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As soon as the man entered the room, his gaze was attracted by Jiang Yu who was sitting on the sofa.

However, when he turned around and saw Mo Long with a gloomy expression, the mans little thoughts were immediately scared out of his mind.

Seeing this, Leanne smiled and said, “Boss Warren, this is the Jiang Yu that Ive been talking about.

The person beside her is Mr.

Mo Long.”

Her introduction of Mo Long was very vague, and she didnt mention that he was Jiang Yus fiancé.

Warren didnt know about this either.

She thought that Mo Long and Jiang Yu were unrelated people.

The thoughts that had just been suppressed in her heart suddenly rose again.

“Hello, Im Warren.” Warren tightened his stomach and reached out his hand to Jiang Yu.

Although she was disgusted, Jiang Yu still reached out her hand to shake his hand out of politeness.

“Hello, Im Jiang Yu.”

“I know.

Leanne has been telling me about you all the way.” Warren smiled and his eyes narrowed into slits.

He held Jiang Yus hand tightly and refused to let go.

“Really Thank you.” Jiang Yu struggled to take her hand back and looked at Leanne expressionlessly.

“Boss Warren, are you tired Let me take you upstairs to your room to rest.” Leanne was very eager to entertain Warren.

Meanwhile, Warren looked at Jiang Yu reluctantly and went upstairs with Leanne.

“What is this Leanne doing” Jiang Yu was puzzled.

“Who is this Warren”

Mo Long didnt know anything about this Warren.

Soon, Leanne came downstairs, she walked to Jiang Yu and said, “Thats Warren, our new investor.

Director Hebin was looking for a new female lead.

Warren said that he could increase the investment by giving the position of female lead to his daughter.”

“Who is his daughter” Jiang Yu asked.

“Its Hollywoods newest rising star, Revi,” Leanne said, “Dont judge her popularity by how much money Warren spent on her, but her acting skills are really good and shes easy to get along with.

This is a win-win for director Hebin, so she agreed.”

“Then why did you bring him to the studio” Jiang Yu was puzzled.

“Hes not from the studio, and neither is his daughter.”

“Hes an investor.

Dont you want to get closer to him” Leanne looked at Jiang Yu as if she was looking at a country bumpkin, “Do you think you can film and get paid just because the investor threw you a sum of money You have to have a meal with him so that you can talk to him in the future.”

However, this was only one of the small reasons.

The biggest reason was that when Leanne heard that Warren liked young and beautiful women, Jiang Yus face flashed through her mind.

If she could use a trick to send Jiang Yu to Warrens bed, then the Mo Long would definitely be in her hands.

With such dirty thoughts in mind, Leanne brought Warren back to the studio, but she didnt expect Jiang Yu to be discharged early.

But it was also good, it saved a lot of time.

“…Does director Hebin know”

“Of course, director Hebin arranged the meal time,” Leanne said matter-of-factly, “Its in a weeks time, at Revis birthday party.

Ill give you the address when the time comes.

You must come, and dont be late.

If youre worried… bring your fiancé along.”

When she mentioned her fiancé, Leanne deliberately raised her voice and looked at Mo Long with an ambiguous gaze.

Mo Long replied coldly, “If you dont want your eyes, Ill help you contact the hospital for surgery.”

Leannes expression immediately turned ugly as she angrily returned to her room.

“Dont worry about her,” Jiang Yu said.

“Lets go back and rest.”


After settling the matter of the third female lead, a smile appeared on Hebins face that had not appeared for a long time.

Everyone was still filming on the set.

Warren and Mo Long were also going to visit them.

Warren was not only looking at Revi, but also Jiang Yu.

However, he did not know who Mo Long was visiting.

Mo Long was tall and slender.

When he sat without saying a word, the aura around him was the most lethal.

Even Warren, a middle-aged man, had to admit that Mo Long was a mature and handsome man.

He sighed in his heart more than once.

It would be great if a mature and capable man like Mo Long could become his son-in-law.

Not only would he not embarrass his daughter, but he would also have a lot of face if he told others.

So, he deliberately approached Mo Long and directly threw out his question.


Mo Long, Ive heard about you from Leanne.

Youre very outstanding.

Do you have a wife”

Mo Long did not look at him, but he still answered the question.


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