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I woke up the next morning in my bed and stretched. I was so tired from last night so I slept early. I wasn even surprised I woke up my usual time. There was a knock on the door.

Caroline: Good morning honey.

Calvina: Caroline? What happened.

Caroline: I brought you breakfast.

She walked into my room with a tray in her hands. She was also wearing a big shirt that reached her thighs. She placed the tray in front of me and I wanted to reject it but my stomach had other plans. I thanked her and started eating without any worry.

Caroline: Cal you know that its been a long time weve been together.

Calvina: Yes. Why do you say that?

Caroline: I want to spend time with you.

Calvina: Then maybe the weekend.

Caroline: No. It should be today.

Calvina: I have to go to work Carol. Maybe another... Why is the room so hot.

Caroline: Its normal for me why?

I was feeling hot all of a sudden. I don know why. I got up to turn on the air condition when I started feeling horny. I sat back on my bed and tried to get myself back to normal but it wasn working. I turned to Caroline who had a smile on her face. She took the tray from the bed and put it on the table and proceeded to lock the door.

Caroline: Babe are you okay?

Calvina: What did you do to me Caroline?

Caroline: Oh nothing. I just put a little aphrodisiac in your food so we can spend the day together. Theres no harm in it so just enjoy yourself.

After saying that its like I lost control of my body as she touched. I lost my senses for awhile too.

I woke up and found myself in bed. I checked the time and it was already late. I sat up straight and Andrew and Marcel walked in.

Andrew: Cal you

e awake.

Marcel: Thank God. I thought we lost you.

Calvina: What happened?

Andrew: What do you remember?

Calvina: I remember Caroline giving me breakfast and thats it. What happened?

Andrew: She drugged you Cal. She drugged you so she can sleep with you. I still can believe you allowed her in.

Calvina: Its not my fault. She brought me breakfast and I ate it. I was not conscious it does not mean Im stupid Andrew.

Andrew: By eating her food? Cal can you hear yourself right now? We were worried. All of us were. You weren at the office, the gym, your dads place, hell you weren even answering your phone. I nearly died thinking I lost you and you still think Im overreacting.

Marcel: Andy calm down. Shes just upset don make it worse.

Andrew: No she doesn feel what Im feeling Marcel. Ive been with her since like forever and the only thing I get is that I overreacted. I know what shes been through more than her dad isn it okay if I worry a little? You know what I think I should leave.

Andrew got up and left the room banging the door in the process. I felt bad and turned to Marcel.

Marcel: Cal he was really worried. More than Xavier himself. You should have seen his face when we found you.

Calvina: What happened?

Marcel: When we couldn find you anywhere....we came to check your room only to find it locked. Andrew broke the door down and we found Caroline on top of you naked. She was.....riding you. You were still conscious though but you fainted after we sent Caroline away and you called Andrew a ** toy and you called Xavier James.

Calvina: I did that?

Marcel: Yes and you

e getting married the day after tomorrow. Xavier told your dad.

Calvina: Oh so its now officially an arranged marriage.

Marcel: You caused this Cal. The poor guy has barely made it through one day and comes and find you having sex with someone else. Hes heartbroken okay.

Calvina: If this the only way to keep them safe then Ill do it.

Marcel: Don tell me you want Andrew to leave you.

Calvina: Hes right hes been through a lot by being my best friend. You know Caroline killed his boyfriend in front of him. He has been traumatized since. I don want anything bad to happen to him again.

Marcel: Cal...you don have...

Calvina: I have to do this.


I was in the living room when I saw Andrew run to the backyard and I followed him only to find him crying.

Xavier : Andrew? Whats wrong?

Andrew: She....Cal she.....she told me I overreacted on what we saw. She said it was nothing. I mean she was drugged but shes just brushing it off.

Xavier: Hey calm down. You know why shes doing all this. Its not her will.

Andrew: I know but she should have been more careful. She can trust her blindly. That girls a snake.

Xavier: We know that. Just be patient.

Andrew: What of you. You pushed the wedding a little too early.

Xavier: Nah....its for the best or things wouldve gotten out of hand.

Andrew: I understand and thank you for comforting me.

Xavier: Oh come on your dating my brother so I see you as my little brother too. I love you too. Okay.

Andrew: Me too Xavier. Thanks.

I hugged him and he hugged me back. I kissed him on the forehead as he cried on me. I felt bad for him, Cal,Rose and Marcel. They all have to go through this alone. I just hope that this would be the end of this nightmare.

Marcel: You shouldn have done that Xavier.

We turned to see Marcel standing in the doorway.

Xavier: What?

Marcel: You know my sister hates Andrew and would destroy his life but you went ahead to kiss his forehead.

Xavier: Look I see Andrew as a brother nothing else.

Marcel: I can guarantee your tomorrow. Be careful. You too Andy.

With that she left and I was left wondering what she meant before running to Brads room.

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