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It was just two weeks ago that the whole class was given an assignment in chemistry,this assignment had 80 out of 100 of their total mark and to make this substance they needed a very rare type of flower which grew only in the middle of the forest, many students didn try to do this assignment but Simon and Jenny being the most brilliant students in the class decided to go get this flower on the way they found something glowing at a Conner on the floor;whats that Jenny ask,I don know Simon replied while weak close the the glowing object then he picked it up just then he was lifted up from the ground and a very bright light surrounded him and these words followed YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE ,MASTER AND USE YOUR POWERS WELL,A GREAT WAR IS COMING BElIVE IN YOUR SELF.and the glowing thing disappeared and a heavy lightning stroke Simon leaving him half dead Jenny on the other hand was so surprised at what had just happened before her eyes and was in great shock just then Simon screamed ahhh in pains and Jenny was back to her senses as she ran to the point where Simon was lying half dead and was all in blood are you ok,wait a minute,what the problem Simon asked ur body is healing on it own and his skin started to expand,and his eyes became So deeply brown,lips so pink that you could die to kiss,and hairs so dark,he was was so just so perfect and hot not to talk about those six packs.jenny so so impressed and in love with him as she look at him lying down on the ground half naked so many thought ran through her head as she strayed at him.jenny Jenny Simon called out what the problem he ask where were your thoughts,nothing she replied helping him to get up from the ground and they both went back home.

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