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Chapter 914: Screwed

Zu An didnt panic in the slightest.

He looked at King Qi with a smile on his face even as a group of vicious guards stormed in to arrest him.

King Qi frowned.

In the end, he gestured for his guards to withdraw, remarking, “You dont seem to be scared at all.”

Zu An chuckled and replied, “What is there to be scared of Im investigating this case on imperial orders.

If the king has me executed, youll be publicly going against the emperor.

If that happens, even the officials who support your respected self will have no choice but to cut ties with you.”

King Qi harrumphed, saying, “I have more than enough ways to kill you if I want to.

If I told my brother emperor what you just said, if I said that you were trying to incite disharmony between us brothers, he would kill you.”

Zu An sighed as he said, “Ill definitely refute it if we arent in this room.

Ill tell his majesty that it was because I found out the truth about the concubine case that you framed me; who do you think his majesty will believe Are your brotherly feelings reliable”

King Qi was stunned, but then he roared with laughter.

“Hahaha! You are shameless enough after all! Im actually in awe.”

Zu An also sighed in relief.

Even though he had been confident that King Qi wouldnt become hostile, who knew if King Qi might do something crazy out of a moment of rashness.

He said, “The king is someone intelligent as well, so I wont beat around the bush.

I dont want to follow in Sang Hongs footsteps, so thats why I came to form an alliance with your respected self.

Well each take what we need, and well both benefit.”

“If you really want to form an alliance, why are you still going back to report on the case to his majesty” King Qi sneered.

Zu An sighed and said, “Im sure your respected self knows just how paranoid his majesty is.

He has also already issued the ultimatum that if I dont figure out the truth, Ill be banished.

I really have no choice.

But by letting your respected self know, with your knowledge and resources, I believe youll naturally have a way of dealing with it.”

“You are a smart person after all.

No wonder you were able to live for so long.” King Qi sighed in amazement and said, “Fine, I approve of this alliance!”

Zu An smiled and said, “I hope well work well together!”

“Likewise!” King Qis eyes flickered with light, not revealing his true thoughts.

After Zu An left, Madam Qi walked out of a secret room behind a bookshelf and asked, “My king, why did you trust him so easily”

King Qis smile was already nowhere to be seen.

He replied, “Trust How can it be that easy”

“Did his majesty send him here to approach us on purpose” Madam Qi frowned and asked, “Should we send someone to leak the information to his majesty to see his reaction”

“No.” King Qi shook his head.

“If he really is a double-crosser, then Ill instead lose a useful chess piece by letting the emperor know.”

“But what if he harbors ulterior motives” Madam Qi asked, concerned.

King Qi said with a smile, “Hell have to convince me with more than just words.

Ill eventually make him clearly express his intent.

Once theres a beginning, hell slowly fall into the trap bit by bit, until he cant screw… Ahem, cant get off that boat anymore.”

Madam Qi sighed in relief, but replied, “But I dont like him! Just the thought that he might become one of your important ministers in the future gives me an uncomfortable feeling.

Zhiers legs still havent healed fully after being smashed by him!”

King Qi coldly said, “Dont worry, Im merely using him.

Once he loses his value, Ill make him understand the price of his arrogance toward Zhier.”

Madam Qi finally smiled and said, “My king is wise and farsighted after all.”

Zu An continued all the way to the imperial palace.

His mood was especially good.

He had finished the case, and spent a great night with Zheng Dan.

He had even officially formed an alliance with King Qi in the morning.

Everything was looking good!

As for whether or not King Qi would really tell the emperor, he wasnt worried at all.

On the contrary, he had a mission to hand King Qi the fake manual.

What could the emperor say if he said that he was only getting close to King Qi to give him the manual

Zu An didnt choose to completely trust King Qi either.

They were only using each other.

The fake manual the emperor had given him was the greatest gift he was going to prepare.

The emperor had already begun the court session by the time he arrived at the palace.

Zu An wouldnt be so stupid as to wait outside the study, so he went straight to the Eastern Palace.

He paid the crown prince a visit first.

The crown prince wanted to have some fun with Zu An, and only with great difficulty did Zu An appease him before visiting the crown princess.

“So it was Sir Zu! Its been so long, and yet this is the first time youre visiting our Eastern Palace in some time.

It looks like youve become incredibly busy after you were promoted to the viscount rank.” Bi Linglong sat upright in front of her desk, kneading her sleeves with one hand and writing something on the desk with her other hand.

She appeared to be drawing something, and she was so focused that she didnt even raise her head.

The maid Rong Mo gave her a look of shock.

After all, the crown princess always conducted herself properly, and she spoke to her subordinates with power and grace.

She had never publicly acted like this in front of another! Hmph, it must be that this Zu An was too annoying after all.

Sensing the strong resentment in her voice, Zu An thought to himself, Is she blaming me for not being around here these past few days But he couldnt really voice those thoughts out loud with so many people watching.

He could only explain, “His majesty ordered me to investigate the drowning of King Qis concubine…”

Bi Linglong cut him off and said, “Oh, I almost forgot.

In the emperors eyes, Sir Zu is now a rising star.”

Rong Mo also stared at Zu An with wide eyes.

This man is actually using his majesty against the crown princess You really are despicable!

Zu An was speechless.

Come on, they may not know anything, but what are you doing How could I possibly be in cahoots with the emperor

He coughed and said, “Ahem, I wasnt around because I wanted to be able to help the crown princess again as quickly as possible.

I devoted myself to work and didnt dare to delay it, and in the end, I actually found out some information.”

Bi Linglong finally raised her head.

Her beautiful eyes carried a hint of curiosity as she asked, “You actually found out something”

Zu An was about to say something, but then he hesitated.

He looked around and said, “This has to do with King Qi, and this matter is confidential…” His intentions were clear; no one else could listen in on this.

Bi Linglong waved her hand and said, “Momo, you can all leave for now.” She really couldnt talk with Zu An too much in private normally, but she had a sufficient reason now.

It didnt matter even if the emperor learned of this.

Rong Mo left while pouting.

The crown princess really has changed.

Even I, her personal maid, cant listen to this, and she seems to be a bit closer to Zu An now…

She was suddenly horrified.

This bootlicking bastard was actually fighting me for the crown princess attention this entire time She didnt suspect anything else.

After all, just the thought of the crown princess developing romantic feelings for anyone was just too absurd.

Only when the door closed did Bi Linglong ask, “What exactly hap… Ah…” Then, she let out a loud and clear noise.

Her face was completely red, and she had to forcefully suppress her cry of alarm.

She turned around and glared at Zu An angrily, exclaiming “What are you doing!”

Zu An pulled back his hand.

“Its your fault for making it so hard on me.

You knew there was no way the emperor and I…” They were still in the imperial palace after all, so there were many things he didnt have to say too explicitly.

Bi Linglong frowned.

“I already said things would go back to normal once we return to the dungeon.

You cant disrespect me like…” She was pulled into Zu Ans arms before she even finished speaking.

Then, her red lips were plugged up.

“Mmm… Mmm…”

Bi Linglong hadnt thought he would be so daring! She subconsciously pushed him away, but his hands were like clamps.

She couldnt get away even after pushing several times.

In the end, she could only give up.

Hes too forceful!

Someone like her who had been born in and molded by all types of etiquette now had a completely new kind of experience.

Different memories from the dungeon appeared in her mind.

She felt overcome with bliss.

She slowly closed her eyes, and gently received him.

Suddenly, she sniffed.

Her eyes opened wide, and she pushed him away.

Her expression became completely cold as she exclaimed, “Sir Zu, you came to make fun of me right after you came out of someone elses bed Who do you treat me as!”

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 444 444 444…

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