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Marriage Deal 2

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Well I got to the house that my dad and Calvinas dad bought for us. They were right the house was to our taste. I was also allowed to bring my brother Brad and my best friend Harry along. The house was huge and beautiful. No one was around when we showed up. Thats what we thought till we heard noises from where Ill think is the gym and we moved towards that direction. When we got there Calvina was doing press ups in a sports bra and sweatpants. Her sister Rose and some other guy were counting.

Rose: Wow Cal thats a lot. Thats enough stop.

Calvina: Sorry Rose can dance to your music. Keep counting.

Rose: Fine. 112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125.....

Brad: Woah thats a lot.

Calvina stopped and lifted her head and looked at us then I saw the sweat dripping down her face and her hair was beautifully short and dark. What the hell Im I thinking I don even know this girl and Im complimenting her on her appearance. She got up from the ground and wiped her palms.

Calvina: You made it Xavier. I was starting to think you won show up. After all you didn show interest.

Xavier: Neither did you. Whos this guy by the way. I don remember seeing him last on night.

Andrew: Im Andrew. Cals best friend.

I looked at them and Calvina took her towel to wipe off the sweat.

Andrew: Cal thats another record you broke. I would have done better though.

Calvina: Why Im I not surprise. You said that last week. So what happened with Nate.

Andrew: Nothing go get changed and lets get out of here.

Calvina: Okay.

She left with Rose and Andrew after they said good bye. Brad, Harry and I watched them go.

Brad: So can I get Andrew

Harry: And can I get Rose.

Xavier: No one is getting anybody. You guys are just here to help or whatever you are here for.

They smiled and they laughed at me and we went to look for our rooms.


We came back from shopping for groceries for the house. We sent the food to the kitchen and we were arranging it when Rose spoke.

Rose: Cal? How do you see Xavier?

Xavier: A dickhead that is.

Andrew: Oh come on Cal not now. James was not the only guy in the world.

Calvina: He was for me Andrew. He was the only man in the world for me. I don want any replacement at all.

Andrew: We know but you can keep crying over a dead person and you know that.

Rose: Cal I know you really loved him but hes gone. You drove dad to do this. He wants you to be happy thats why he did this with his best friend.

Calvina: I know but Im not sure I can love him the way I loved James.

Andrew: We can always try and if hes an asshole well get rid of him.

We laughed at that statement he made cause he was entirely ridiculous. They both left me to prepare dinner for six hungry people.

After preparing dinner Xavier miraculously came downstairs to the kitchen. He stood there shirtless and placed his hands in his pockets

Xavier: Hey

Calvina: Hey

Xavier: Need some help with that?

Calvina: Yh a little. Can you pick the glasses from the cupboard up there for me.

Xavier: Okay.

He moved behind me and stretched and picked out the glasses. I wasn blind to how close we were and the heat radiating from his body.

Xavier: Here where should I put them?

Calvina: On the table you

e helping me set it.

Xavier: Okay. Um..... Last night at my place I didn get to introduce myself. So hi Im Xavier Stone.

Calvina: Im Calvina Williams. I don like you.

Xavier: Well thats a start. Why don you like me?

Calvina: I just don like you.

Xavier: Is it because of that James guy?

Calvina: Im not talking to you about him. So don even mention his name.

Lay the table and call your people to come to eat and Ill do same to mine. I left him there and went upstairs to call Andrew and Rose for dinner. After dinner I walked away from the table still fuming with anger from talking to Xavier.

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