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The next morning was the day before the wedding and I was preparing for an engagement ceremony in the evening. Everyone was so busy with the preparation so I took time to visit Brad in his room with Andrew, Harry and Marcellina.

Brad: So what is it you wanted to talk about Xavier. You made this wedding come so fast.

Xavier: Stop complaining idiot. You aren getting married.

Brad: So why are we here?

Xavier: I have a feeling Caroline is up to something and its on you Brad.

Brad: Me? What did I do?

Andrew: He means me. Im the target and I think I dragged you in on it.

Brad: Whats going on?

Marcel: Are you dump or something? My sister has a video of both Andrew and your brother being all sweet last night. Shes going to show it to everyone this evening to separate you two and probably you might end up killing your boyfriend.

Brad: How will I...and what do you mean being sweet?

Xavier: Let me just tell you I kind of tried to comfort Andy last night and I kissed him on his forehead.

Brad: Did you tell him I love you?

Xavier: Yes I did...how did you know?

Brad: Please Andrew told me. Plus I saw it. I have to admit it I was a little jealous but he explained.

Xavier: So that explains it. What we going to do now Marcel? Shes your sister.

Marcel: To be honest. I don know. Ive known my sister since she was born and I never knew how to handle her. I just always went along with her plans so you guys will have to act as if its real.

Xavier: I can . Cal will think I was cheating all along.

Brad: Xavier. I think its for the best.

Harry: I think so too cause you only end up protecting yourself and everyone including Cal. You know what happened to her last night. You don want another incident or something worse than that do you?

Xavier: No.

Harry: This is the only way then.

I nodded my head even though I didn want to do it. But I want Cal to be safe and sound. We went over the plans and everyone knew what they were going to do. I just hope it works.

The hour soon came and I was wearing a black tuxedo standing at the gate receiving the guests. I saw my father come and I smiled and welcomed him.

Xavier: Welcome dad.

Collins: Hello son. Im happy you decided to settle down but wheres that girl you told me about. I also told Fred about the plan just to be safe.

Xavier: Thanks dad but I haven seen her.

Collins: Don worry Im here with you.

He went inside and Calvinas dad also came in a few minutes later. I greeted him and ushered him inside. The party was good and lively everything was going great until the microphone was picked up.

Caroline: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I would like to personally thank you for attending my girlfriends engagement party but Im not the lucky bride cause her father really hates me so had to arrange her to someone else. Xavier Stone.

Everyone turned to look at me but I didn care. Calvina came downstairs wearing a white tuxedo since that was the theme for the wedding and she looked gorgeous.

Caroline: Theres the lucky bride. Everyone an applause to the bride and the groom.

There was actually an applause to that and I was getting a bit nervous especially when Andrew came to stand beside me with Brad.

Caroline: Oh and let me not forget the best men. Brad and Andrew. Don they look lovely together. But this isn something that would last since Andrew is such a whore. Im I right Andy?

Calvina: Carol. Stop this. Andrew is my friend.

Caroline: Cal come on. Hes a whore can you see it. A friend won sleep with your fiancé even if its an arranged marriage.

Calvina: Stop this Carol. Its not true.

Caroline: Then let me show you something.

The lights suddenly dimmed and something started playing on the screen. It was Andrew and I from last night I could hear the I love you from my lips and the gasps from everyone around.

Caroline: Is this the guy you want to date Brad?

Andrew: Shut up Carol. Brad honey please. Lets talk okay.

Brad: About what exactly? That youve been sleeping with my brother behind my back?

Andrew: Lets talk in private Brad please.

Calvina: Andy!!!

I watched Calvina angrily storm towards Andrew before punching him in the face.

Calvina : Why Andy? You were my best friend. Why did you do this to me?

Andrew: Im sorry Cal.

Calvina: And you Xavier. Your brothers boyfriend? Like seriously. My best friend?

A punch landed on my face but I didn say anything and just stood there.

Calvina: You won say anything? Okay. You want to get married? Fine lets get married today.

Xavier: Yeah whatever. It was all about profits to you and Im sure when you

e done with me youll target somebody else.

Calvina: What the bloody hell?!

Before she could attack me, Marcel came to hold her back. I watched Lucy and Rose calm her down.

Brad: Thank you so much brother but are you even my brother?

Brad left with Andrew hot on his tails and a man dressed in a black tuxedo came in.

Calvina: You

e here Barrister George. Lets start with the procedure then. Lets get married Xavier.

I followed her to the high table. We signed the papers so did Harry,my dad,Rose, Lucy, Marcel and Cals dad. We were now officially married and that was it. She was off like lighting and I stood rooted to the ground and one by one the guests slowly left. I was sitting at a table when Andrew came to me.

Andrew: How is she?

Xavier: Not good as I told you guys.

Andrew: Im sorry.

Xavier: Don be. Anyway wheres Brad? That was some action you guys gave.

Andrew: Oh hes at his place. Ill be leaving soon anyway.

Xavier: Thats good at least you

e alive. Im happy for you.

Andrew: Thank you so much Xavier. I don know what I would have done.

He started crying and I hugged him close to me and kissed his forehead again.

Calvina: At least show some respect after being exposed Andrew.

Calvina stood in the middle of the room angry and I just sighed.

Andrew: If you don want to see me I understand so Ill leave and congratulations.

Calvina: Get out Andrew!

He left with his bags and I heard the sound of his car driving out. Calvina just glared at me and then she left. Now it was up to me to get rid of Caroline even if it kills me.

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