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I followed Xavier around as he showed me around the office. I knew most of the places around so there was no trouble showing me around. When he was done we went back to his office upstairs and sat down.

Xavier: So how was the tour?

Calvina: Well it was okay. I love the privacy you give to your employees.

Xavier: Why thank you for that Cal. So are you free this evening?

Calvina: Why do you ask?

Xavier: Erm....I Erm....I want to ask you to dinner.

I looked at him strangely and frowned. Why does he want to ask me out? I dated his cousin can he see that Im not ready to move on not now not ever. I gave him a straight face and looked him straight in the eye.

Calvina: Im sorry Xavier but I don think that is going to be possible for us. Well meet at home and Im doing this for my father so don get crazy ideas.

Xavier: Oh okay. Then well meet later then. Have a good day Cal.

I nodded and walked out of his office and his building with Lucy and Andrew. They got into the car and I decided to use my bike to get to the office. On reaching my office building I met Andrew standing in front of the door.

Andrew: Cal whats wrong? You don look happy.

Calvina: Im okay. I just feel tired.

Andrew: Okay. Cal. I overheard what Xavier told you.

I looked at him and I saw him bow his head.

Calvina: Hey its okay. Im not mad at you okay.

Andrew: But I know I shouldn have. I just wanted to know what youll say. Why did you say no?

Calvina: Drew listen Im not ready to move on especially when he is James cousin. I can do that to James.

Andrew: So this is about James now. He meant well. You guys are getting married in three weeks why don you give him a chance.

Calvina: Drew no I can . I don want to do this. Look lets just forget about this okay.

Andrew: Fine okay. Im leaving anyway. See at the mansion.

Calvina: Fine whatever.

I watched him leave in his car and entered my building.


I sat in my office sulking when Brad came in. I didn want to talk to him so I turned my head away from the door.

Brad: Don even think about it Xavier.

Xavier: I don want to talk to anyone now.

Brad: Well I want to talk to you so Im not leaving.

Xavier: Why are you so stubborn?

Brad: Don know ask dad.

Xavier: Yeah whatever. I asked Cal out for dinner.

Brad: And?

Xavier: She said no.

Brad: Im not surprised. She really loves James. Im not sure she is ready to move on right now.

Xavier: Yeah. She said shes doing this for her dad so i don stand a chance to be with her ever.

Brad: Yeah so you better forget about it.

Xavier: I know I should but I can I want to talk to her get to know her and make her love me.

Brad: Im sorry but I can help you with that. Anyway I came to tell you that Andrew accepted to go out with me. We are having our first date tonight.

Xavier: Thats nice congratulations and good luck you might need it.

Brad: Thanks oh and I need help on what to wear.

Xavier: Ill gladly help you but it comes with a cost.

Brad: Are you serious right now? You took this time to ask for a favour. Are you kidding me?

Xavier: You want Andrew to like you right? So you have no other choice than to do this.

Brad: Is that all or I should do something else for you?

Xavier: No you can leave Ill meet you at home.

Brad: Yeah whatever bye.

He left my office with a scowl and I smiled at that. I continued with my work then I got an unexpected call.

Xavier: What do you want? Im on my way.

I left the building to go see the person I hated in my life. My mum.

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