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Chapter 832, (2): Inevitable Death

Bi Linglong turned around and gave Zu An a deep look.

Her fingernails were about to dig into her skin.

If anything happens to you, Ill do my best to survive and get revenge for you! Ill make sure that there is not even a single living soul left in all of King Qi Manor! There was a resolute expression full of hatred in her eyes.

Even if Madam Qi was her relative…

Even so, at that moment, she was praying inwardly, Ah Zu, you have to survive!

Meanwhile, Zu An was being cursed at by Mi Li.

“What are you playing the hero for You can barely get away while Lu Xiao is still powerless.

Why would you stay behind and throw your life away”

Zu An sighed when he saw the different clans warriors fighting bravely; even that spoiled Liu Xian was charging courageously through King Qi Manors formation.

“Big sis empress, what do you think cultivation is”

“To become stronger, of course.” Mi Li didnt understand why he would suddenly ask such a question.

Zu An shook his head.

“No, in my opinion, cultivation is done so that you can pay back gratitude and vengeance, to defeat those you want to defeat and protect the people you want to protect.

These warriors will undoubtedly die, yet they still chose to stay here.

If I ran as soon as I faced danger, I would be even less than these warriors who are weaker than me.

What meaning would there be left in cultivation for me”

“But you really might die if you stay!” Mi Li understood what he was saying, but her voice became extremely grave.

Zu An said with a laugh, “Life will inevitably result in death, so you can either live until a death as heavy as Mt.

Tai, or one as light as a goose feather… Furthermore, Ive always been lucky, so I just might not die here.”

Mi Li was quite shocked when she sensed his strong fighting spirit and desire to survive.

She had thought that he was planning to throw his life away out of hot-headedness and never expected him to have thought things out so clearly.

Sigh… This guy wants to look cool and be a hero, yet he doesnt want to make any sacrifices.

A win-win situation like this doesnt exist!

Zu An was already fighting against the two guardians, He Li and Mu Ping.

These two were both ninth ranked cultivators, one at the peak of the ninth rank and one at the mid stage.

They didnt treat Zu An as a big deal at all.

They thought he was a nobody that they could easily crush, but Zu Ans movement technique was extremely strange, and he knew all sorts of skills and techniques.

The two of them were having quite a hard time, and only by working together could they barely hold on.

The two of them were horrified.

Just how old was this kid Why was his cultivation so formidable This should have been impossible, even if he had cultivated ever since he came out of his mothers womb!

Wei Pingyang had originally planned to chase after Bi Linglong and the others, but he discovered that his companions actually couldnt take down Zu An.

He stopped out of shock, ordering them, “You two, chase after the crown prince and the others.

Leave this one to me.”

He was worried that something might happen if he left these two with Zu An, so he decided to just face him himself.

The crown princes group was already seriously injured, so two ninth ranked experts should be more than enough to hunt them down.

The two guardians faces turned red.

They couldnt defeat a junior even after fighting all this time! It really was shameful.

However, they knew how important this matter was, so they didnt dare to waste time and let side issues keep growing.

Furthermore, if they took out the crown prince and princess, that would be a huge contribution in itself.

That was why they only hesitated for a moment before agreeing with Wei Pingyangs arrangements.

They both headed in the direction the crown princes group had run toward.

“The two of you are fighting me!” Zu An exclaimed, using Grandgale to intercept the two of them.

Wei Pingyangs face darkened.

“No, your opponent is me!” The flying sword in front of him turned into a streak of light.

It was so fast the sword itself became a blur.

It continued to attack Zu An from all sorts of different angles.

Zu An used the Sunflower Phantasm to dodge left and right.

Unfortunately, he was still a bit too slow.

Blood splashed out from his body again and again, as he was actually struck several times.

Wei Pingyang exclaimed indifferently, “How can a petty fireflys light dare to compare to the splendor of the moon! You dont understand what the concept of the master rank is! Even someone with trifling cultivation like you wants to fight against me”

Even though Zu Ans cultivation was already quite excellent, what did it matter As long as he hadnt reached the master rank, he didnt pose Wei Pingyang any threat.

He was only a stronger ant.

Zu Ans face darkened.

“Why are you acting so cocky just because youre at the master rank Ive even fought against grandmasters, yet they never acted as smug as you.”

Whether it was Mi Li or Yun Jianyue, both of them were stronger than this guy.

It was just that back then, for various reasons, they couldnt use their full strength.

However, they were genuine grandmasters.

Mi Lis cultivation might even be higher.

“Grandmaster” Wei Pingyang felt as if hed heard something hilarious.

“You cant even defeat me, yet you want to fight against a grandmaster A brat like you really knows how to let things get to your head.”

You have successfully trolled Wei Pingyang for 222 222 222…

A streak of light flashed out.

Zu An quickly blocked, holding his sword in front of his chest.

With a loud clang, his fingers went numb and the Taie Sword almost fell out of his grip.

Mi Li sighed.

“The further down the path of cultivation one is, the greater the difference between cultivation ranks becomes.

If you were at the late stage of the ninth rank, with your ki density, there would be a chance for you to win.

Unfortunately, youre only at the initial stage of the ninth rank.”

“Even though theres a big difference, its not at the level of despair.” Zu An gritted his teeth and charged at his opponent.

The power of that flying sword was too great.

He would never win if he was always forced to defend.

He decided to get closer and see if he could scrape out a victory with his Poisonous Prick.

Wei Pingyang stood there with his hands behind him, looking calm and relaxed.

His flying sword formed an impenetrable net around him.

He was completely unfazed no matter how Zu An attacked.

He even had the leisure to look toward his two companions and remark, “What are you two staring stupidly for Get going already and chase after the crown prince.”

The two of them seemed to snap out of their daze.

They were just about to leave when suddenly, a sweet fragrance filled the air, and a gorgeous beauty appeared in front of them.

This bitter battlefield came to a momentary halt due to her appearance, because she was just too beautiful.

Her beauty seemed to possess both a pure innocence and a deadly charm, two entirely different styles at once.

Any man would feel his go numb if she gave him just a single glance.

“What a gorgeous woman!” Even Lu Xiao, who was busy treating his wounds, couldnt help but exclaim.

He was already quite old and was already past the age where he would be engrossed in women, but his heart that had long remained still seemed to have started rippling.

Wei Pingyang felt the same.

His flying sword momentarily halted.

Zu An seized the chance to draw closer, and then thrust his Poisonous Prick at Wei Pingyangs body.

This battle would be decided if he could even lightly nick Wei Pingyang.

He had deliberately summoned Daji, firstly to stop those two guardians and secondly to create this opening.

His plan succeeded, as the Poisonous Prick left a cut across Wei Pingyangs body.

However, Zu An didnt smile at all, because he heard a metallic noise.

Wei Pingyang brought out a cracked jade pendant from his inner pocket.

His expression gradually became warped and sinister as he exclaimed, “You actually destroyed my life-saving treasure! Only if I hack your body into a thousand pieces can I let go of this resentment!”

You have successfully trolled Wei Pingyang for 444 444 444…

Zu An sighed in pity.

This was a master rank, so as expected, he had some life saving treasures.

Now that his attack had failed, there probably wouldnt be a second chance.

Sure enough, Wei Pingyangs gaze shifted to Zu Ans dagger.

“That black dagger could actually instantly break through my defenses I actually felt the threat of death just now.

Looks like its a divine weapon.

Ill take it to compensate for the loss of my pendant.”

A terrifying aura shrouded Zu An as Wei Pingyang spoke, making him feel as if his entire body were stuck in a swamp.

Even just moving became extremely difficult.

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