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Chapter 974: Immortal Beheading Reunion

The others present were surprised by the Sun clan’s wit.

They had actually found an area of weakness so quickly.

This jade token 333 was in trouble now.

There was soon going to have ironclad proof against him.

Once he was chased out of the Hub of Freedom, there was no way the Sun clan would let him go.

However, most of them were just there to watch the drama.

They felt that jade token 333 had it coming for what he had said and done.

“This kind of thing…” The Hub of Freedom’s short and stout elder was also hesitant.

He really didn’t want to get involved in this kind of thing.

After all, Zu An was also a jade token guest.

If something serious really did end up happening, it would affect the Hub of Freedom’s prestige.

But no one could have expected that just then, Zu An would say, “You can check if you want, but what if you don’t find anything Shouldn’t the two of you give me a proper apology if you don’t find anything”

The short and stout elder had a strange expression.

He knew that the teacup had come from jade token 333’s room, so he really couldn't understand why he would say that.

Just where did he get his confidence from

Yang Long and Sun Ji were naturally even more full of confidence.

“Hah, how could we possibly not find anything!”

Zu An said indifferently, “There has never been anything absolute in this world.

If you two aren’t willing to apologize if you can’t find anything, I’ll refuse your search.

Otherwise, this won’t be fair.”

The short and stout elder had a smile on his face.

That person was quite smart; so that had been his plan all along.

Sun Ji was also quite surprised.

He pulled Yang Long’s sleeve and asked, “Why is he so calm Does he actually have some kind of hidden plan” Even though he was arrogant, he wasn’t stupid.

He immediately realized that something was off.

Yang Long shook his head and said, “I am certain that the teacup came from his room.”

“Alright.” Sun Ji was confident in Elder Long’s seven ranks of cultivation.

He said to Zu An with a malicious smile, “If we can’t find anything, we’ll apologize.

If we find something, you’ll have to get lost from the Hub of Freedom!”

He obviously wouldn’t say anything more than that in front of everyone else.

However, once Zu An was kicked out, he would immediately send people to chase the other man down.

He was going to make Zu An understand what it meant to wish he were dead instead.

“I must ask everyone present to serve as witnesses.” Zu An cupped his hands toward everyone present.

Then, he asked the short and stout elder, “What should I call this sir over here”

The short and stout elder was a bit unhappy, as the youngster hadn’t even called him senior. Whether it’s age or cultivation, shouldn’t you be showing me more respect But out of respect for his jade token status, he didn’t show it on the outside.

“Those from the Hub of Freedom all call me Chubby Senior.”

Zu An gave his spherical build a look and thought to himself, As expected, there are only wrong given names, no wrong nicknames. “Then I’ll have Chubby Senior examine my room to see if any cups are missing.”

Chubby Senior was a bit confused. Where does this youngster get his confidence from Don’t tell me he plans to bribe me when I go inside the room Heh, you’re looking down on me too much.

“Fine.” He agreed indifferently.

Then, with a tap of his toes, he rushed into the private room.

He had already planned to deal with the matter impartially.

It was this kid’s fault for being so rash.

But his expression immediately stiffened, because there wasn’t a single teacup missing.

He was worried that he had been mistaken, and checked them one by one.

They were indeed all the Hub of Freedom’s teacups, as they couldn't be imitated.

“Huh” Don’t tell me I saw things incorrectly just now But I’m a ninth ranked cultivator; how could I possibly have seen incorrectly

Zu An suddenly asked, “Chubby Senior, have you finished checking the cups yet”

The other party obviously had no idea that Zu An had used the ‘Keyboard, Come’ skill to create a cup out of nothing.

After all, even something as complex as the Embroidered Envoy’s uniform had been reproduced.

Not even the half-grandmaster rank Zhuxie Chixin could find anything wrong with that, let alone a trifling ninth ranked cultivator.

He already had a bit of experience with the skill after using it a few times.

When creating something out of thin air, there was no need to make it exist forever.

As long as it existed long enough to complete the inspection, the rebound later would be much lower.

Furthermore, he had been training his soul bit by bit through the incantation Mi Li had passed onto him.

That was why Keyboard Come was now a skill that he could use freely within certain limits.

“I have.” Chubby Senior declared the result hesitantly.

Then, a huge uproar broke out.

“How can that be!” Sun Ji was the first to shout, “Chubby Senior, are you deliberately helping him”

Chubby Senior glowered.

“Are you questioning my impartiality”

Sun Ji was about to say something else, but Yang Long stopped him.

A ninth ranked expert wasn’t someone they could offend at the moment.

The Sun clan’s men wouldn’t be able to arrive in time if some kind of conflict really broke out on the spot.

He quickly explained, “It isn’t that I don’t trust in senior’s fairness, but rather that the other party is way too cunning.

He might have used some kind of trick to fool all of us.

It’s entirely possible that someone upright like senior didn’t see through his trick.

As such, may I suggest that I take a look myself”

Chubby Senior felt much better when he heard all the praise in Sun Ji’s words.

At the same time, he didn’t want to offend the Sun clan’s people too much either.

As such, he nodded and agreed.

Yang Long was happy to hear that.

He quickly brought Sun Ji with him to Zu An’s room.

He gave Zu An an unkind glare, then barged in to check the inside of the room.

Unfortunately, the two of them couldn't find any issues with those teacups even after spending a long time inside.

Zu An remarked, with a smile, “What’s wrong Did the two of you personally come to apologize”

“Apologize your mother!” Sun Ji cursed.

For some reason, the sarcasm in the other party’s voice made him feel as if he were being treated like an ant.

But he screamed miserably as soon as these words came out of his mouth.

He had already been sent flying by a kick.

Yang Long was horrified when he saw that.

He quickly went over to check what was happening.

He saw that Sun Ji’s face was purple and blood was leaking from his mouth.

His injuries were already quite serious.

He couldn't help but erupt with fury.

“Scoundrel, you dare!”

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 555 555 555…

You have successfully trolled Yang Long for 598 598 598…

But out of reservations toward Chubby Senior’s strength, he looked at the other party and exclaimed, “I hope Chubby Senior can uphold justice!”

Chubby Senior felt a huge headache.

He could only look at Zu An and say, “Sir has used violence while I’m here.

Aren’t you treating our Hub of Freedom too disrespectfully”

Zu An replied indifferently, “This dynasty is founded on filial piety.

My parents were shamed, and so revenge could be taken even under national law.

If I didn’t do anything, I would instead be disloyal to those who raised me.

Could it be that the Hub of Freedom’s rules are above the national law”

Chubby Senior took in a breath of cold air.

Where did this fellow come from He even dared to say something like that

The Hub of Freedom was clearly engaging in underground trade, and yet he was bringing out national law! It really was laughable.

And yet, the worst part was, he didn’t dare to retort publicly, or else the consequences would be unimaginable.

As such, he decided to just watch for the time being.

These two could settle their own matters themselves.

However, Zu An didn’t let the matter go and pressed on.

“Chubby Senior, according to our agreement earlier, it’s their turn to apologize to me.”

Sun Ji finally snapped out of his daze.

When he heard that, he almost fainted out of anger. I was freaking hit and I still have to apologize to him!

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 888 888 888…

He subconsciously wanted to curse again, but when he recalled what had just happened, he immediately swallowed those words back down.

Zu An gave Chubby Senior another look and said, “Chubby Senior, you were a witness to our earlier agreement.”

Chubby Senior felt that the matter was a huge pain.

He could only look at Sun Ji and Elder Long with an overcast expression and say, “If you are willing to bet, you must accept a loss.

It is indeed time for the two of you to apologize!”

“What!” Sun Ji immediately jumped out.

“Do you not know who my father is I…”

He was stopped by Yang Long before he could say anything else.

Yang Long said, “I will apologize in the young master’s place.” He was scared that the young master might say something to offend this ninth ranked expert.

They would really be done for then.

Zu An remarked indifferently, “Why are you in such a rush You can come one at a time.

We already agreed before that both of you need to apologize.”

Sun Ji really was about to go mad from anger.

Yang Long held him back again and said through ki transmission, “Young master, do not act rashly! A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against you! We can get our revenge on him properly once we leave the Hub of Freedom.”

Chubby Senior began to release his ninth ranked aura.

Having his prestige challenged again and again was clearly already testing the limits of his patience.

Sun Ji gave Zu An a resentful look.

He was even starting to feel hatred for Chubby Senior.

However, he listened to Yang Long’s advice and cupped his hands carefully toward Zu An.

His voice was as soft as a mosquito as he said, “Sorry.”

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 912 912 912…

Zu An picked at his ear and said, “What did you say I couldn't hear you.”

“Are you messing with me right now!” Sun Ji’s eyes were about to pop out from anger.

“You were the one talking so quietly; how am I supposed to hear what you were saying” Zu An replied, indifferently.

Yang Long secretly tugged at Sun Ji’s sleeves.

Sun Ji took a deep breath and said expressionlessly, “Sorry!” But he was about to explode inwardly.

 When had he ever suffered such humiliation before He was going to repay this a hundredfold later!

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 999 999 999…

Yang Long also submitted to humiliation and apologized.

He felt so wronged that he was about to explode himself.

He was a glorious seventh ranked cultivator, and yet he had to apologize to a young junior.

He had already decided that he was going to properly teach this youngster a lesson.

Zu An then smiled and remarked, “How obedient! You two should try to be more low-profile when you go out in the future, or else you might end up offending people you shouldn’t have offended.”

Those words made Chubby Senior raise his eyebrows, and the onlookers had strange expressions on their faces.

They felt those words would make more sense if they were spoken to Zu An instead!

Sun Ji and Yang Long didn’t stay and make fools of themselves any longer.

They returned to their own private rooms with a sweep of their sleeves.

Seeing that the matter was already settled, Chubby Senior sighed in relief.

Then, he said clearly, “There was a small disturbance just now, but fortunately, it is over.

We will continue with the auctioning of the next item: An Immortal Beheading Knife!”


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