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I have been watching him for so long~ A girl thought to herself as she sat on top of a tree branch in the backyard of someones house. It had been multiple hours since she had climbed up there but she still had no signs of coming down despite it being nighttime. Many would think it would be cold for her but her body temperature was currently warmer than a hot tub as she stared at the one she loves the most.

Oh, Tamaki why don you just notice me?~ The girl thought as she hugged herself all over, thinking of what Tamaki would do to her once she made him fall in love. The branch that she was currently sitting on was facing the upper window of the house next to her. To be exact, she was in the tree behind Tamakis house staring into his window through the high tree branch.

She had done this for multiple years ever since she laid eyes on Tamaki figuring out he was the one she was meant to be with since she took a breath in this world. However, as she was staring into Tamakis window watching him in his room she suddenly saw something interesting through the binoculars she had been looking through.

I-is that a picture of me?! The girl thought to herself in confusion. At first, she thought something was wrong but the closer she looked the more she realized that Tamaki currently had her as his screen saver. Not only that but it looked like there were multiple pictures of her plastered all over the screen saver almost in an obsessive way.

H-how could this be? Ive never seen anything like this before! The girl thought in confusion. Since she had known Tamaki he had never shown a huge interest in her despite her best efforts but now here he was with a screen saver of her.

M-maybe he has finally fallen for me?~ The girl thought with slight excitement filling her mind as she thought about infiltrating Tamakis house. It was clearly a terrible idea that she almost didn go through with until she saw Tamaki start tracing the picture of her on his phone lovingly with clear obsession in his eyes.

ITS TRUE! HE LOVES ME AS WELL!~ The girl thought in both happiness and shock as she quickly rushed across the branch she was on to reach Tamakis window seal.

Once she reached the seal, she quickly fumbled with the bottom of the window. Surprised to find it already unlocked, she quickly pulled it open no matter what the consequences were. However, what she heard next defied all her expectations, "It seems you finally arrived, Sarah, my love~" Tamaki giggled to himself at the other corner of the room confusing Sarah as she thought there was no way he could see her with his back toward her.

"H-how did you know?!" Sarah said confused despite the very crazy situation both people found themselves in. Before Sarah could even formulate her own thought on the matter Tamaki turned around showing his phone once more which seemed to have a camera feed on it. A camera feed that covered not only his house but also seemed to have a feed of her own house!

"H-how did you get that there?~" Sarah said trying to sound distressed but couldn help but let her huge smile show when she saw her love stalking her like this. It felt as if all her deeds were appreciated no matter how insane and that he would give back in kind.

Tamaki saw this smile and couldn help but quickly walk over to Sarah before cupping her chin with his own hand bringing her eyes at level with his own gazing into each others eyes with clear obsession, "Just like you have been watching me, I have been watching you~ From the moment we locked eyes I knew you were the one for me and I would never ever let you go even if I had to kill you myself~" Tamaki said with hearts forming in his eyes with each and every word.

Sarah was no better herself as her body began to tremble in delight with how much Tamaki seemed to love her. It was so much for her that her panties immediately became soaked making her want to jump out of them and pounce on Tamaki, "Good good~ After all this time you finally return my feelings~ Its far beyond every dream Ive ever had at night of you~ Its better than anything I have wished in my life and if this is a dream I hope I never wake up~ If you even think about backing out now I will also have to kill you to keep you for myself~" Sarah said returning Tamakis obsession in kind as she suddenly pulled a knife from her pocket pointing it at Tamakis stomach showing how serious she was about her words.

Tamaki of course had no issue with this as his own pants began to change as he pitched a tent clearly happy with the words she said about him, "How about we show exactly how we feel to each other with our bodies, my love~" Tamaki said as he closed the distance between the two immediately enveloping Sarahs body with his own as he connected their lips together in a deep kiss.

At first, Tamaki seemed the most aggressive with his lips taking the lead leaving kisses and his tongue invading Sarahs mouth clearly wanting every ounce of saliva and of her being as he could. However, Sarah didn take this for long as she began fighting back just as much with her tongue playing with Tamakis as she slowly pushed him to the bed behind him before he fell over with her on top of him.

"Lets see how you feel now~" Sarah whispered in Tamakis ear as she released the kiss and made her lips make their way to Tamakis neck.

"Mmm this is the best taste~" Sarah said as she began kissing Tamakis neck deeply sucking on the skin at different points to leave large hickeys all over clearly marking her territory. Seeing as Tamakis body writhed with every love bite and she was shaking herself Sarah decided it was time to ditch the clothes as she quickly gripped Tamakis shirt ripping it in half while he pulled down his pants himself.

Tamakis hardened dick flew out of his pants hitting the back of Sarahs ass at a high point showing how ready to go he was. Of course, Tamaki wasn going to let Sarah be the only one doing the work as he quickly gripped her shirt from below as well ripping it off of her body and unclipping her bra at such a pace that even Sarah didn realize she was suddenly completely naked as well with even her pants somehow coming off.

"That was impressive my love but I think its time for you to pleasure me as much as I have pleasured you~ Show me your love and I will show you every single ounce of mine~" Sarah said staring dead into Tamakis eyes with lust before she suddenly turned around planting her now naked pussy onto Tamakis mouth shocking him.

"Thank you for the meal~" Tamaki barely let out recovering his thoughts before he stuck his tongue out licking. At first, Tamaki slowly took his tongue circling around Sarahs pussy lightly before she began quivering and finally had enough of the teasing shoving her pussy and ass even deeper into Tamakis face in response.

Getting the reaction that he wanted, Tamaki decided to step up a notch as he wrapped his arms around Sarahs waist making sure she couldn get away before he began licking her pussy quickly like it was the last thing he was ever going to taste.

"Mmmm~ Fucking yesss Tamakii~" Sarah responded as her head shot up moaning due to the pleasure that exploded in her pussy. Tamaki continued like this licking and even fingering her pussy quickly until Sarahs body finally shook hard squirting all over Tamakis mouth which he quickly licked and swallowed with his tongue.

The pleasure that Sarah experienced was nothing like what she had ever imagined making her breathe hard and a bit light-headed but Tamaki wouldn let her off that easily, "Its my turn now my love~" Tamaki said before he suddenly flipped Sarah over onto the bed placing Tamaki on top as he switched her around to face him once more.

"Lets end this with a good feeling~ I want every single bit of me to fill your insides~" Tamaki whispered in Sarahs ears making her make a stupid grin in response as this was something she had dreamed of for years.

"Yes~ Please give it to me my love~ Give me your cock and lets feel good together~" Sarah said with a happy smile as Tamaki spread her legs and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"Lets begin~" Tamaki said before he pushed his cock through the entrance of Sarahs pussy for the first time. Tamaki thought it was quite tight at first and this was true since Sarah had been saving herself for him since they had first met.

Luckily Tamaki was the same and had only looked online at the best ways he could please Sarah once he got his hands on her, "Ahhh~ It hurts~" Sarah groaned in slight pain making Tamaki slow down in slight thrusts until Sarah slowly opened letting Tamaki go faster inside her.

"Oh goddd you feel so good Sarah~ Pleasee let me love you~" Tamaki groaned making Sarah clench his cock in response. Tamaki couldn handle this pleasure putting him in a delirious state as he laid his face on Sarahs large chest before he saw an opportunity landing his lips on Sarahs nipple.

"Mmm yess keep going there~" Sarah groaned in response as Tamaki began licking and sucking Sarahs nipples as he **ed her pussy quickly making both their wet juices fly all over the bed in a love-filled mess.

"I-i think Im going to cum!" Sarah shouted suddenly making her body shake as she tried to hold on but Tamaki was no different.

"M-me too, lets cum together!" Tamaki shouted and Sarah nodded in agreement as they connected their lips once more while Tamakin **ed Sarah quicker and quicker slapping against her pussy and body with wet sounds making the entire bed shake in response to their love.



They both shouted in unison as they both came at the same time lovingly into each others arms.

After this Tamaki and Sarah could finally show each other their true love with no holding back. It leas to them spending every waking moment together living as happily as they could and this would continue forever and always.

The end~

(This was a 30 minute smut story challenge that I did with QueenFrieza. Make sure to go and check their books out as well.)

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