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I was cooking in the kitchen with Andrew preparing lunch after my incident with Xavier.

Andrew:So whats going on between you and Xavier?

Calvina: Nothing Drew.

Andrew: Well thats not what I saw Cal. What is going on?

Calvina: Hes having trouble with his mother. You do know that she doesn like Brad for being gay right.

Andrew: I do. What happened? Did she do anything?

Calvina: Emotional blackmail. She tried it on Xavier. She told him he is a disappointment and she will never accept Brad as her son. She wants their company.

Andrew: She can do that! Especially to Brad. Is she really their mother?

Calvina: Yes. I helped him get a restraining order for her. And if she so much as goes against it I will gladly put her behind bars for life.

Andrew: Im with you on this Cal. But what with this attitude I never seen you like this. You

e helping him all of a sudden.

Calvina: Andrew is not what you think. Im helping him because hes dads friends son. I don want dad to feel like I didn try to help or something like that.

Andrew: You

e not telling me something Cal I can see it.

Calvina: What do you want to know?

Andrew: You and Xavier. Whats up? I know something happened okay so you better spill the beans.

Calvina: Nothing happened okay. What you saw was an accident so erase it from your memory.

Andrew: Already stored and you can do a thing about it dearie.

Calvina: Andrew Im telling you nothing happened.

Andrew: And Im also saying I don care what you say. You

e lying through your teeth.

Calvina: Andrew!

Rose: I also want to know Cal.

I turned and saw Rose standing in the doorway with her arms folded.

Calvina: Oh come on not you too.

Rose: Duh you were behaving weird last night. Why won I ask.

Andrew: See. Come on spill it. Now Calvina.

I looked between the two of them then decided to say in a cool manner that I could conjure. Calvina:Iandxavirekissedlastnightwhrnhewasdrunk.

I looked at them to see their reaction but they remained quiet and just stared at each other like Ive gone mad.

Calvina: Hey whats wrong? I know it wasn my fault but...

Andrew: Hold it. You kissed him? And I didn know. Im now knowing this now.

Calvina: Drew listen....

Rose: No you listen. Im happy for you.

Calvina: I know... Wait. What?

Andrew: So Im I. You finally have feelings for him don you tiger.

Calvina: No I don . These are just mixed feelings. I still see him as James. I don know why but I do.

Andrew: Oh come on. Hes gone Cal. Let him go. You

e giving me a headache with him.

Rose: James would really love you to move on you know. He loves you and will love to see you happy.

Calvina: Its hard to move on. I want to try but I can . I don want to betray James.

Andrew: The irony. You aren betraying anyone. You are rather allowing him to rest in peace.

Calvina: Okay then. Ill give it a try.

They both hugged me as I decided to give it a try. I knew in my heart that it was time to let the past go. I smiled then went back to preparing supper.


I got back from work so tired. I had to do both Xavier and I work together. I was so tired and my back hurt from sitting too much so did my legs. I was walking up the stairs when I saw Andrew standing in front of my door. I smiled when I saw him and tried to act cool like Im not excited to see him.

Brad: Andrew what a surprise. Do you need anything?

Andrew: I need to talk to you. Can we?

Brad: Yeah sure. Lets go inside.

I led him inside my room closing the door behind us wondering what he wanted to say. I sat on my bed and he sat on the couch facing me.

Brad: So um.....what did you want to talk about?

Andrew: Your mum. Grace. She called Xavier this morning.

Brad: Oh and what did she say? The same old thing right? I can believe it why did she call him again?

Andrew: Brad calm down.

Brad: No the only thing Xavier did wrong was supporting me and covering up for me when I went out with guys. Why can she accept that?

Andrew: Its okay Brad. Cal already got a restraining order for her. If she does something as to go against it. Im sorry but Im helping Cal put her in jail for abuse.

I looked at him in awe and smiled. How did I get lucky to have someone like him in my life.

Andrew: What is it Brad?

Brad: Wondering how I got lucky with someone like you.

Andrew: Oh.....Im not that perfect Brad.

Brad: So? You are the only one Ive showed interest in that isn scared of my mum. You

e even ready to throw her in jail.

Andrew: She deserves it. Shes a bitch. Sorry about that.

Brad: Don worry you can carry on.

I smiled at him before leaning in and kissed him on the cheek. I watched him become flustered a bit and decided to change tactics I knew he would like so much. I smirked and started stripping in front of him.

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