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Chapter 881: End of the Line

Golden light flickered around Zhao Ruizhi, instantly cutting through several tentacles around him.

Unfortunately, there were just too many of them.

Once those tentacles were cut, new ones quickly took their place seemingly endlessly.

Zhao Ruizhi was a bit frightened.

If he had been in his best condition, he wouldnt care about the attack at all, but he was falling behind right now.

He felt an increasing need to pull back and withdraw.

He raised his arm and fired bursts of golden light.

All of the surrounding tentacles were destroyed, and he quickly dashed backward.

Two extremely thick tentacles suddenly shot out at that moment, wrapping around his arms.

He struggled, but those thick tentacles werent as easily destroyed as the others.

That brief instant was already enough for countless red tentacles to surround him once more.

Then, a third thick tentacle rushed out from the massive octopus and flew at his head.

If that tentacle made contact, even the powerful emperor would immediately lose his life.

Zhao Ruizhi roared.

His arms closed together, bringing all of the tentacles with them.

In a moment of life and death, he managed to catch the incoming tentacle.

Veins popped on his forehead; he was already using all of his strength.

That massive tentacle couldnt make any progress, leaving both sides stuck in a stalemate.

The others present were shocked.

Bi Linglong couldnt help but turn around and start retching.

Even Mi Li frowned.

Women had a natural fear toward such sticky tentacle monsters.

Zu An was a bit better off, since he had already experienced his fair share of thatculture.

But he couldnt understand something.

Why had a proper official like Xu Fu changed into an octopus monster

He suddenly remembered Mi Li mentioning that Xu Fuhad spent a long time out at sea, searching for the first emperors elixir of immortality.

He had killed a giant fish along the way, and he had even brought back the Mermaid Races empress, right He had spent most of his time out at sea, so it wasnt all that strange for him to have some Ocean Race skills.

But now wasnt the time to think about such things.

He picked up Bi Linglong in one arm and Mi Li in the other, deciding to leave the place first.

Two monsters were duking it out right now.

If he didnt take the chance to run, was he going to wait until one of them won and came after him afterward

Mi Lis brows furrowed when she felt Zu Ans arm around her waist.

However, she knew that it was a rational decision and didnt act out.

On the contrary, she made her soul force a bit more tangible to make herself easier to carry.

Zu An used Grandgale to flee quickly.

The octopus monster seemed to have seen what was happening, but it was busy dealing with Zhao Ruizhi and didnt have the freedom to stop them.

Zu An was happy to see that, as he had already reached the entrance.

In a few more seconds, he would already be far away from this place.

At that point, he didnt care if it was Xu Fu or Zhao Ruizhi; none of them would be able to find him.

Suddenly, Mi Li groaned.

Zu An turned around and saw that her body was flickering.

Her expression was full of pain.

“What is it” Zu An asked, alarmed.

Mi Li frowned.

“The formation has me trapped here.

I cant get away.

You should take that girl with you and leave first.” Even though her cultivation was strong, right now she was still in soul form.

That was why there were some things that could restrict her.

This Five Elements Yin Yang Formation was clearly one such thing.

Zu An said gravely, “Youll die.”

Mi Li was currently being suppressed by the formation.

It was hard for her to even move.

If she stayed behind, the only thing that awaited her was death.

However, she said coldly, “After living for so long, I dont have much attachment to this world anyway.

There are so many old acquaintances here, and theres a familiar palace.

Even if I pass on here, its not too bad of a choice.”

Zu An exclaimed angrily, “Nonsense! Dont you still have me!”

Mi Li was stunned.

Her expression became complicated, but she still said, “Its meaningless for you to stay here.

Well only die together.

Just leave already; there are many people waiting for you outside.

Dont let them down.” She knew all about his relationships after sticking around him for so long.

Zu An didnt pay her any more attention.

Instead, he took out a bunch of medicine and some of the weapons and artifacts he had stored, giving them to Bi Linglong.

“Get out of here first and find a place to hide.

Wait for me; Ill find you later.”

He paused for a moment before saying, “If I dont come out, this dungeon will reopen one day.

You should just try to escape then.

Youll be safe once you reach the academys rear mountain.”

Bi Linglong pushed the items back, shaking her head.

“Im not going.”

Zu An was getting even more frustrated.

He insisted, “Dont cause any trouble and leave.”

“You were willing to sacrifice yourself for me, so how can I abandon you now Lets just die together if theres no other choice.” Bi Linglongs voice was quiet, but her tone was firm.

Zu An said gravely, “But the reason Im staying behind is because of another woman.”

Bi Linglong blinked.

“Shes your master.

If you were to just abandon her, youd be despicable scum! Thats nothing like the… the outstanding man I like.”

Zu An fell silent for a moment.

However, he quickly laughed, his voice carefree.


If we cant survive, then well just go down together! Its not so bad to die with the people you care about.”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 666 666 666…

The real husband is struggling over here, yet you adulterers are flirting over there! Zhao Ruizhis moment of distraction made him lose his grip on the massive tentacle, and it slowly closed in toward his forehead.

He shivered and quickly focused on the attack.

Unfortunately, those tentacles were extremely slippery, and he couldnt get a grip on them again.

Zu An and the others saw the scene as well.

Bi Linglong asked, “Which side should we help”

Even though the emperor really wasnt that likable, he was a human at least.

What the hell was this blood octopus But regardless of which side won and which side lost, their group would be dead after the fight was decided.

Bi Linglong couldnt think of a solution no matter how hard she tried and could instead only ask Zu An.

After some hesitation, Zu An picked up his sword and charged at the giant octopus.

Bi Linglong nodded inwardly.

That was the more viable plan.

Zhao Ruizhi was already seriously injured, after all.

Even if he won, he would barely inch it out.

Zu An had a good chance of winning at that point.

On the contrary, it was this Xu Fu monster who was more frightening.

Zu An had no confidence in winning against it at all.

If Xu Fu defeated Zhao Ruizhi, it would probably retain most of its strength.

That wasnt an opponent Zu An could beat, let alone the fact that Mi Li was trapped by his strange formation!

When he saw Zu An charge at the octopus, a look of gratitude appeared in Zhao Ruizhis eyes.

He even thought to himself that if this kid could help him kill the octopus monster, he might just write off all of their grudges.

He didnt feel any real love for Bi Linglong, only a masculine desire to possess.

Giving her to him wasnt that big of a deal.

But that thought was ruthlessly erased as soon as it emerged.

This kid wasnt someone who would ever bow down.

Once I get rid of this octopus monster, Ill immediately ambush him when he thinks were working together.

Otherwise, I might not be able to take him out easily with my condition.

Even though Zu Ans cultivation wasnt high, he had way too many unique skills.

Even the emperor was becoming a bit scared.

While he was thinking those thoughts, however, he saw that the octopus monster had reached out with some tentacles to attack Zu An.

He sneered.

This octopus was really looking down on Zu Ans strength.

How could those tentacles stop that kid

But Zu An didnt face the tentacles at all.

Instead, his figure flickered before reappearing a good distance away.

He struck the yin yang diagram on the ground with all of his strength.

Zhao Ruizhi was speechless.

You motherf*cker!

This guy had never planned to cooperate with him at all! He was waiting for him to wear down this octopus monster so he could collect all the spoils!

Zu An had produced a forty meter long blade of flames.

Unfortunately, after the impact, the yin yang diagram on the ground became completely calm after a wave of ripples.

Xu Fu roared with laughter.

“Its useless! Once such a great formation activates, how can it be destroyed by mere mortal power”

Meanwhile, the thick tentacle advanced ferociously again.

Zhao Ruizhi couldnt take it anymore.

He could only watch as the tentacle reached straight into his mouth.

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