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I came back home and found my lovely girlfriend. Im so happy that shes finally mine. I can wait to share my life with her and my love. She was wearing sweats and a t-shirt. From afar if anyone was not sharp they would think she was a man but I loved her all the same. I smiled as I walked Ive to her hugging her from behind. I startled her but she relaxed when she found it was me.

Xavier: Hi babe.

Calvina: How was work Xavier?

Xavier: It was okay. I missed you.

Calvina: I missed you too.

I turned her around and kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back but we were interrupted by the rest of the lovers in the house.

Andrew: Oh Brad honey see how my little brother fits your brother perfectly.

Brad: I still can believe they are actually dating.

Rose: Believe it or not they are and JM happy.

Harry: Me too.

Calvina: Andy if you call me a boy one more time I wouldn hesitate to delay your salary.

Andrew: Now thats not fair Cal. I worked hard for that and I was just joking around.

Calvina: Uh huh. I see. So Brad Andrew asked for my help to chase your exes to hell.

Xavier: Really?!

Brad: Andy?

Andrew: What? I was not happy seeing them again so I asked for your help and you snitch on me.

Calvina: Sorry Andy.

Andrew: I hope you

e not mad at me Brad.

Brad: Why would I be mad? Because my cute boyfriend was being all protective? No. I love you even more and I already knew.

Andrew: How did you.....? Rose!

Rose: Im innocent here. I just over heard it and told brad about it.

We laughed at how he pouted his lips at us.

Xavier: Don worry Andrew. Brad also made sure your ex doesn disturb you again.

Andrew: What?!

Brad: No fair Xavier.

Andrew: So what did you do?

Brad: Nothing. I did nothing of that sort.

Andrew: Oh. I was thinking of giving a reward but I take that back.

Brad: Wait I did that. What reward do I get babes.

Andrew: Nothing.

Brad: Oh come on.

Marcel: Well sorry to interrupt but Andy I think he deserves a reward.

We all turned to the door and saw a guy no wait a girl or something at the door.

Calvina: Marcel?!

Marcel: Thought you could get rid of me that easily huh.

I watched as Calvina, Andrew and Rose rushed to hug her. I, Brad and Harry were confused as we watched them.

Andrew: You should have called us.

Marcel: Well Im actually coming from your office and I met the most beautiful girl.....

Rose: Than me?

Marcel: Youll always be my number one beauty.

Calvina: You must be talking about Lucy.

Marcel: Cute name. So is she single? Or I have to work my way with this one?

Andrew: Single and searching. Lets go sit down. And let me introduce you to the rest. This is Harry, and Brad my boyfriend. And this is Xavier. Cals fiancé.

Xavier: Ill rather go with boyfriend. Hi how are you?

Marcel: Good. So you taking care of her good enough?

Xavier: Im sure am.

Marcel: Good I won hesitate to beat the living daylight out of you.


I just smiled at Marcels threat since its not the first time Im hearing it. She was always like that with all the guys Ive dated. Okay in total Ive only dated like four guys Xavier being the fourth one.

Calvina: Okay Marcel. We get you. Xavier this is my second best friend. Marcellina Quinn. You can call her Marcel.

Xavier: Okay babe.

He said and winked at me making me blush. I looked at Marcel who had a knowing smirk on her face.

Calvina: I think Ill show Marcel to her room. Andrew please save an extra plate for her.

Andrew: Aye aye captain.

I pulled Marcel upstairs and sent her to the guest room. Once inside she smiled at me.

Marcel: God knows how much Ive missed you.

Calvina: Ive missed you too Marcel. Im sorry I couldn come to your premiere.

Marcel: Hey its okay. I understand you had a meeting to attend to. I can keep you away from your business. Besides you have been coming to all my premieres this is the first time you missed one and its no big deal.

Calvina: Thanks.

I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. I don know what I would have done without her. She was there when I was down and when I lost James. Im forever greatful to her. Now its my turn to make her happy and Lucy would be the best for her.

Marcel: So how did you guys meet?

Calvina: Um we met a month and a week ago. We were arranged by our fathers.

Marcel: You guys were arranged? Your father has a lot of explaining to do now that Im back.

Calvina: Calm down okay. I was also mad at dad and so was Xavier but we got to know each other better and I kind of fell in love with him.

Marcel: So are you happy now? You know with James and all. Can you live Xavier without thinking about James?

Calvina: Yes I can. Im certain about it. I said goodbye for the last time to James. Xavier took me to his grave.

Marcel: How? You don even know where he was buried.

Calvina: Xavier did. Hes James cousin.

Marcel: What?! Cal can you hear yourself right now? Are you sure you

e with Xavier because hes James cousin or you actually fell for him.

Calvina: I actually fell for him. I didn even know he was James cousin. I fell for him without knowing. I know its a lot to take in but I love him. More than James.

Marcel: I believe you but tell me you

e going to be alright.

Calvina: I will.

Marcel: Oh and one last thing. Carolines also around.

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