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Chapter 901: Pin Ru’s Wardrobe

Zu An was completely stupefied when he saw the skill’s name.

He quickly continued to read the description.

Skill: Pin Ru’s Wardrobe

Skill description: Legend has it that there was a playboy who had a thing with his wife’s close female friend.

Once, during a meeting, that close friend put on his wife’s clothes when she came out of the shower, then said, ‘Since I’m trying to seduce you, I might as well go all the way.’ Then, the playboy replied with the classic phrase, ‘You really are a seductress.’ Because his wife’s name was Pin Ru, her wardrobe was called ‘Pin Ru’s Wardrobe’.

Effects: When this skill is used, a wardrobe will be summoned.

Female clothes can be stored inside ahead of time, and within the range of the wardrobe, others will mistake the one who wears the clothes for the original owner. 

Note: This will only affect the third party.

In the eyes of yourself and the wearer, she will still retain her original appearance.

The effects will disappear once the target is more than ten meters from the wardrobe.

Zu An was stunned for a while after he read through the introduction.

Why were all of the skills he got so **ty

If you told me that the clothes could turn a girl into someone else once they put on these clothes, then I could at least play around with some cosplay, but her appearance won’t change at all in my eyes It’ll only affect the third party

Damn it! What’s the use of having this stupid skill then

Zu An used the skill, and a normal wardrobe appeared in front of him.

He opened it and saw that it was completely empty.

He checked out its size, and concluded it would be too hard to fit a person inside.

He shook his head.

This skill was really weird.

He really couldn't think of any situations where he would need to use it.

He put it away at first, but for some reason, he suddenly decided to open up another wardrobe and store a set of Chu Chuyan’s clothes inside.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

Zu An jumped in fright and quickly closed the wardrobe, asking, “Who is it”

“Master, there’s a woman outside who wants to meet with you…” a maid said from outside.

“Who is she” Zu An asked out of curiosity.

These Chu clan workers should have been able to recognize who it was, if it were someone like Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe.

“I don’t know.

Her entire body is cloaked, and she says that she’s your good friend, and you’ll know once you meet her,” the maid replied.

“Invite her in then.” Zu An was curious as well.

This person had come out in broad daylight anyway, so he didn’t have to be scared of some bad person.

A woman entirely wrapped in a white cloak walked in.

Her hair was also covered with light gauze, hiding her whole body from view.

Zu An could only see an excellent figure.

He was stunned when he first saw her, but then, a warm smile appeared on his face.

He waved his hands toward the maid and said, “You can withdraw for now.”

“Oh…” The maid had originally been vigilant and wanted to chase the woman out for Chu First Miss’ sake.

But Zu An was the master now.

Since the master had spoken, she could only leave reluctantly.

When the maid left, Zu An closed the door behind her.

The woman giggled and asked, “Sir Zu, what are you trying to do Won’t there be rumors if a man and a woman stay in the same room together”

Zu An turned around and looked at her, replying, “You’re wrapped up so tightly anyway.

No one even knows who you are.”

“Then do you know” The woman had deliberately changed her voice to hide her identity.

Zu An took her into his arms, replying “How could I not know, my Dan’er”

The woman removed the cover around her head, revealing her tender and beautiful face.

Who else could it be but Zheng Dan Her eyes were full of joy as she exclaimed, “I already covered myself up so carefully! How did you know who I was”

Zu An reached out and touched Zheng Dan’s face.

Her skin was still so smooth and fair.

“Do we need something like that We’ve already known each other for so long.

I knew it was you from a single glance.”

In reality, it was mainly because of her smell.

The smells of the beauties around him were all different.

After being around Zheng Dan for so long, how could he forget about her smell Furthermore, he had just received news that Sang Hong had just returned.

It wasn’t hard to make the connection.

Of course, only a stiff guy would say something like that at such a time.

As the lord of the sea, how could he forget to add in some sweet words

“It’s been so long, and yet you’re getting better and better at making girls happy.

Tell me honestly, how many new girls have you gotten in this period” Zheng Dan harrumphed.

Her tone was extremely crafty, yet lovable.

“Why would an upright gentleman do something like that Furthermore, I was in over my head in danger; I didn’t have any time to be with anyone else,” Zu An said without batting an eyelid.

“I guess I’ll believe you.” Zheng Dan didn’t suspect him.

After all, everyone had known where he was all this time.

There was no way he had a thing with the crown princess, right

Zu An looked at the beauty in front of him.

She wore a white dress, making her look even more lovely and endearing.

He couldn't help but gently caress her face when he saw the signs of hardships between her brows, saying, “Dan’er, you’ve become thinner since we last met.”

Zheng Dan looked at him with large, misty eyes.

“I ended up thinner from thinking about you.”

Zu An smiled.

This was the Zheng Dan he missed! She looked like a proper wealthy clan’s daughter on the outside, but she was passionate and witty in private.

He couldn't hold himself back anymore and kissed her.

Zheng Dan cried out and fell into his embrace as if she were about to melt.

Couples would become like newlyweds after a long time apart.

It had already been several months since they last met.

When they kissed, it was as if thunder had struck the earth.

Suddenly, there was another knock at the door.

“Master! Master!” called the maid again.

Zu An raised his head, saying unhappily, “Don’t bother me if it’s not anything important.”

“Sir Sang and Sang’s young miss have come to meet you...” the maid said, sounding aggrieved.

“Ah!” Zheng Dan began panicking.

She pushed Zu An away and sorted out her messy clothes.

“Hmph, I won’t see them,” Zu An replied.

He told Zheng Dan, “You don’t need to worry about anything.”

Zheng Dan’s face turned red.

But in the end, she still couldn't continue doing what they had just been doing.

She replied, “I told them that I was going to check on some of the Zheng clan’s businesses.

If they find me here, all of us will look bad.”

Zu An was shocked.

“The Zheng clan’s businesses have reached the capital”

Zheng Dan rolled her eyes.

Was that really what was important right now

The maid ran over and spoke again.

“Master, Sir Sang said that there’s something important they want to talk to you about.

They’ll leave after just a brief meeting.”

Zu An felt a headache when he heard how persistent they were.

Zheng Dan said with a blush, “I’m leaving first.

I’ll find you again later.” She opened the window behind her and was about to jump out, but she jumped in fright when she saw that some maids were sweeping the ground in the rear courtyard.

Everyone would know that something was wrong if she left just like that!

Confused voices could be heard from outside.

“Sir Sang, you can’t barge in like this!”

“Sir Sang, Miss Sang!”

Judging from the noise, the Sang clan’s father and daughter duo were clearly approaching the room.

Zheng Dan turned pale and asked, “What do we do” 

Even though she had already made her decision to recover her freedom after Sang Qian was buried, she still hadn’t had the time to talk about it.

She was still the Sang clan’s daughter-in-law.

It would be really bad if they bumped into each other ahead of time.

Zu An felt a headache.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

He looked at the wardrobe and opened it.

He handed her the clothes inside, saying, “Change into these clothes.”

After having been in Brightmoon City for so long, Zheng Dan obviously knew that they were Chu Chuyan’s clothes.

She was ashamed and anxious, exclaiming, “Do you know what kind of situation we’re in And yet you’re still thinking about these things!”

She wouldn’t mind playing these games with Zu An if it were any other time, but there was a greater emergency right now!

Zu An said seriously, “Trust me.

We’ll make it through this situation if you put these clothes on.”


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