Qin Xis biological brother.

He looked cunning and wretched. It was obvious at a glance that he was not a good person. Not only that, but he was also very arrogant. He often hung out with the hooligans in town and was a notorious rogue. No one liked him.

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Qin Feng looked at Han Dazhu fiercely and sneered. “What I heard that my sister died of illness the second day she married into your family. Lame Han, why do you think Im here Of course Im here to seek justice for my dear sister!”

Han Dazhu was nicknamed Lame Han.

Han Dazhu did not back down. He thumped the ground with his walking stick and frowned, looking at Qin Feng as if he was looking at an idiot. “Seek justice Ha, I dont think I need to tell you how your Qin family treats Xi, do I Qin Feng, get lost. Dont embarrass yourself here!”

As he spoke, he pushed Qin Feng.

“You old man, how dare you push me”


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