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Chapter 30: I dont want to see bloodshed today

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Seeing the burly man draw his sword, Mo Yuan narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “This is the inner sect sword technique of the Three Qin Sword Sect.”

His 200 years in the outer sect was not for nothing. Although Mo Yuan could not come into contact with the upper echelons of the various sects, he had knowledge that outsiders could not reach.

The Three Qin Sword Sect

Han Muye quickly nodded.

No wonder these people wanted to pick a fight.

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The Three Qin Sword Sect was a sword sect hundreds of kilometers away. It was not a big sect, but there were many experts among them. They were usually not very respectful to the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

A few years ago, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect sent out experts to teach the Three Qin Sword Sect a lesson. Only then did they become much more obedient.

It seemed that after not suppressing it for a few years, they were trying to stir something up.

With Mo Yuan explaining the various stories of the cultivation world, Han Muye now knew more information than those disciples who had been in the sect for decades.

“Hehe, its not nice to draw your sword on such a joyous day, right” An old man in a robe from the Mo family smiled and cupped his hands.

“This must be the Ninth Young Master of the Sun family, Lu Yang. I heard that he cultivated in the Three Qin Sword Sect. It seems that he has mastered a divine technique.”

The old man exposed the burly mans identity and said with a smile, “The small dispute between the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and the Three Qin Sword Sect shouldnt implicate us families, right”

Although his words were tactful, the surrounding people understood that this Young Master Sun Luyang of the Sun family was provoking them for a reason.

That was because of the matter between the two sects.

The Mo family had always been a firm fan of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect. If they really had any conflict with the Sun family that day and word got out, they might even be able to gain the favor of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Mo Yunteng turned his head to observe Mo Yuans expression. Seeing that there was no change in his expression, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“I didnt agree to this marriage in the first place. Your Mo family always puts on airs. What Nine Mystic Sword Sect All these years, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect has never taken much care of your Mo family.”

Sun Luyangs face was cold. He raised his hand and pointed his long sword at the people around. “If anyone of the younger generation of the Mo Family can defeat the sword in my hand today, Ill turn around and leave.”

“If no one can win, hehe, its better not to marry.”

The hall was silent. The bride in the wedding dress was trembling, her eyes filled with tears. The groom at her side put his arm around her shoulders and said softly.

“Thats not right, Master. Although the Three Qin Sword Sect and the Nine Mystical Mystic Sect dont get along, its not to the extent of implicating the Mo family.” Han Muye frowned, his gaze landing on the tables where the Sun family sent the bride.

“Be careful. Theres murderous intent in these people.” Mo Yuan pressed his hand on the table, his eyes flickering.

Murderous intent

Han Muye was slightly taken aback.

Even if there was a dispute, it was not to the point of killing each other. How could they have murderous intent


In front of them, there were already disciples of the Mo Family who were becoming impatient.

“Today is Brother Yuchengs big day. Since Uncle Sun wants to liven things up, I, Mo Yuci, will accompany you.” The sword in the young mans hand shone as he stood tall.

Someone from the Mo family finally faced him directly, causing the hall to become slightly noisy.

When the people saw the young man who walked out, someone immediately introduced in a low voice, “So its the fifth young master of the Mo family. Its said that this person is already above the fifth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation Realm. Hes considered an expert among the younger generation in Qingmu Town.”

“The Mo familys sword technique was taught by an elder from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect. I think it wont be inferior to the Sun familys. This round will definitely be exciting.” Someones eyes lit up as he chuckled in anticipation.

“Eh, do you think this is a trap set up by the Sun and Mo families to show off the greatness of their younger generation” A guest sitting in the distance lowered his voice and voiced his guess.

These words made many guests who were not clear about the dispute between the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and the Three Qin Sword Sect nod.

In the middle of the hall, there was an empty space of twenty to thirty feet. Two young men with swords stood facing each other.

“Mo Yuci of the Mo family seeks guidance from Young Master Sun Luyang of the Sun family.” The Mo family disciple with a red belt at his waist shouted in a low voice as he stabbed out with his sword.

This sword carried the sound of air being torn apart. The sword light was clear and steady, fast and urgent.

From this strike alone, it could be seen that this fifth young master of the Mo family had a solid foundation in swordsmanship. He had worked hard for at least a few years.

“The Mo family is known as the number one family in Qingmu Town. The disciples of this family are indeed impressive.”

“Not many of the younger generation in Qingmu Town can withstand this strike.”

Mo Yucis sword attracted all kinds of discussion, but Sun Luyangs expression did not change.

When the sword was in front of him, Sun Luyangs sword met it. With a flash of sword light, the two swords collided.


Mo Yu took a step back and his face turned red. Sun Luyangs sword did not move as he pointed it forward again.

Everyone around him frowned.

Sun Luyangs sword moves were not sharp, but his cultivation was clearly much stronger than Mo Yucis.

He suppressed Mo Yucis sword with his cultivation.

In a sword competition, such an act was unfair.

“This kids swordsmanship is not bad. Hes deliberately suppressing others.”

“The Three Qin Sword Sect sword technique he cultivates is a multi-strength sword technique.” Mo Yuan looked at the two sides and said softly to Han Muye.

“Watch my sword—” Mo Yuci, who had been forced back a step, gritted his teeth and shouted. He thrust his sword out again.

A cold expression flashed across Sun Luyangs face as the sword in his hand suddenly smashed down.


Mo Yucis sword broke into two, and the tip of the sword spun and fell.

Mo Yucis face was pale as he retreated. He held his right arm in his left hand, and blood dripped from between his thumb and forefinger.

“You think youre qualified to challenge me with this little capability” Sun Luyang sneered and pointed his sword forward.

“Mo Yucheng, why dont you come up”

Mo Yucheng was the eldest young master of the Mo family, the number one among the younger generation. He was already at the eighth level of the Essence Energy Cultivation Realm and was the strongest among the younger generation in Qingmu Town.

Anger flashed across Mo Yuchengs face.

That day was his wedding. If he had joined the battle, it would be attract bad luck.

Moreover, if he had fought against the Sun family that day, the bride beside him must be very sad.

He did not have a deep relationship with Miss Sun, but since they were going to get married, he had to think for her.

Miss Sun tugged at Mo Yuchengs sleeve, her eyes filled with tears.

“Dont be arrogant. My Mo family has plenty of people to fight you.”

“Theres no need for Eldest Young Master to attack. Ill—” Someone from the Mo family shouted, and several young disciples jumped into the battle.

“Go back!”

At this moment, the head of the Mo family, Mo Yunteng, suddenly shouted and took a step forward.

A vigorous force exploded from his body, causing the surrounding Mo family disciples to lose their balance and retreat.

The force pushed Sun Luyang back and he hit the table behind him. His face turned pale.

This was the power of Qi Condensation realm.

In front of a Qi Condensation cultivator, a Essence Energy cultivator was not even qualified to attack.

“Its just a game. Thats all,” Mo Yunteng said calmly. His gaze swept ahead before he turned around.

At this moment, a green light shot out from behind Sun Luyang and stabbed towards Mo Yuntengs back!


Dozens of figures flew in all directions, and sword lights bloomed!

Mo Yuan narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “It turns out that the Three Qin Sword Sect has long joined forced with the Great Spiritual Sword Sect!”

The person who drew the sword was at least at the Qi Condensation Realm.

Han Muye looked in front of him.

Ahead, war was on the verge of breaking out.

“I dont want to see bloodshed today,” Mo Yuan muttered as an intense aura rose from his body.

His aura was light, but it was sharp.

The aura turned into a thousand streaks and spread out.

Sword Qi!

This was the sword Qi condensed in Mo Yuans body!


All the swords in the hall shook uncontrollably!

The short sword shot at Mo Yuntengs back was three inches behind him.

Standing behind Mo Yuan, Han Muyes eyes lit up.

This was the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords!

With a condensation of sword Qi, 10,000 swords responded!


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