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Legends of the Altima The Beginning

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Why are some stories called legends? Is it because of the adventure, hero or maybe the story itself? This story or legend is different from most, its a tale but something has changed, as if someone had changed it.

Can you imagine for a second, a world full of magic, one filled with ki, and another filled with Chakra? These three worlds lives totally different lives never having to worry about war, or death. The world of magic was filled with luxurious plains of grass that covered most of it, the grass and all sorts of trees, flowers, and other types of floral to fill the land, the humans or wizards of this world made magic an everyday thing for them, streetlights, water fountains even bells used magic in some way to make the world glow. In the world of chakra, life bloomed as villages covered most of the baron wasteland, allowing fruits, vegetables, and grass to cover the once dry land, the humans of this world however only a select few could use chakra for its intended purposes, which mostly were for protecting, fighting, and healing those in need allowing the world to spring forth life. In the world of ki, the humans there understood very little and only a select few knew of kis existence within it, so much progress was made, however ki wasn as blooming as the other 2 worlds, because of this the select few who knew how to use ki, created a way of peace to protect those in need, help in any way they could, or even provided life. All three worlds were different in their right; however, they did have some similarities, however there was a 4th world, one that was the opposite of the other 3, a world with no life just desolate land that had nothing to offer, on top of these world stood a figure dressed in a white outfit, a robe. They looked at the other three worlds and was furious, the other three worlds had been created by his older brother Amaryllis who goes by Sun. His name was Olethros he chooses to go by Moon, which translate to destruction in the human language, everything he touched brought destruction, even death followed. He lived in his brothers shadow knowing his own world would never turn out like this, however he had an idea what if he caused his own brothers worlds to collide to create something new? He decided to change the world by aligning every moon in the solar system the planets magic was absorbed causing changes to the people or humans of the planet. More than half the population was transformed into creatures known as semi human s, half human half animal. Soon chaos arose as many of the newfound creatures had no place to live due to the fear or hatred from the humans that were unaffected, the world governments did their best to find a solution, but all were null and void with so many differences in the worlds.

However, one man rose to deliver a solution a man by the name of Simon, he stepped forward stating he had a solution, his idea was to give one side of the world to the semi human creatures, and the other to the remaining humans, but first a blood test would need to be given to the semi humans, to place them into groups based on their animal half. After, the blood test was taken many found that most semi humans were either feline, or canine. Because of this the world government decided that the other remaining semi humans would be given a choice to stay with the family or go to start a new life, most feline semi humans decided to follow the others into the new world as they called it, where is the canines made the same choice to go into this new world of sorts. As for the other remaining semi humans, a section or piece of the humans remaining land was given to them in case, they wanted to stay this would be later known as Animtropic. However, the semi humans that decided to go that weren feline or canine decided to create a different place from the one in the "human world" it was called Faunas Heaven.

Years after Simons idea and now three new worlds now existed, The Human Alliance where the humans lived, trained, and grew to understand this new way of life. Wolftopia is where most wolves or canine semi humans lived, trained, and grew. Within the years they had separated into four clans, The Suns were a military based clan werewolves were prepared to fight, the Crest were centered around knowledge they kept records of history, laws, and language. The Flares with the technological based clan where new weapons, building and tools were created to further the wolf society, and finally The Moons were the outsiders a place where those that couldn fit in to the other three, could live and grow, however they had something else something unheard-of.

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