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What they witnessed was almost unbelievable; the lady had been declared dead by all medical procedures, but with just a touch from her son, she was not only resurrected, but the symptoms of her illness appeared to have vanished.

The two exchanged looks of awe, while Xavier assisted his mother in getting up.

She was a middle-aged lady with a beautiful face and slim figure; she used to be quite robust in the past, but that had changed since his fathers death as her work load increased.

The house they lived in belonged to the army after his father died. Two years after his death, another soldier came to inherit it and treated them with contempt, throwing them out on the street. Fortunately, they were able to rent a new apartment, but the rent was too high, so mother and son had to hustle day and night to make ends meet.

"I thought I wouldn be able to see you anymore, Xavier." She hugged him tightly and sobbed uncontrollably.

Im sorry youll only be seeing me for a short time, but I don regret it; before I leave, Ill make sure everything is fine.

Xavier turned to the two surgeons, his killing intent palpable in their eyes.

"As you can see, you weren the ones who cured her, so no pay." He then took his mothers hands in his and led her out.

The two were dumbfounded, the other outside fell to the ground, but first he saw the lady he couldn treat walking outside with all of her body intact and she was even more vibrant than before.

Xavier took her to a large estate that was for sale after she left the hospital.

When he met with the agent, she wrinkled her nose.

She attempted to send him away, believing he was a lunatic who had come to play with her.

Even his mother was terrified by Xaviers tone, as if she were looking at someone who was not even related to her in any way, like a strange stranger.

When the agent lady saw that he wasn going to give up, she called the firms security to come take him out, but before they arrived, she decided to buy herself some time by acting the way Xavier wanted her to.

"Bitch, be quick and name your price."

"Can you afford $30 million?"

Xavier scoffed, then pulled the royal card from his pocket, sending the agent lady into a frenzy.

Her public persona immediately changed and she became extremely obedient.

When security arrived, she informed them that the insane man had fled in another direction.

After paying, Xavier signed the necessary paperwork in his mothers name.

She was so taken aback that she believed she had died and reincarnated in the same world, where her son was someone else, a billionaire in disguise!

Xavier hired everyone who needed to be hired, including maids, drivers, escorts, and the Manager.

He went to a popular car dealer and bought all the fancy cars in his mothers name. He also bought a restaurant, a hotel, and a few other things in his mothers name.

His spending spree was so extravagant that the voice in his head began to gasp, and Xavier wondered if such a dignified being had ever spent so much money.

He only has one hour and a few minutes left after all of that.

He drove down to the suburbs and hired a few strong men to accompany him; he sent some to a firm to burn it down, and he took others to the mansion of the person who has adopted his sister to beat that person up.

He didn want his sister back; if she was lucky, she might be able to meet up with their mother and be accepted back into the broken family.

With only thirty minutes left, he dashed into a well-known hotel known for its delectable intercontinental cuisine.

He ordered everything on the menu; it wasn a bad idea to fill up before venturing into another world.

He had paid for the most expensive VIP room in the hotel, so he was the only one there; in his final moments, he didn want anyone to speak ill of him, so it was better to be safe.

As he ate, he went over everything on his to-do list, all his dreams, and all the fantasies he created in his head.

He was able to accomplish them, but he wasn going to be around to enjoy them.

Just then, his mind wandered to one of his unfulfilled dreams: dating a girl, cuddling a beautiful lady, or doing that thing in the middle of the night while listening to a beautiful song.

When he remembered that, his heartbeat suddenly increased, and he felt a strong pain in his heart, the kind that can only be felt when one is on the verge of dying and hasn fulfilled his most basic wish.

He looked at the time; it was barely two minutes left, and he couldn help but panic.

Just then, he noticed a young staff member dressed nicely and smelling nice, walking with a blue back document in her hands.

She didn have the most attractive curve, but she was slightly above average.

Eating half a loaf of bread is preferable to eating none at all, he reasoned, taking out the last cash in his pocket, which was closer to ten grand.

"Please have all of this and allow me to fulfill this wish." Xavier said in a trembling voice, although the staff was surprised she could not reject thecash.

She got it while looking at him strangely, wondering what his wish was.

"Thank you," he said, slowly lifting his hands, and just as they got close, on the verge of feeling the blissful softness, the time struck 0:00:00, and his body began to disintegrate and was sucked into a vortex that appeared behind him.

As he fell into the soul and body portal, his hands remained stretched out.

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