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Chapter 902, (2): Alliance

Sang Hong didnt want to call himSir Zu again, but he didnt know if he would offend Zu An by calling him a worthy junior.

That was why he decided to just call himAh Zu to pull their relationship closer together..

Zu An said with a smile, “I dont understand what Sir Sang is saying.

Why would his majesty criticize King Qi”

Sang Hong chuckled.

“I know that you have your misgivings, but youve shown tremendous favor to our clan.

Our Sang clan only has gratitude toward you, and weve always been wondering how to repay you.

Were now in the capital where the various powers are twisted and intertwined.

People like us without much of a background should be sticking together and looking out for each other.”

Even though he didnt know what exactly had happened in the dungeon, it wasnt hard to guess that King Qi had definitely done something inside.

Furthermore, the ones who had come out in the end were Zu An, the crown prince, and the crown princess.

That meant King Qis plans had failed.

Zu An didnt keep up the act when he saw that Sang Hong was already going so far.

“Uncle Sang, please dont take offense.

The capital is extremely dangerous right now, so I have to be careful with every step I make.”

Zheng Dan couldnt help but roll her eyes when she heard Zu An even call Sang HongUncle Sang.

These two had been at each others throats just a few months ago, and yet they were now like family This world really was strange.

Sang Hong said, “We dont have any grudges between us that cant be resolved.

On the contrary, there are many areas in which we can work together and combine our strengths.”

He had always followed the emperor as a loyal subject with absolute devotion.

Yet in the end, he had lost his only son due to an unforeseen event.

In the end, it was because the emperor hadnt hesitated to abandon him.

He knew that there was no meaning left in remaining a loyal subject, so that was why he changed his mind.

But he had already offended way too many clans from all the dirty work he had helped the emperor with.

There was already practically no place left in the capital for him.

However, Zu An was different.

He was a rising star, and he had the Chu clan behind him as well.

Furthermore, even his relationship with the Royal Academy didnt seem to be bad.

More importantly, the two of them had already shared joys and sorrows on their way to the capital.

To a certain degree, they already carried a somewhat sturdy friendship.

That was why Zu An was the one most worthy of his investment right now.

Zheng Dan was quite shocked.

The other party was already being sincere, and he was playing along even though he had seen her right here.

That meant he had already tacitly approved of her relationship with Zu An! She was happy, and yet also apologetic inside.

She subconsciously looked toward Zu An, her eyes filled with pleading.

She hoped that Zu An and the Sang clan could retain a good relationship.

Zu An thought for a bit, then smiled.

“Ive benefited greatly from uncles advice about the capitals powers on the way to the capital.

Ill definitely need uncles help more and more in the future.”

The previously tense Sang Hong sighed in relief.

Zu An had already tacitly accepted their alliance.

That meant things would become much easier now.

Zu An didnt hold back anymore and said, “The question uncle raised just now leaves me puzzled as well.

Both sides have already fought for so long, and he had a justifiable reason to eliminate King Qi this time.

Why would his majesty instead give up such a great opportunity”

He actually already had his own answer to that question.

He wondered if it was because the emperor had lost a portion of his soul, causing his strength to decline greatly and preventing him from winning against King Qi.

But he couldnt tell Sang Hong that and discuss it together with him.

As for the threat of Zhuxie Chixin, Zu An didnt really care about him at all anymore.

Sang Hong said, “Its to be expected.

Do you know that the capitals situation has always been extremely tense The armies are all being transferred in private, and the entire capital is like a bucket of gunpowder.

With just a single spark, the entire thing will detonate.

“King Qi has already had many years to plan.

His power and influence are great, and almost half of the entire courts civil and military officials are on his side.

If his majesty decides to break off all relations now, everyone related to King Qi will have no choice but to brace themselves and risk it all.

Thats a situation his majesty absolutely doesnt wish to see.”

Zu An hadnt expected that the two sides were already on the brink of war!

“But is he really going to just let it go like this” he asked.

“With his majestys nature, I dont believe hes willing to suffer such a loss.”

Sang Hong smiled, but didnt reply.

Instead, he looked at his daughter with a tense expression and asked, “Qiener, what do you think”

Sang Qien was caught off guard, but she still replied, “His majesty obviously wouldnt let things be.

If hes acting according to our predictions, hes trying to avoid large-scale conflict, but hell definitely try to break down the core forces of King Qis faction first.

Then, hell settle the score when theres an opportune moment.”

She gave Zheng Dan a look, then said, “Furthermore, the part of King Qis faction that will bear the brunt of this will be precisely the Qin clan.

The Qin clans forces are deeply rooted in the military.

The reason why his majesty isnt willing to make a big fuss is also because of the Qin clan.”

Zheng Dan was confused.

Why are you looking at me when youre talking about the Qin clan Dont tell me you really think Im Chu Chuyan

Zu An quickly asked, “Then how do you think his majesty will act against the Qin clan”

The Qin clan was Qin Wanrus original family after all, and they treated Chu Chuyan and Chu Youzhao well.

They would definitely feel bad if something really happened to the clan.

Sang Qien shook her head.

“We dont have enough information right now.

However, what I can be sure of is that his majestys first target will definitely be the Qin clan.

Moreover, it wont be long before he makes his move.”

“Keep going.” Zu An sat up straight as well.

Sang Qiens analysis was extremely important.

He didnt want to miss anything.

“Next will be the Yu clan.

If the Qin clan represents military authority, the wealthy Yu clan represents King Qi Manors financial power,” Sang Qien continued.

“Of course, it might be the Pei clan.

After all, the Pei clan has substantial influence in the courts governmental affairs.”

Yu Yanluo and Pei Mianman appeared in Zu Ans head.

He felt a bit of a headache.

Why did all of these people he was close to have to be in King Qis faction He shared a huge grudge with that clans father and son!

As Sang Qien spoke more about her analysis, Zu An felt that he was benefiting greatly from what she said.

He sighed in admiration and said, “Little sister Qiener really deserves your reputation.

You really are a female Zhuge.”[1]

“Who is Zhuge” Sang Qien was confused.

She had already corrected him a few times, and yet Zu AN still called herlittle sister Qiener.

She didnt even feel like commenting on it anymore.

“Um…” Zu An thought for a bit before explaining, “A wickedly intelligent person.”

Sang Qiens face turned red.

She became a bit bashful as she mumbled, “Im not that great…”

“Little sister Qiener is being too humble.” Zu An suddenly found that teasing this girl was pretty fun.

She was incredibly mature when it came to political affairs, and yet she was as shy as a young lady on normal topics.

Sang Hong coughed and cut short Zu Ans teasing.

“Ah Zu, my status is special, so his majesty might start suspecting me if I chat with you for too long.

Thats why, if you have anything you need to talk about, please seek out Qiener.

There are many areas in which she isnt inferior to me.”

“Sure,” Zu An said with a smile.

Chatting with a young lady was obviously more interesting than talking to an old man.

But he suddenly felt a small hand pinch his waist.

Zheng Dan said in his ear through ki transmission, “Tsk tsk, that old man is trying to give you two a chance to get together in private.” She was slowly starting to see Sang Hongs plans.

She felt a bit unhappy.

She had clearly come here first!

After some hesitation, Sang Hong said, “Right, the Zheng clan started some businesses in the capital, and Zheng Dan has always been busying herself there.

Its not easy for her all on her own.

Ah Zu, if youre willing, please look after her too.”

Sang Qien looked at her father in shock.

Even though shed had her suspicions, she hadnt expected her father to actually say that out loud!

Even though nothing had been said openly, everyone present was intelligent.

They knew what those words implied.

Zheng Dan lowered her head.

She was so embarrassed she wanted to run away and hide forever.

And yet, she was happy inside too.

The mountain weighing down on her mind could now finally be shifted aside.

Zu An had a strange look on his face.

He said, “Um… Ill do what I can to take care of her.”

Sang Hong nodded, then got up, saying, “Alright, I wont disturb your reunion with your spouse any longer.”

“Why dont you stay for a bit longer You can leave after a meal.” Zu An pretended to try to keep them, but how could the father and daughter not know his intentions They obviously wouldnt stay.

When the two left, Sang Qien secretly asked her father, “Dad, why does Chu First Miss seem a bit strange today”

Sang Hong nodded.

“She was indeed acting a bit strange, as if she was scared of us.”

“Hm Did you say Chu First Miss” asked a curious voice from the side.

The two gave each other a look, and saw that a pretty young man was looking at them.

Next to him was a tan-skinned young beauty.

“So it was the Chu clans young master! We just visited Sir Zu earlier, and we met your sister inside,” Sang Qien replied with a smile.

There was no need to hide it.

Because of their relationship with Zu An, their friendly relations naturally extended toward the Chu clan.

“My big sis came to the capital” Chu Youzhaos eyes lit up.

She couldnt be bothered to chat with the two of them anymore and rushed into the house.

Zu An held onto Zheng Dans hand while saying, “Daner, your father-in-law already gave you to me in public.

You dont have to worry about anything else anymore.”

Zheng Dan harrumphed.

“What are you saying He only asked you to look after me.

Stop thinking about such random things.” Despite those words, her heart was pounding.

“Right, somethings really strange.

Why didnt they get upset at all when they saw me It was almost as if… I really was Chu First Miss.” Zheng Dan was confused.

This matter was just way too strange.

Zu An was about to reply when an energetic voice suddenly came from the distance.

“Big sis Big sis”


Zhuge Liang was a Chinese statesman and military strategist.

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