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I was working on my computer trying to solve the situation at hand. It turns out that one of my employees messed up the whole Japan products and also Britains as well. I now had to cancel everything and start from the beginning before the deadline on Saturday. I had three days to finish this so I needed to work my butt off. Im greatful to Andrew for helping me with this mess. He decided to handle Britains products since hes not very fluent in Japanese like me. I also forgot to inform Xavier about this since we were supposed to go out today. I felt so bad about it and I would make it up to him when Im done with this problem. My stomach started rumbling and I regretted not packing lunch and dinner as well. I left the house as soon as I got the news. I also didn get to finish breakfast so did Andrew. I had to send him home to change his clothes and inform Xavier about the situation at hand. Drinking coffee does not help and Im literally hungry. I wanted to see if I can order some Chinese for me and Andrew when there was a knock at my door.

Calvina: Who is it? If its you Andrew you can come in.

Xavier: Um....its me Cal. Not Andrew.

I lifted my head from looking at the screen of my computer. He was actually standing there smiling at me with a bag in his hands. I was shocked to see him standing in front of me and he had on this stupid smile I was starting to like.

Calvina: Xavier what are you doing here?

Xavier: I hope Im not bothering you with my presence. Andrew told me you had trouble at work so I brought you lunch, dinner and also part of your breakfast.

Calvina: Xavier you shouldn have. I mean theres nothing to worry about okay.

Xavier: Well thats not what your eyes are telling me. You look tired and hungry. So take a break and come eat something at least you might have the energy to continue. Coffee is not always the best option.

I smiled and left my table and went to sit beside him on the couch. I watched as he brought out the contents from the bag. The aroma hitting my nose made my stomach growl loudly. I watched chuckle lightly at that and I wished the ground had swallowed me whole.

Calvina: Isn this a lot? I can eat everything. Let me get Andrew.

Xavier: Don worry hes with Brad and who said anything about you eating everything alone. Im also going to eat some of it.

Calvina: Why is Brad here and why are there candles on the table?

I asked noticing them now and they were lit up. I looked at him confused and he shrugged his shoulders and scratched the back of his head.

Xavier: Well you know today was supposed to be our first date.

Calvina: Yes I know and Im sorry for this.

Xavier: No its not your fault something came up that was important. So I decided to move the date here. We can have our date here and you can also work without feeling guilty.

Calvina: Xavier I.... I don know what to say. You...You

e a good man Xavier.

Xavier: If you can find the right words you can at least let us enjoy this right? What do you say?

Calvina: Yes. Im actually starving over here.

Xavier: I know. Lets eat then milady.

I smiled at him and he smiled back. I knew that instant that I can finally try and get over James and move on.


Watching her eat right now was like divine heaven. I was really in the mood to do anything just to be by her side forever. Im so glad dad allowed for this arranged marriage. I can imagine a life without her or if we hadn met at all. She looked at me and I swear her eyes were telling me a different story about the date. It was like she wanted this to happen or she wants to give me a chance or shes just with me because of James. I became a little sad at that thought cause I knew how much he meant to her.

Calvina: Xavier. Is something wrong?

Xavier: Oh no. Im okay. Theres nothing wrong.

Calvina: Then why do you look disturbed?

Xavier: Oh its nothing.

Calvina: You can tell me.

Xavier: Um... Cal are you here with me because Im James cousin?

Calvina: What?!

Xavier: I can understand that Cal. I mean you and James had a history even I know about and I can compare myself to him and I know you loved him with every fibre of your being. But all I want to say is that I can blame you for that. Im just his cousin and some guy you have been engaged to. I can compete with that. Cal no matter how things get I want to be by your side to love and cherish you because thats how I feel and nothings going to change that.

I stared at her waiting for the rejection again. I don know why but I Jade to tell her how I felt and I thought now was the time and I think I blew this up.

Calvina: Xavier. Those are the nicest things Ive heard from you. I know you

e James cousin and what we had was something you can compete with but seriously it will be hilarious to compete with a dead man and Ill like to see you try.

Xavier: Try what?

Calvina: Compete with James. I mean how hard can it be hes dead and you

e here and Im here so why don we try it and see.

Xavier: Meaning?

Calvina: Oh you

e more dumb than James. Meaning I have decided to move on jock head. I want to date you.

Xavier: You want to date me?

Calvina: Yes and I know I did not have water in my mouth when I said that.

I looked at her and I don know what came over me but I kissed her and pulled back.

Xavier: Im sorry. I didn mean for that.

She just smiled and pulled me to her and kissed me. It was slow beautiful and passionate. We broke the kiss and I smiled at her.

Xavier: I didn know our first kiss together would be beautiful.

Calvina: You mean second kiss.

Xavier: How is it a second kiss?

Calvina: You were drunk that night Xavier.

Xavier: Oh! I see. It was you I kissed that night right?

She nodded and I hugged her.

Xavier: Im glad it was you though.

We went back to our date which I can now say officially and it turned out not to be bad after all.

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