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Jiang Yu was not a fool.

Of course, she could tell that there was something wrong with Lians tone.

But she still replied politely, “Senior, you flatter me.”

Lian was also interested.

She did not know if Jiang Yu was really a fool or just playing dumb.

So she went over and stared into Jiang Yus eyes.

“Jiang Yu, I heard that you are only 20 years old this year and you have already won two Movie Queen Awards”

“Yes.” Jiang Yu didnt know why Leanne would ask her this question.

She didnt expect Leanne to stand up straight with a disdainful expression on her face.

“It seems that your entertainment industry isnt that great.

An actress as young as you can win the Movie Queen award twice”

Someone couldnt take it anymore and stood up for Jiang Yu.

“Leanne, dont go too far.

You said that Jiang Yu is young, but youre not that old yourself, right Youre only 25 years old, and youre already thinking of becoming an international Movie Queen!”

“Thats still five years more experience than this girl who hasnt even graduated from university.” Leannes expression turned ugly, “If I won Movie Queen twice, that would be acceptable.

She won Best Actress twice at such a young age.

This means that the entertainment circle shes in doesnt have any value at all!”

“Dont raise your status.

Youre not in the same circle as her.” Someone scoffed, “Youre clearly jealous of Jiang Yus excellence because you havent received a single award since you entered the entertainment industry!”

“Shut up!” Leanne was angered by these words.

“Are you all blinded by Jiang Yu Why arent you helping me Instead, youre speaking up for her”

In fact, Leanne was angry because her words had hit a sore spot.

Jiang Yu could see that Leanne was really jealous that she was better than her, so she didnt give her a good look.

In order to ease the atmosphere between Leanne and the others, Jiang Yu generously came out to ease the atmosphere.

“Dont quarrel over some trivial matters.

I got two Movie Queen awards because of My Luck.

If my luck is bad or someones luck is better than mine, then I think I wont be able to get the two best actress awards.”

Seeing that Jiang Yu was so humble, even Leanne was a little embarrassed to continue.

So the atmosphere instantly fell silent, and it was a little awkward.

The men on the sofa also looked over.

When they saw Leanne, they couldnt help but chuckle.

“Its Leanne Isnt she a busy person I thought she wouldnt come today, but she still came.”

“Today is the day the newcomer reports for duty.

No matter how arrogant she is, she should at least come over to take a look, right”

“The atmosphere over there is so heavy.

Could it be that Leanne is making things difficult for the newcomer again Shes always relying on herself to be the first to come to this studio, putting on the airs of a big sister and making things difficult for the newcomer.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Longs beautiful brows furrowed.

He stood up and walked towards Jiang Yus direction.

Initially, Leanne wanted to find more topics to talk about to ease the awkward atmosphere.

However, when she saw Mo Long walking towards her, her eyes lit up.

This was the first time she had seen such a handsome man in her life.

She quickly went up to him with a smile on her face.

“Which one are you Are you new here too But Ive only heard of Jiang Yu.

Ive never heard of you.”

Mo Long ignored her and walked straight towards Jiang Yu.

Leanne was ignored and was in a bad mood.

She turned around and saw Mo Long standing in front of Jiang Yu.

His eyes were full of gentleness, which made her even more upset.

Mo Long held Jiang Yu in his arms and whispered, “Whats wrong Did Leanne make things difficult for you”

“No.” Jiang Yu shook her head.

“Its just that everyone didnt find a topic to talk about for a while, so they seemed a little awkward.”

“Thats good.” Mo Long finally relaxed his brows.

“If Leanne makes things difficult for you, tell me.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yu nodded and saw Leanne walking over with a gloomy face out of the corner of her eyes.

She must have encountered something unhappy.

As expected, as soon as Leanne walked over, her eyes were glued to Mo Longs body.

“Are you two a couple” Leanne asked, but her eyes still stayed on Mo Longs body.

“Yes.” Jiang Yu frowned.

She was not satisfied with Leannes undisguised gaze on Mo Long.

“Then I wish you two a long time.” Leanne wanted to laugh but could not.

So, she could only curl the corners of her mouth.

She was also wondering why Mo Long liked a little girl like Jiang Yu.

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