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Getting to the palace Simon could see a whole beautiful place but filled with fear about what could happen in there,they could kill and drain my blood out of my body without any body knowing,that worry Simon am still with you and nothing is going to happen to you.

WELCOME a very thick voice said say the doors of the very big house open as Simon could see the entire 24 elders and the king seated on the throne looking so powerful and strong and his skin so beautifully made,it was just like that of a little bit of honey and lots of milk mixed to give a perfect result.

So you are the chosen one they say,whats your name if I may ask;am Simon my lord,how old are you seventeen my lord,aaah the whole elders said together what insolent is this supposed to mean he his not even up to eighteen yet and they say he is the chosen one this can be their has to be a mistake somewhere.

Quiet it is not in your hands to decide that young man or should I say Simon welcome to the vampires home we choose this realm because of our inability to stay in direct contact with the sun as you can see in this planet the sun is covered with a kind of dark cloud so that helps us to survive the only inability we were cursed with,secondly you are here because out of all powers you were blessed with you somehow choose to use our gift first and that is a blessing, during your time here we are going to be teaching you on how to use all your powers pretty well,and I guess you have your system right? Yes I do .well then Jacob here well show you to your room he will be more like your personal assistant and friend during your time here,off you go with Jacob.

As they walk down the hall to his room,am Simon nice to meet you,I know Jacob,simons supposedly personal assistant replied with so much rudeness and anger in his voice,what the issue is there a problem?the problem is you and this your room you know where to find me when you need me.

Hmmmm actually about that i don really know where to fin..... before Simon could complete his sentence Jacob was out of sight using his super speed,what was wrong with him and what did he meant by am his problem,well what ever Simon shut the door behind him and went in to put his things in place.after he was done he sat down at the edge of his bed and thought about al his life has turned to during the past one month it was just one month but it has be like a thousand years in hell as he remembered what conspired between him and his so called best friend,as he hit his head towards the wall and said Im such a mess.as he made his way towards the bathroom and had a very long shower after which he went to bed a struggled to sleep for a while before he dosed off with out even noticing it. It was a good night sleep until Simon had a dream where he was being chased by a man whose face he never saw but all he could hear was kill him and he was so scared that his bed was sucked in his sweat and he heard a very loud sound which woke him up with a great force.waking up he saw a beautiful maiden and a broken cup which she was trying to clean up,who are you and what are you doing here?am sorry my lord,well you see I brought your morning tea and I tripped on this by mistake am sorry am going to veal it up now she said in so much Remus,wait is it morning all ready yes my lord ok just clean up and you can leave.

Just as the maiden left the room Jacob came in and said morning to you,you have to get ready fast for this is your first day of training and you don want to be let on your first day?no I don .well then get freshen up

and meet me in the training filed goos bye for now and Jacob said while he left Simon yo get ready.

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