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I woke up this morning wanting nothing more than my favorite cup of coffee by my side but no one can do it better than James and Lisa. I got out of bed and went towards the kitchen to eat something edible and go to work. I got there and saw a shirtless Xavier standing there without a shirt on and I stood rooted to the ground. He had the perfect body anyone could ask for. I don know why all of a sudden I want..... wait that came out wrong. I want James and no one else. Not even him. I went over to the coffee maker.

Xavier: Hey.

Calvina: Yeah.

Xavier: Look about last night I ...

Calvina: I don want to talk about it.

Xavier: Im sorry if I upset you in anyway.

Calvina: I said I don want to talk about it. Let me be.

Xavier: Okay. Um.....take this.

He stretched his hand that a cup of coffee was in.

Calvina: Is it good or horrible?

Xavier: Just try it.

I took it from him and tasted it and it was the best coffee equivalent to James coffee. I looked at him and he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Xavier: Good luck at work Calvina.

With that he just left me standing there watching him leave.

I came back from work that day to meet Andrew and Brad sitting on the couch way too close together.

Calvina: Hey Andrew.

Andrew: Cal?! When did you get back?

Calvina: Right now. What happened when I left?

Brad: Nothing Calvina.

Calvina: Please call me Cal like Andrew. Considering the fact you

e interested in my best friend.

Brad: Is it that obvious.

Xavier: Of course it is Brad. Everyone here knows it even Andrew knows it.

Calvina: Good evening Mr. Stone.

Andrew: Thats harsh Cal.


What the hell did she just call me? I looked at Calvina who didn look at me and called Andrew to follow her. Brad just looked at me the same time Harry showed up.

Harry: What did I miss?

Brad: Cal just called him Mr Stone.

Harry: Thats harsh. What did you do Xavier?

Xavier: Nothing. I just came in from work. So is everything ready for James two year anniversary next week?

Brad: Yeah bro. You miss him don you?

Xavier: Why won I? He was closer to a dad than dad not my fault.

Harry: We know he was everything to you. But I wonder if our James is the same as Calvinas James.

Brad: Come to think of it I also wonder. James did have a tomboy girlfriend when we were in China before he died.

Xavier: How sure are you that its her. It might be another person.

Brad: Yeah you

e right. Im going to look for Andrew. Ill see you at dinner.

He left and Harry and I shared knowing looks. I went to my room and changed into something nice to wear since Im the one cooking tonight. I got to the kitchen and started cooking dinner for us. When I was done Calvina came running into the kitchen and stopped only to see with the smile on the face disappearing as well.

Xavier: Is there a problem Calvina?

Calvina: No I thought.... Never mind see you in the dining hall Rose will come and help you.

With that she left me in the kitchen and wishing James was here for me to talk to him.

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