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Who would have thought Calvina will agree to date me. I feel so happy I could kiss her all day and all night. She was so good, loving, caring but not romantic. I remembered when she set us up for our next date. She couldn even pick a nice restaurant and we ended up having dinner at MacDonalds. One week of dating her and I am already falling deeply for her. Weve been together for three weeks and used one week to start dating. Brad and Andrew are also dating theres also a fling between Harry and Rose but well let them figure it out for themselves. Calvina and I were cuddling on the sofa in the living room when we had an unexpected visit from our dads.

Fred: Hey Cal.

Collins: Hi Xavier.

Xavier and Calvina: Dad?!

Fred: How are you guys doing? We wanted to check on you guys since its been three weeks and weve heard nothing from you.

Collins: In short we want to know if within this three weeks you would like to live together as husband and wife?

With that they both sat down waiting for our answer. I turned to Calvina and she nodded giving her approval. I was about to say something when Brad and Andrew came down the stairs laughing and screaming their heads off.

Andrew: Brad no. Im not doing it today.

Brad: Oh come on love. I would be gentle.

I shook my head at their bickering and turned to look at my dad who was shocked as hell.

Collins: Bradford Ezekiel Stone.

Brad froze at the steps when he heard his full name being mentioned by our dad. I mean who won since you weren expecting to see your dad today when you

e in the middle of trying to get laid. He turned to see dad with a small smile.

Brad: Dad hi. I wasn expecting to see you here.

Collins: Can see that. So I can see you already got a new boyfriend.

That statement made him quiver and he turned to look at Andrew who didn look pleased at that.

Collins: I think I said something wrong didn I?

Xavier: Dad you shouldn have said that. Andrew and Brad started dating when we came here.

Fred: Well thats a new addition to our family then.

Collins: Andrew can you come here. You too Brad.

They walked together but Brad walked a little behind Andrew. They sat opposite us facing our dad.

Collins: Andrew listen Im not against your relationship with Brad because I know my son. I know if he truly loves someone and I see hes found the love of his life. Can you look after him for me.

Andrew: Yes sir.

Collins: Please call me dad. Since you

e now part of the family.

Andrew: Okay dad.

I swear I haven seen Andrew shy in my entire life till now. Okay only three weeks since Ive been with them. I looked at Calvina who looked somewhat calm with that.

Collins: Okay so back to you guys. What is your answer. Should we proceed with the wedding or we should allow you guys to date first.

Xavier: Well....what did you just say?

Fred: Let me help with that. You see we think we were rushing you into a marriage you both didn want. So we decided to allow you to date. Which is for the best. But you guys are still engaged.

Collins: And yes Brad. You and Andrew have my full permission to go out but please tell me you

e using protection.

Brad: Dad....not here.

Andrew: Mr Stone..... I

Collins: Its dad to you young man and also to you Calvina. I can see our work here is done so we will be leaving you guys.

Fred: Don forget to look after yourselves.

With that they got up and left us shocked, surprised and happy. I looked at Calvina who was already staring at me and smiled.

Xavier: So Cal do you want to be my girlfriend?

Calvina: You decided to ask now of all times.

Xavier: I was given permission to date you right now. So what do you say?

Calvina: Well Ill take that offer.

I smiled at her and hugged her. She also hugged me back making me happy cause I mean what could possibly go wrong?


I was sitting in my office when my secretary came in.

Calvina: Hey Lucy hows it going?

Lucy: All good Cal. I wanted to ask if you

e now dating Xavier.

Calvina: Yes I am. Ive never been this happy as I am. I feel okay with him here.

Lucy: Im happy you

e happy. I thought that after James you won be able to move on.

Calvina: Yeah. I thought so too but now Im happy with Xavier. I can wait to be his wife.

Lucy: Im happy for you. Anyway the reason Im here is because I called off the wedding.

Calvina: What? Why?

Lucy: The thing is he didn love me as I thought he did. He was cheating on me and also wanted to get information about your company.

Calvina: He did that? Oh the nerve of that man. I know it hurts right.

Lucy: It does. He was actually accusing me of having feelings for you and sleeping with you which is absurd because Im straight and so are you.

Calvina: Im not actually straight Lucy and you know it. Im bi and I prefer the male gender to the female gender.

Lucy: Yeah right. So I decided to move on and was wondering if you have anyone in mind.

Calvina: Well do you have a thing for girls like me?

Lucy: As long as Im gonna be happy theres no problem.

Calvina: Good Ill give Marcel a call.

Lucy: Whos that?

Andrew: You

e going to call Marcel? And were you planning on telling me?

We looked at the door to see Andrew standing there staring at us.

Andrew: Well?

Calvina: Is it lunch break already?

Andrew: Answer the damn question Cal.

Lucy: Shes helping me find a partner. I asked her to.

Andrew: You

e over Gabe?

Lucy: Yeah.

Andrew: Finally. I didn like that guy. So when will you call her? Shes surely going to have fun with you Lucy.

Calvina: Shut up Andrew. Just pray that Caroline doesn come around.

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