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Legends of the Altima Black's Rise

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As if time had stopped, the young Lloyd stood froze, having no understanding as to why his parents weren moving. Soon his frozen legs started to slowly move, which turned into sprints and than into running. He stumbled as he made it to his parents, he tried shaking them thinking they were asleep or maybe something else. He touched his mothers chest, and it was cold, he started to cry as a strange pain hit his head, soon images of people, places and all sorts of things flooded his mind, he screamed out in pain as his eyes glowed. Almost like magic they shot beams upwards into the sky causing an explosion seen from miles away. In the Suns capital which was 75 million miles away from the fight, the leader John saw the red lights and its explosion, soon word spread across Wolftopia, one wolf was already on the scene. Black Sun was the younger brother of Fire Moon, however he denied his Moon heritage and took his mother maiden name Sun, he looked around the blood stained field as he spit on his brother body, "Pathetic, you were the Alpha yet you lose to a human, not to mentioned you allowed your own wife to die before you," He kicked Waters body which caused Lloyd to crawl over and reach for her hand before being grabbed on his wrist by his Uncle, who than walked away from the bodies. He was met by a group of people, one of which was Walter Moon, who was Waters younger brother, "Black what happened did you find what happen-" He was cut off as Black walked past him and the crowd still holding onto Lloyd who now was struggling to get out of his grip, "Help mommy!" He shouted as Black smack his mouth as he didn want anyone to know, but it was already too late as Walter made his way to his sisters body kneeling before her and crying knowing if he had been here the outcome wouldve been different. As he got a few others to help with the bodies.

Days passed as every Alpha was told the news knowing that George, Fire, and Water Moon had been killed, many were surprised to find they had lost to a human, however others believed some other force was at work,

"So, what do we do now? The alpha of the Moon clan is dead and neither of his sons are of age." John stated as he looked around the room of Alphas with 2 seats empty, the Altimas, and Moons chair. With what had happened the issue was taken to the main capital in the center of Wolftopia which was called Eclipse, most of the Alphas had gather to discuss what will happen next, "Well clearly we need to find a temporary Alpha until the boys are of age." Lois Flare claimed as many whispers were heard in the building, "True but we also need to know what exactly happened, a red signal was seen that day meaning an Altima was killed as well, no measly human could-" Peter Crest spoke before being interrupted by a loud bang of a desk, Black had stood up knowing full well theyd want an explanation on how he knew, "Alphas, if you

e wondering how my foolish brother and sister-in-law fell at the hands of a human, it was due to their carelessness towards battle, Fire was too reluctant on his powers as was his wife."

"But how do you even know they were killed by a human to being with the red signal didn show up until 2200 hours, unless you were there with them."

"John I was not present during the fight, youd know if I was, they won be dead, I did however see a bright light which could only be possible if my brother used his ability, Im surprised none of you saw it as it was greater than the red signal, seeing as my brother is dead and my nephew is too young to even replace him, we of course need a temporary Alpha."

"If I may interrupt, as the law depicts, we need 2 temporary replacements. One for the Moon clan as their Alpha and another for the Altima until the young moon can become of age, we ne-" Lois Flare claimed before being interrupted

"Lloyd will never be ready to replace his grandfather! The boy is so dishonorable to the clan that he doesn deserve to even consider himself a Moon." Black shouted slamming his fist on his stand

"Are you saying what I think you

e saying, to call the boy dishonorable to his clan is to invoke the Challenge when he comes of age to prove himself. To do this means you are also offering to train all 3 young wolves in the place of their parents." Peter Crest informed knowing that something was off with this entire conversation.

"That is exactly what Im proclaiming to the Council. The twins need more than just guidance they need discipline, knowledge and respect towards their elders. The girl however needs to be groomed to be given off to a worthy wolf when she is of age. My family line has been full of weak minded semi humans for years I plan to change that till the day I dead."

"If that is what you want then we will need to vote on this, but first to find temporary replacements for the Alpha of the Moon clan and the Altima. The law states that the replacement for the Altima has to be blood related leaving only Black Sun as the sole person to take his fathers place until the young Lloyd has become of age and has rightfully won the Challenge. As for the Moon Alpha the law indicts that only a blood relative of the Alpha or the wife can take the seat leaving Walter Moon as the sole person we can look towards are you both willing to fill these seats until they can be filled by the respectful Moons?" John stated as he looked around the room until Walter stood up, "I am prepared to fill the seat of Alpha until Westen Moon, my nephew is of age to take the mantle from me."

"Than its decided for I am ready to replace my father until Lloyd has proven himself in the eyes of the Sun, Moon, Flare and Crest Clans." Black proclaimed walking forward and taking the seat of Altima watching as Walter did the same, "Now that we are all gathered let us continue."

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