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{_Earth_} 2030 AD.

A young man with average features walked down a lonely path with a sad expression on his face, dried up tears on the side of his eyes forming a line on his average face, making him even less approachable.

His clothes were ragged, patched, and covered in blood stains from whips.

He staggered towards his house, which used to be lively and blissful years ago, clutching a tattered leather bag over his shoulder.

It became uneasy the day his father, a lieutenant in the army, was killed during a mission to take down foreign terrorists who had set up a base in their city.

He recalled his fathers final words before he left and never returned alive, he said. "Son, Im doing this to make this city a happy place for you and your little sister to live; if I don return, look after your mother and sister."

Those words prompted him to respond, "But you aren the only man in town."

His father smiled and patted his head before leaving in a war jeep with his colleagues.

One week later, he was standing in front of a tomb bearing his fathers name.

Two years later, his little sister became dissatisfied with their living conditions and fled; he later saw her living with a wealthy family.

She pretended not to recognize him; at the time, his mother had a kidney problem that required surgery, and the cost of the surgery was $90,000.

His total savings were less than $10,000.

He had lost his sister and was now on the verge of losing his mother; this was a trauma that he tried to overcome, but he did not succeed even through the trial of it.

It was disturbing and uncomfortable, a sensation he didn want to live with but had to.

Was I really destined for bad luck? He questioned himself as he clung to a wall to keep from falling.

His eyes rolled and he felt sleepy as soon as his hands made contact with the wall.

["Human, you were chosen at random to be transported to another world"]

"Who who the hell said that?, where are you?"

["Im in your head, human, you were really made up for bad luck, but Im here fortunately and unfortunately."]

"Hey, whatever you are, please stop this disgusting prank."

[ "Hehe, prank? Why would a dignified being like me want to prank a hopeless brat like you? I suppose you won believe me unless you see this "]

"See what I mean?"

Just then, a system window appeared in the middle of the air with information about things he hadn heard about.

[System initiated]

[Hello, host. Don be angry because your soul was chosen at random to be transported to another world. You will be given a royal card as an attornment to do whatever you want, to correct everything that has gone wrong in your life, but your time is limited.]

Royal card?

Royal cards are only owned by billionaires in this world; millionaires cannot even dream of owning one.

If he was truly given a royal card, there was nothing to be concerned about.

"If time is limited, how much time do I have?" Xavier really needed to ask at this point.

[After 24 hours, the card will vanish and you will be transported to the new world immediately.]

Great, a day with such a large sum of money was far superior to his years of agony.

He went straight to the hospital, but when he arrived, he discovered that his mother was in critical condition.

Her survival was 50% impossible and 50% possible at this point.

"Don let herdie go; Im here with the money." The thought of his mother dying because he was too weak to get her the money for treatment drove Xavier insane.

His mother was rushed into the operating room, and the procedure began immediately.

Xavier was so troubled on the inside that he couldn sit.

The surgeon walked out a few moments later, his face expressionless.

"Where is she? What happened to my mother?"

"Im sorry, young man, but your mother couldn live." The surgeon sighed deeply and stated solemnly.

No, that can be; if you had listened to my pleas earlier, none of this would have happened. As he grabbed the surgeons neck, he yelled inwardly.

"You killed her, you killed her." He sobbed uncontrollably.

Three nurses rushed out of their stations to assist the surgeon.

[ "Hey, Xavier, I can help you revive your mother, but it will take 20 hours out of the twenty-four hours you have available. You only need to get close to your mother "]

Wait, is that even possible? Xaviers eyes brightened, and he used all of his strength to push the two nurses who were holding him back and sweep kick the surgeon and the nurse who were treating his minor wounds.

The three fell to the ground, exclaiming "Ouch" and "Ahhh."

Xavier dashed toward the theater, where he saw his mother lying motionless on the bed.

Her ripped body part has been sown.

The other two surgeons attempted to stop him, but he was too powerful right now due to the outburst of emotions.

When he lifted his right hand, a wisp of dark red energy appeared.


He smirked before placing his finger on her brow.

He felt energy leave his body, and his eyes noticed a slight movement in her body.

Her breathing has resumed, and her heart has begun to beat.

The sight shocked two surgeons who were struggling with their swollen jaws.

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