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Chapter 864: Deathly Stillness

The mirror reflected a shining white scene.

Bi Linglongs fair collarbones, her smooth and round shoulders, and all the rest of her delicate and gentle features were on full display.

Even though the two of them had slept together butt-naked in the Hundred Flower Palace, Zu An had spent most of that period unconscious.

Once he had woken up, everything had happened too suddenly, so he hadnt had any time to appreciate this view.

Bi Linglong saw Zu An suddenly stare blankly at the mirror, two lines of blood coming out of his nose.

She quickly brought out a handkerchief to help him wipe the blood away, her voice nervous and worried.

“Whats wrong Were you wounded or poisoned” But that only made Zu Ans nose bleed even more profusely.

“Ah Zu, dont scare me like that!” Bi Linglongs face paled.

She quickly rushed over to see what was happening to him.

Suddenly, her eyes flickered to the mirror in his hands.

Her expression was blank at first, but then she screamed.

Her hands blocked of her chest, her charming face becoming entirely red.

She stared at him in embarrassment and irritation.

Zu An finally snapped out of his daze.

“I didnt expect this to happen, I really didnt… I didnt know that this thing would have such an effect!”

“Stop aiming that mirror at me!” Bi Linglong was already about to cry.

Her instinctive reservations as a young lady had made her mind go blank.

She had no idea what to do.

Zu An quickly put the mirror away.

“Sorry, I didnt react fast enough.” Bi Linglong bit her red lips lightly.

She stared rigidly at him, as if she were about to bite him.

Zu An mumbled quietly, “Its not like I havent seen you before…”

“What did you say” Bi Linglongs eyes widened.

“Nothing, haha.” Zu An handed over King Qins Mirror of Souls.

“Do you want to look at me too That way, wed be even”

Bi Linglong had been about to shower him with scolding, but she was stunned when she heard those words.

She couldnt help but laugh, but she then looked away.

“Who wants to look at you”

“Take it or leave it; if you miss this chance, this offer will never come back.” Zu An handed the mirror over again.

“I dont want it!” Bi Linglong was even starting to admire this guy.

How was he so shameless She wanted to flip out, and yet she found it really hard to get truly angry.

Just what the heck did this guy do to me!

With a cold snort, a voice snapped, “Are you two done flirting yet Get over here already.”

Both of them looked up and saw that Zhao Ruizhi was standing at the edge of the second sacred mountain, coldly looking at the two of them.

His penetrating gaze seemed as if he were looking at pigs he was trying to drive into cages.

Bi Linglong blushed.

She didnt really know what to do.

But Zu An stood in front of her calmly, helping her block some of the pressure.

“Were coming, were coming.

Why are you rushing us like this”

When she saw the wide shoulders of the man in front of her, Bi Linglong felt warm inside.

She alone had always been the one who controlled everything that happened in the Eastern Palace, shielding the foolish crown prince from everything on the outside.

Now, she finally knew just how great it was to have someone else who could take care of her.

The two of them walked across the bridge of light, one after the other.

Bi Linglong was a bit embarrassed because of what had just happened.

As such, she walked a few steps behind him on purpose.

Zu An called out to her several times, but she ignored him, so he could only give up.

Mi Li really couldnt keep watching and remarked, “How could she bring herself to talk to you after you just saw her buck naked”

“Its not like I havent seen it all before.

Why does she have to be so bashful” Zu An was a bit confused.

“Looks like you still dont really understand women.” Mi Li rolled her eyes.

She didnt feel like paying him any more attention.

“I wasnt even doing it on purpose.

How could I know that damn mirror was so lowly” Zu An exclaimed indignantly.

“Lowly Then whats with that smirk on your lips” Mi Li ruthlessly exposed him.

Zu Ans face heated up.

He immediately tried to shift the blame and said, “Its you guys damn mirrors fault for having that stupid function.

Wait, the Qin Emperor shone this mirror on you back then…”

Mi Li cut him off right away.

“Hmph, do you think everyone is like you That mirror was used to reflect ones inner organs, to see if they harbored any disloyalty.

It probably hasnt fully recovered its power yet and cant pass through the body, only through clothes.

Havent you heard before that what a treasure is like depends on its master This mirror was always an honorable treasure in the hands of successive Qin emperors, and yet it became so indecent when it fell into your hands.”

Zu An was speechless.

He had to admit, however, that he liked the function of seeing through clothes much better than seeing ones inner organs.

Hmph, I shouldnt let it upgrade even if theres a chance to in the future… Wait, what happens if I shine it on Mi Li

But he might just be beaten to death if he tried that, so he decisively cut short the tempting thought.

The two of them quickly crossed the bridge of light, arriving on the second floating continent.

Zhao Ruizhis skin bristled when he saw Bi Linglongs blush.

When had this woman ever shown him this side of her He took a deep breath, forcefully subduing his killing intent.

He had witnessed how Zu An had solved the mechanism earlier; this kid was still useful to him.

Hed make his decision after he obtained the method of immortality.

The group continued toward the other bridge of light.

The scenery was greatly different from the floating continent they had just been on.

The previous continent had been full of fruit scents, a world vibrant with greenery and life.

The second floating continent had many trees too, but the deeper they went, the bleaker their surroundings became.

The environment was one filled with rock and sand.

There was even a faint red tint on many of the rocks that resembled coagulated blood.

“Be careful, everyone.

There might be danger lurking.” He Li had felt a sense of danger when he witnessed Zu Ans performance.

He had to prove his own worth; only then would he not be so easily thrown away by the emperor.

All of the deathsworn soldiers shifted their hands to their weapons.

They looked all around them cautiously.

Perhaps because she sensed the sudden tension, Bi Linglong subconsciously leaned closer to Zu Ans side.

However, she couldnt get too close after what had just happened.

Zu An held her hand to comfort her.

She bit her red lips, but in the end, she didnt pull her hand back.

Zhao Ruizhis sensory range was expanded, so he naturally detected their small movements.

His expression darkened, but since he had already agreed to hand Bi Linglong over to Zu An, he couldnt really say anything.

He couldnt punish Zu An even if he lashed out, and it would instead destroy his image in front of everyone else.

He might as well feign ignorance now and eventually settle the debt with Zu An once he obtained immortality.

Suddenly, the scout ahead brought back an update.

“Somethings come up!” His voice was full of alarm, as if he had seen something terrifying.

The group looked in the direction of the voice.

They saw a massive black expanse of human figures, all of them with weapons in hand.

Most importantly, they even saw the outlines of some cavalry and war chariots.

This was an entire army!

Zhao Ruizhi harrumphed.

“What are you all panicking about Theyre nothing but some statues.”

Only then did the others see that those dark figures werent really people, but rather clay figures.

It was just that they had the same proportions as real people and held real weapons.

Zu An actually found the scene familiar.

Isnt this a Terracotta Army He had seen them before in Xian, and had even fought against them in a dungeon.

Now that he was looking at them like this again, he actually found them quite adorable.

“Dont panic, dont panic, everyone! I already checked and made sure they arent living beings.” He Li quickly tried to placate his men.

They continued onward.

Even though they knew that the statues were fake, because the terracotta soldiers were divided into two groups on either side of the road, it looked as if their eyes were following the groups movements.

But on closer inspection, it was merely an illusion created by the light and shadow reflecting off them.

The group still felt a bit scared, as the sculptures were so lifelike.

The statues truly were creepy.

The one who was most at ease apart from Zu An had to be Zhao Ruizhi.

His eyes were full of praise as he examined the statues.

He wondered if they were statues of elite troops, because they really were impressive to look at.

Zu An said to Mi Li, “I remembered that scene from when I first met you again.”

Mi Li harrumphed.

“I really shouldve just smacked you to death back then…” Her expression suddenly changed midway through her sentence.

“Somethings not right with these statues; be careful!”

Suddenly, a terracotta soldier that had been completely lifeless a moment before swung its blade down! It was incredibly fast, and together with the fact that the group had their guard down, it was incredibly hard to defend against.

Fortunately, Zu Ans cultivation was already exceptional, and with Mi Lis reminder, he quickly protected Bi Linglong and evaded the attack.

Even so, a corner was still cut off his clothes.

King Qi Manors deathsworn soldiers werent so fortunate.

Miserable screams rose and fell.

Almost half of them were already riddled with holes from swords and spears.

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