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Legends of the Altima War and Unknown Death

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When the new event known as the "Moons Plan" took place a wolf by the name of Aaron was given red eyes, these eyes were symbol to the wolves as a leader, the Altima as they called him could turn a wolf back into a human and a human into a wolf, this shocked many but as time passed Aaron discovered that the eyes would pass down to the next generation. Time passed as new things were discovered about the Altima, most were recorded until disaster struck. In the 200 years since the "Moons Plan" the humans decided to attack the wolves because of unspoken rumors from an unknown human, with the help of the cats whose new place was now called Feline World.

As war was waged, the humans weren prepared for the wolves trained and their key strategies Jericho, who is also the 200th Altima. The war ended in five years with a peace treaty being signed by all three parties, soon it was revealed that three artifacts had also appeared during "Moons Plan," a cloak that gave life to the user, a scepter of death that killed anyone the user saw as an enemy, and a blade that had no special gift or, so they were told. Because the wolves had won the war they kept their artifact, however the humans were greedy and forced the cats to give up the scepter seeing as it was the most dangerous, because of this their territory was split in half allowing a neutral place for the wolves, humans, and cats to meet and discuss plans. But like most things it didn last six years after the war ended the cats started to claim back the territory they had lost, during this time the wolves dealt with a rouge group of semi human wolves, who had killed Jericho and for some unknown reason the red eyes didn pass on to his son, it wasn until Jerichos grandson was born that it was revealed to pass on meaning now skipped a generation.

Soon the Suns were tasked to discover who these rogue group of semi humans were but were unable to. Years passed after this unfortunate event leading this rogue group to be called darkness however it was later changed to dark devil.

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