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I woke up in my office and stretched my back. It wasn the first time so I didn mind. I looked to my right and saw Xavier sleeping on the couch sleeping with a book on his face. I smiled at that and got up towards him. I removed the book from had s face and just stared at him for a while before placing a small kiss on his forehead. He scrunched his forehead before he opened his eyes and saw me.

Xavier: Cal? How long was I asleep?

Calvina: Well youve been asleep for like a while now.

Xavier: What time is it?

Calvina:Its twenty minutes pass seven.

Xavier: Really. I think I have to go then. Will you be leaving now or later?

Calvina: If only Andrew is not busy with Brad. I can go and check on them so we can leave together.

Xavier: Fine with me babe.

He kissed me on the forehead and I froze looking at him. He just called me babe like that. He didn even care if I was okay with it or not.

Xavier: Cal? Are you okay?

Calvina: Yeah Im fine just tired and hungry.

Xavier: Let me send you home then. Don worry about Andrew and Brad. They would be fine on their on.

Calvina: You

e right Ill just tell him Im going then.

I left the office quickly and I felt my face start to heat up from Xaviers affection towards me. I opened Andrews door and saw him all cuddled up with Brad on the small couch. I went up to him and woke him up my way.

Calvina: ARABIAN KNIGHT!!!!!

Andrew: Jesus Cal. Are you nuts or something? You made a huge noise you know that.

Brad: You just bursted my eardrums.

Calvina: Im so sorry my lovelies but office would officially be opened at eight thirty and its seven. Plus you both smell of alcohol I hope you managed to solve the problem Andy.

Andrew: Yes I did. Im almost done by the way. Let me pack my stuff so we can leave. You too Brad no more sleeping.

Brad: Angel five more minutes please.

Calvina: Xavier said hes going to drop me off. You can come with Brad Andy.

Andrew: Since when? Is there something you

e not telling me Cal.

Calvina: What do you mean?

Andrew: The fact that you now consider going home with Xavier leaving me behind is the problem. When did this happen?

I was about to reply when Xavier came inside looking for me.

Xavier: Babe your secretary is here looking for you.

This attracted the attention of both Brad and Andrew. They looked at Xavier then me then back to Xavier before they looked at them selves.

Andrew: Um...Xavier what did you call her?

Xavier: Babe. Is there a problem?

Brad: You actually called her babe. Not a mistake or anything.

Xavier: No why would you think that. I meant what I said and I was conscious about it.

Calvina: I agreed to date Xavier. Hes officially my boyfriend.

Andrew: Correction fiancé. Hes your fiancé Cal.

Brad: Im your brother in law. So basically the best man.

Xavier: Shes my fiancée to everyone but I think well take things slow. Even after the wedding well be dating till shes okay with it.

I looked at him with admiration as he said that. I was happy he was thinking about me in this and not others. I stood on my toes and kissed him since he was taller than me and deserved it. He also smiled at me and kissed me again.

Andrew: I never thought my little brother will get laid very soon.

Calvina: Im a woman Andy!

Andrew: To yourself you are. You ever seen a woman going to her office on a bike or in a suit designed mainly for men? No so you

e a man in a womans body little bro.

Calvina: Im not in the mood for any jokes right now. Im worn out and I need to rest. So Ill meet you at home then.

Andrew: Okay little brother.

I rolled my eyes and left hand in hand with Xavier. We were smiling to ourselves and I knew we caught the attention of everyone in my office but I didn mind. All I needed was just right beside me.

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