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{_Mystical domain_} 20222 of the Karma calendar.

In a vast Island surrounded by a large water body filled with the skeletons and dried body part of human beings, their dried up body parts and sun dried bones possessing distinct features from humans.



Tails with arrow head in the female skeleton form.

Or was it the beast like ears (cat, fox, pig) that beast humans possessed?

The names that fit this places description include the burial Island of demons, the labyrinth, a dungeon of demons, and the despised land.

This place has its own horror, with nose wrinkling smells and eye furrowing sights straight out of an otherworldly horror.

The north wind blew, sending the blood-filled sand flying and creating a small sand hurricane.

The waterbody surrounding this location was no different from the land; it would not be incorrect to refer to the land as the burial place of the physical body while the water body was for the opposite.

The waterbody was shrouded in bloody fog, and the waters color was just a tad too red to be called blood red.

The only sounds made by the water and the island were the sound of the water wave beating against another of its kind, the splashing sound when the water collided with the island, and the flowing of the liquid.

Apart from those, this location lacked any others.

It wasn great; it was dreadful.

It wasn beautifully made, but it could make your heart skip a beat.

The sight of a place is said to give the heart a different feeling, either of bliss or dread.

Although it is true that humans are the best at adapting, it is also true that no human will survive in this environment.

"Keep the light on, Lakeladen, goddess of the righteous, as your worshippers rid the world of the pest you despise."

"Oh, thou art righteous; tell the light, Ye shall be blazing in the day and soothing at night."

"Thou canst command demons to flee, and they will flee, for thou art the only perfect righteous divine."

The silence was broken by the shouts of human men and women, which echoed throughout the area.

Just then, a large ship appeared in the large body of water, with a large glowing insignia on the deck.

People could be heard shouting on the ship.

A man in his thirties wearing a priest robe with the same insignia as the ship and a small white priest cap on his head.

He held a lamp that emitted a soothing green light that contrasted with the red mist that surrounded this area.

On the other hand, he held a large brown thick-covered book with many pages, but fewer than the pages in the bible.

The text on it was ancient, complicated, and adorned with ancient runes.

Standing on either side of him were two priestesses dressed in the same robe but in a more feminine version, with no priestess caps on their heads.

The two, with their long silvery hair fluttering in the air, had a magic rune activated on their right hand and a light ball lighting up the path on their left.

Their bodies were slim, fitting the robe nicely and exuding a pure feminine aura, but standing beside them was a fellow priestess who contrasted with their slim description, she was busty and sexy, and her priestess robe was tight fitting.

Her sexy plump ass was partially visible through the clothes that were tightly wrapped around her body, her massive boobs peeking out of it.

Her eyes were closed as she mumbled magical chants.

This group of priests and priestesses, worshippers of the goddess Lakeladen, made their way through the bloody water to the island.

A few foggy beings rose up from the water, making a swirling sound.

The foggy beings; souls trapped in the bloody water cried out to the priest and priestess of the goddess Lakeladen to save them; their wailing could not be heard but could be felt in the air; it was as if the priest and priestess had journeyed into the land where the souls of the dead were kept.

Some of the foggy beings attempted to attack the ship with their entire being.

The chant of the sexy priestess then manifested into an energy sphere that engulfed the entire ship.

A holy magic spell, "Exarch of evil"

Mostly used by gifted priests and priestesses of Goddess Lakeladen, this spell was used for exorcism and also serves as a good defense structure against demons and evil souls.

"Depart from us, all ye corrupted souls; the will of Goddess Lakeladen will be carried out regardless of what you do or how you try to oppose it." The priest yelled again and moved the lantern in his hands, releasing a large amount of greenish smoke into the air.

Faraway behind them was a thick coffin entrapped in a net of chains, and locks on different junction.

Just then, the air space in the coffin displayed a golden blaze that lasted for just a split second before disappearing.

Few moments after that, a manly moan of pain from inside the boat caused the four to turn back with a dreadful look on their faces.

How did he wake up now?

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