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Book 8: Chapter 108: Have you thought about future arrangements

With the sun of summer shining down, the temperature of the business street increased and the people walking through it would feel a bit hot.

But as Clavery walked through, he didnt care about this heat at all. Instead, he undid the knot on his chest to reveal his chest, letting out a relaxed look.

Along with the smile that hid nothing on his face, it made him feel very spirited, or even complacent.

Of course there was a reason he looked like this.

Just last year, he was an ordinary worker from an ordinary factory three hundred kilometers away from here.

However, when the information of the northern riot poured in, he used this chance to lead a group of his friends who were also co-workers to start a riot and his position had also started to increase.

The current him had become the leader of the biggest worker organization in the former Candra Empires Lamaske Province. He had over three thousand rioters armed with weapons under him, so it could be said that he was most influential leader in the Lamaske Province.

After the Candra Empire was destroyed, there was no one that could threaten him in the Lamaske Province. Even the army of the Lamaske Provinces Governor Manor had been turned by him and had become part of his army.

In the current Lamaske Province, not only did the citizens support him, even the nobles supported him.

Every time he thought of how the previously aloof nobles acted humble when meeting him now, with full smiles and lowering their tone, Clavery felt very happy.

His current life was something that he never could have imagined before.

Look, even the large Frestech Chamber of Commerce was sending people to discuss cooperating with him.

This attitude showed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce acknowledged his influence in the Lamaske Province, which showed his position in the Lamaske Province.

“President Clavery, please come in.”

Arriving at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce branch set up in front of the Governor Manor, a Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff member came out to welcome him.

Hearing how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff member addressed him, Clavery revealed a wide smile as he followed him.

The title “president Clavery” came from after he led the riots, in order to lead the rioters more effectively and not wanting to be called a marquis or a count like those nobles, so he called himself the Lamaske Provinces worker union president. People just addressed him as “president”.

Today he had been invited to discuss cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces staff had addressed him like this, it meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce accepted his position and these negotiations were sincere.

As expected, when he entered the shop, he was welcomed by a medium sized middle aged man with a gentle appearance.

Clavery recognized him with a single look.

This middle aged man was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Lamaske Provinces branch manager, Madao Chuboyer.

“President Clavery, for you to come, it truly is welcome.” Manager Chuboyer reached his hand out as he revealed a wide smile.

When Clavery reached out to shake his hand, he felt emotional.

Although manager Chuboyer was only a companys local manager, he was actually one of the top people in the Lamaske Province.

Before this, the only people that could meet and even talk to him were all the most important people in the Lamaske Province.

Now that he actually came to greet him.

If it was before, he never would have imagined it.

“Manager Chuboyer, it isnt our first time meeting. Only I recognized you, but you wouldnt have recognized me.”

Hearing Claverys words, manager Chuboyer was a bit surprised.

“Oh I wonder where we met before that I wasnt able to recognize president Clavery”

Clavery gave a laugh, “I was still a normal worker in the factory before and bumped into manager Chuboyer making an inspection, so I was lucky enough to see you. I recognized you at the time, but you didnt recognize me.”

Manager Chuboyer suddenly understood as he said with a smile, “Thats all in the past. In the current Lamaske Province, who doesnt recognize president Clavery”

Clavery gave a very proud, but also restrained nod. He didnt wait for manager Chuboyer to say anything as he found a place to sit down before slapping the table.

“Manager Chuboyer, I wonder, what did you invite me here to discuss this time”

Manager Chuboyer smiled without saying a thing as he looked at the subordinates behind Clavery.

How could Clavery not understand what he meant He gave a soft snort and said, “These are my most trusted partners, you can say anything you want in front of them.”

Manager Chuboyer revealed a faint smile and didnt insist as he chose to sit down in front of Clavery.

After a bit of silence, manager Chuboyer asked, “President Clavery, I wonder, what do you have planned for the future of the Lamaske Province”

Clavery narrowed his eyes and asked back, “Manager Chuboyer, what do you mean by that”

“I think that president Clavery should be clear that the Lamaske Province cant stay like this. In the end, it has to return to normal. Then president Clavery, as the president of the workers union, do you have any ideas”

Clavery had a thought before looking at manager Chuboyer and tentatively saying, “If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to help us restore order in the province, we will return this favour in the future.”

Manager Chuboyer shook his head.

“President Clavery, it isnt hard to restore order in the province, its difficult to maintain it. To put it bluntly, have you thought about how to manage the Lamaske Province”

Clavery was stunned.

Although he had considered this many times, he was still a normal worker in the end. He didnt have any experience, so even if people had mentioned this, he didnt have any ideas.

Now that manager Chuboyer was asking this, he thought about it and could only think of the response that people had given him before.

“First we have to reinstate the laws and then restore the communication, roads, water and electricity……and other infrastructures. As long as we can satisfy peoples basic needs, its easy to manage them.”

Manager Chuboyer gave a sigh, “President Clavery, it seems like you havent seriously considered this problem before. Since its like this, theres nothing for us to discuss. When youve thought this through, we can continue this topic.”

The expressions of Clavery and the subordinates behind him all changed.

“What do you mean by that” Clavery asked in a sharp tone, “Manager Chuboyer, could it be that you invited me here just to waste my time”

“No, I definitely didnt have this idea.” Manager Chuboyer shook his head, “I sincerely invited you here to discuss the future arrangements of the Lamaske Province, but its clear that president Clavery isnt prepared. Theres no meaning continuing this discussion today, so lets end it here.”

Clavery had been very dominant in the Lamaske Province in the past year, so everyone had scruples when meeting him. Even the aloof nobles from before lowered their heads in front of him, but manager Chuboyer sent him off without any courtesy which caused some anger to stuff his chest.

“What Manager Chuboyer, where do you think that Im unprepared” Claverys tone couldnt help turning a bit darker, “Or are you saying that I have to follow the arrangements of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Manager Chuboyer ignored the dark glows in the eyes of Clavery and the subordinates behind him. He had the same smile as he said with a nod, “Yes. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce already has a detailed plan for the Lamaske Province, so I hope that president Clavery can think this through and work well with us.”

“Oh” Clavery stretched out this word, “May I ask manager Chuboyer how many guards your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has invested in the Lamaske Province for you to dare say these words”

Manager Chuboyer revealed a smile. He took a sip of his tea and didnt reply.

Clavery flew into a rage and slapped the table. He suddenly stood up and angrily glared at manager Chuboyer with his lips trembling, but he could only give a cold snort before turning to leave.

His subordinates followed him. One of them came to Claverys side and asked, “Big brother, this fellow dares to talk like this. Why didnt you just give us the order to chop him up”

“Idiot!” Clavery glared at him, “Do you know who he is Chop him up Do you believe that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt trample the Lamaske Province”

The subordinates blankly looked at each other as they were all speechless.

The fame of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt just rely on their magic machines that spread all over the Sines Continent.

What people really were afraid of was their incomparable battle power.

The past thirty years had shown that once the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported a country, that country would become incomparably strong. Even the two empires couldnt avoid this.

In front of this terrifying power, no matter how bold Clavery became, he wouldnt believe that tens of thousands of workers with less than ten thousand soldiers from the past Candra Empire army would be able to stop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But when Clavery forced himself to calm down, he felt a bit of joy in his heart.

No matter what, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invited him over to discuss the future of the Lamaske Province. This meant that they at least recognized that he had some status in the Lamaske Province.

This really was helpful in him taking control of the Lamaske Province in the future. If he received the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it wasnt a fantasy that he would become the new governor of the Lamaske Province.

Thinking of this, Clavery took a deep breath and revealed a confident look as he continued walking forward.

What was that nerd who helped him before called Its time for him to ask him what to do next.

What Clavery didnt know was that at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce branch, manager Chuboyer had already taken out a small book and crossed out Claverys name. Then he gave an order to the subordinate beside him.

“Go and call the next one.”-

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