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Sams dislike for the man was apparent and nothing or nobody could change it but what he didn expect was to hear a heart-wrenching comment that left him feeling hollow.

"Why are you pretending? Aren you just upset your ex-girlfriend preferred to be used as a toy by Mr. Zevon than to go on one date with you? Just keep shut and do what you are asked to!" Li, another one of his colleagues snarked before resuming work on his laptop.

Sam glared at Li, his eyes red. It was quite obvious those words that had been said carelessly had hit a sore spot in his heart.

Everyone in Sams workplace had been aware of what transpired between his girlfriend and the almighty Zevon Hastler but no one had dared to speak of it to date for fear of hurting Sams feelings and also offending Hastler Co. But the majority would probably agree that it was more of the latter honestly.

However, Li was an exception.

They didn know if it was because he was a foreigner or if it was just his character but he was really blunt. He didn care if what he said hurt your feelings or not, he just wanted one thing which was to get the job done.

And apparently, Sam had been a victim of his wicked tongue today.

"Ah...that tongue has no mercy." Fiz sighed with a shake of his head before giving Sam an apologetic pat on the shoulder.

While the rest of his colleagues cast a pitiful glance at Sam, he instead slowly turned to face the stage.

As he watched both men and women alike worship the almost otherworldly being, he clenched his fists. This was because their looks of adoration were strikingly similar to that of his ex-girlfriend whenever she came across the name Hastler.

Right at that moment, the music stopped playing and a sweet voice was heard through the speakers.

Welcome everyone and thank you for your presence. Now, for the next line of the event, Mr. Zevon Hastler will introduce his new diamond collection, Infinity.

At the drop of the voice, a gentle round of applause ensued as the man himself stepped forward.

With a pair of intelligent glassy gray eyes that was just as oppressive as his name, he scanned all the occupants in the room as he stood on the stage, his smooth hands placed on the polished wooden podium.

At the appearance of the name HASTLERS Co. which was calligraphed perfectly and seamlessly on the lit-up screen behind him, cameras began to flash.

Finally, the reporters had come to.

Once the lights were dimmed and the first slide of the powerpoint was displayed on the screen, Zevon slightly lifted his pale narrow lips, officially starting the business of the day.

"Infinity as we all know it to be means endless, boundless, countless…you name it. Theres no beginning, no restrictions, no limits and most importantly, no end. It just goes on and on…forever" Zevon voiced as he moved his finger in the shape of an infinity symbol.

"Now, imagine incorporating infinity into beauty. Remarkable isn it?" he asked with an enchanting smile on his lips which made all the women sigh in adoration.

"Truthfully, beauty wasn created to be infinite. I mean we can see this in our everyday lives. Beautiful flowers whither, beautiful people age or die, beautiful houses become old and weak…the list is endless." He continued as he began to walk up and down the stage, his words earning affirmative nods from everyone in the room. All, except one.

Then he paused and asked, "However, what if I told you that you can be beautiful forever?"

This question made a lot of the reporters frown, some in confusion, and others in disagreement.

No one and nothing could be beautiful forever, which has been a fact for years. People who tried failed, terribly. So what Mr. Zevon was talking about was completely unrealistic.

Noticing the stir amidst the crowd, Zevon chuckled before he continued, "When beauty is mentioned, we all immediately think of the physical beauty. The fragile one made of dust." He said as he rubbed his fingers together to gesture the feeling of dust between ones fingers.

"But there are other types of beauty we as humans possess that are often ignored more than it should."

"For instance, aura. The aura a human possesses often makes a good first impression and a strong lasting one depending on how powerful, sensual or different it is to the receiver."

"Another example would be the scent. Statistics show people remember how a person smells more than they do their names. So if you smell good, youll be remembered quite quickly and if you don , youll….also be remembered." He voiced, a hint of humor in his glassy gray eyes as his words made the audience burst into laughter.

"The point is, any impression you leave on others could last an hour, a week, a year, a century, or even all of eternity if you wish. And this is the foundation of our latest collection, Infinity."

And with a tap of his finger on the podium, the screen behind him changed.

On a pale blue background, pictures of enchanting pieces of jewelry placed on a mannequins neck, wrist, finger, and ankle were displayed.

"What better way to make a lasting impression than to adorn yourself with jewelry that makes you unforgettable forever?" he questioned before he proceeded, "But thats not all…"

At the drop of his words, the imagery on the screen changed again to a scene in the night.

A woman clad in a silky red dress with a scarf across her neck was seen walking away from them. Silently, a wind blew the red scarf off her shoulders and carried it in its embrace through the streets and houses, caressing the faces of people as it did.

Soon the scarf entered through a window and was dropped in a ruffle on a white bed, the blur of a man showering in the background. Then a clear bottle appeared out of the ruffle, the symbol of infinity engraved in silver and gold on the body with the letters I N F I N I T Y below it.

"Introducing to you our very first jewelry AND perfume mix series, ladies and gentlemen, INFINITY."

With a thundering round of applause, the lights were switched back on and a table appeared out from both sides of the stage with the bottle of perfume with the infinity symbol engraved on it sitting proudly next to the array of diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and anklets on a red silk cloth in a glass box.

Everyone was amazed at the creativity of Hastlers Co. including the reporters who were excited to witness the first-ever Product Mix of the establishment.

They just couldn stop taking pictures.

"As expected of Hastlers Co. The speech was flawless, the jewelry pieces are so beautiful, the perfume ad premiere was mesmerizing…everything is just so top-notch today. Im grateful I didn miss this." One reporter commented as she tried to focus her camera on one of the shiny stones on the anklet.

"Tell me about it. Who would have ever thought the Hastlers would surprise us by dropping a double launch bomb on us?" another one replied as he took pictures of the shiny bottle of perfume.

"What amazes me is the fact that all pieces made by Mr. Zevon Hastler all look magical like they were made in heaven. I mean just look at this masterpiece!"

Zevon, the star of the show took a step back as he allowed his creations to bask in the magnificence of the spotlight. They deserve it just as much as he does.

The saga of camera flashes continued for about fifteen minutes before a sweet voice was heard through the speakers.

That marks the end of the introduction for Infinity, Hastlers Co.s very first perfume & jewelry series. Next on the list is the Q n A session. Refreshments are going round right now, please settle down and relax as you prepare your questions.

The reporters all went back to their seats in an orderly fashion as they all prepared to ask the questions given to them beforehand by their respective companies.

Though their job was to find out all details about current events and relay this news to the public, there was an unspoken rule among them, which was not to dare cross Zevon Hastler.

This meant that all their findings and reporting were to be in the best interest of Mr. Zevon, morally correct or not. It was against their ethics but who asked them to choose to work in the same city the man had an overwhelming influence over?

A long table was soon brought onto the stage with five chairs. Shortly after, four other people joined Zevon on the stage as they all sat and waited for the reporters to ask their questions.

A reporter from ALK news took the opportunity first, "Its always a pleasure to be given the opportunity to admire your works Mr. Hastler. Youve really surprised us all and Im positive this would be another world-smashing series. "

As the other reporters watched as the reporter from ALK news sang praises of the product and the company, they all couldn help but roll their eyes.

"Just look at her wag her tongue like shes a cat drinking milk. Does she want to be noticed that bad?" a reporter from another news agency asked as she scrunched her eyebrows, her face red from jealousy.

She had been aiming to be the first to catch Mr. Hastlers attention today but that vixen just had to be faster than her.

Such a seductress!

Meanwhile, at Sams side of the room, Fiz moved closer to him and whispered,

"Looking at how glib and sweet her tongue is, its obvious this isn her first time doing something like this." he tsked with a shake of his head before stuffing the chocolate-filled doughnut into his mouth.

However, Sam didn utter a word and just watched.

At first, he was pissed at Lis snide comments but then he was reminded of his purpose there that day which was to cause a commotion and that calmed him greatly.

The saying goes, tit for tat. Enjoy your fame and glory while you can Zevon Hastler. He thought as his bloodshot eyes watched the beautiful man through the steam from his coffee.

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