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Chapter 537.1: Jot It Down! Jot It All Down! (1)

Roel felt like he was hated by the world.

From the death flags of the female capture targets to the evil cultists who had a string of grudges against his lineage, it felt like someone was always out for his life.

Through years of effort, he had managed to convert the female capture targets into his allies, but the evil cultists continued to haunt him like maggots suckling his bones.

As if that wasn’t distressing enough, there was now another power that was eyeing him.

How in the world did I incur the hatred of those half-witted deviants

“Father, you’re saying…”

“Lord Father, are you saying that those monsters are eyeing Lord Brother” Alicia interjected with an anxious frown.

Carter looked at his two children before he began sharing a conjecture raised during an internal discussion within the united army.

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“It was not me but the chief intelligence officer of the united army who raised the possibility that the deviants may bear ill will toward the Ascart Bloodline.

This theory is rooted in the mysterious relationship between the deviants and the Savior…”

‘Know thy self, know thy enemy.

A thousand battles, a thousand victories.’

Such a phrase didn’t exist in the Sia Continent, but any qualified military strategist should be able to understand its rationale.

With the deviants posing a huge threat to humankind’s survival, humans couldn’t slack off on their research of the deviants.

The united army headquarters had gathered a bunch of scholars who specialized in the study of the deviants.

These scholars conducted experiments on deviants that ranged from benign to downright atrocious.

It was not just once or twice that Roel had winced while flipping through their research papers.

It reminded him of the mad scientists in his previous life.

Of course, no human would sympathize with their archenemies and criticize these scholars for their cruelty (and those who did would be quickly put in their place).

These scholars were proclaimed to be heroes who had put their lives on the line for humankind’s sake.

Many in the united army’s upper echelons respected these scholars too.

It was not an easy choice to relinquish the comfort of Leinster to stay at the barren eastern border, where accidents could easily result in severe injuries and even death.

Since the arrival of the first batch of scholars, the research on the deviants had been ongoing for a thousand years now.

Humankind had deciphered much crucial information about the deviants over this long period of time, be it their habits or vulnerabilities.

The only thing that remained a mystery was the origin of the deviants.

In particular, the scholars were intrigued by the correlation between the Savior’s awakening and the deviants’ activity.

Up till the third war against the deviants, the Twilight Sages Assembly had been a dominant force within humankind’s upper echelon, taking up many key positions.

Many of the Assembly’s older members had been attacked by the Savior’s worshipers back in the Second Epoch or had suffered greatly during the mass migration following the downfall of the Ancient Austine Empire.

There was no way they could forget about the agony they had been put through, especially when many of them had witnessed the demise of their loved ones.

Due to that, many of the Assembly members were sensitive about the Savior’s movements, and these happened to be the same people who had been leading humankind’s defense against the deviants.

Naturally, it didn’t take them long to notice the correlation between the two.

Many doubts surfaced as a result.

“According to the research you have done thus far, our ancestors have a hostile relationship with the Savior.

If there really is a link between the Savior and the deviants, there’s a chance that the deviants will go after you,” Carter solemnly said.

Roel frowned.

While normal deviants couldn’t pose a threat to him, the same couldn’t be said about the Sovereigns.

Against enemies of such caliber, he had to remain prepared for anything that might come his way.

In the worst-case scenario, the deviants might focus their troops on him.

Should that happen, his knowledge of military warfare could play a pivotal role.

The decisions he made as the commanding officer would make the difference between life and death.

Knowing that, both Roel and Alicia straightened up their attitude and took the exam seriously.

The exam was a simulation of warfare on paper, where both parties took on the role of commanding officers of their respective armies.

They had to mobilize troops and resources to achieve certain key objectives.

Overall, Carter was satisfied with their results.

“It looks like the war we had a year ago has motivated you.

Your commanding skills are already on par with some of the frontline generals,” Carter remarked happily.

These words put Roel’s heart at ease.

His warfare simulation with Carter was only a fight between ordinary armies, but on a real battlefield, there were many more tricks he could utilize.

He possessed the Blessing of the Military God, and he could strategically employ magic tools he had bought from the System to create an unfair advantage against his enemy.

After sharing his evaluation, Carter sternly instructed the two of them to continue developing their military knowledge.

The trio then headed down to the dining room to have their final dinner together before parting ways.

Neither Roel nor Alicia showed any abnormal behavior at the dining table.

Alicia didn’t think that the situation was serious, so it was easier for her to be her usual self.

Roel, on the other hand, was simply that good of an actor.

Even so, Roel’s poker face broke when he heard about Carter’s mission.

Technically speaking, the mission Carter was entrusting to Roel and Alicia wasn’t hard to fulfill at all; it just wasn’t something Roel and Alicia would do.

He wanted them to jot down the days they shared a room.



Roel’s and Alicia’s faces stiffened when they heard Carter’s request.

Upon seeing their responses, Carter’s face scrunched in doubt.

He hadn’t forgotten the reason he returned to the Ascarts’ manor yet.

“What’s wrong I don’t think I’m asking too much here.”

“Father, it’s not to say that we can’t jot it down… but it concerns our privacy, especially Alicia’s.

Personally speaking, I don’t see a need to do so either,” Roel replied with twitching cheeks.

Carter narrowed his eyes.

An ambiguous smile crept onto his lips.

You don’t see a need to do so

Carter wouldn’t have demanded this if this matter were solely up to Alicia’s discretion, but he could never get too prudent since it was Roel he was dealing with here.

This was a man who was content with maintaining the status quo for years!

Though Roel had thumped his chest and made a promise to him, there was no guarantee that he would follow through on it.

Alicia also tended to respect Roel’s decision and was unlikely to force him to keep his promise.

To make things worse, Carter was unlikely to be able to return from the battlefield for the next few years, so he couldn’t personally see the matter through either.

It was with these factors in mind that Carter requested this additional commitment from them.

Admittedly, it was a justified stance that Roel could hardly refute.

For a moment, it looked like the dust had already settled until Alicia suddenly spoke up.

“Lord Father, I… don’t want to stress Lord Brother in such a way, so…”

“…I see where you’re coming from, but I’m worried about Roel.”

“Why don’t we have Lord Brother make an annual report instead”

Carter took a while to contemplate Alicia’s plea before finally relenting with a nod.

Roel and Alicia heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Despite the sudden crisis, the dinner still concluded with a joyous atmosphere.

As soon as the dinner concluded, Carter stood up and headed for the carriage waiting for him at the entrance with military-esque decisiveness.

Unnecessary words should be avoided for a military man marching out for war, lest they kill his determination.

Roel and Alicia walked him to the doorsteps and waved him goodbye.

They quietly watched the carriage disappear into the distance before retracting their gaze.

Now that Carter had left, the responsibility of protecting the Ascart Fiefdom fell on Roel’s shoulders once more.

“…It’s chilly, Lord Brother.

Let’s head in.” Alicia grabbed Roel’s hand.

“Mmhm.” Roel nodded.

The two of them stood by the entrance for a little longer before returning to the Ascarts’ manor.


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