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Meanwhile, Zu An was completely baffled.

Jiang Luofu was also that libationers disciple Why had he never heard about this before

After all, her strength had left him with a deep impression back in Brightmoon City.

He hadnt expected her to be the libationers disciple as well, and ranked eighth no less.

It was easy to guess how extraordinary the libationer was based on that.

Jiang Luofu seemed to have snapped out of her daze and replied to Zu An with a smile, “Oh, did I forget to mention that”

Zu An was speechless.

Jiang Luofu was a bit embarrassed as well.

She chuckled and said, “Its just that you never asked.

If I talked about it first, it would seem as if I were showing off or something.”

The fattys eyes lit up.

“Eighth sisters words truly inspire me as a logician! Why dont you transfer to our department I can give senior sister my position and become the number two here.

Of course, if youre willing, we can get married too, and both occupy this top position together…”

Jiang Luofus reply was straightforward.

“Get lost!”

The chubby Yin Shi didnt get mad, and instead said with a smile, “Eighth sisters words arent too precise.

In which direction do you want me to leave”

“Back to wherever you crawled from.” Jiang Luofus eyes twitched.

She was clearly getting more and more irritated by the second.

“To go where I came from Eighth sister really is wise.

You really have karma with our logician department!” Yin Shi exclaimed with a deep sigh.

Zu An said with a smile, “I finally understand why you wanted to run earlier.” This fellow really loved to argue, and he was incredibly hard to get rid of too.

Who could handle such a thing

Only now did Yin Shi notice Zu An and ask, “Hm And this one is” Then, his eyes shifted to Zu An and Jiang Luofus clasped hands.

His mustache almost jumped up to his eyes.

“Oh Eighth sister actually found a lover Everyone knows how youve rejected every man all these years.

We almost thought that you had a birth defect down there or something.

Now, all of us brothers can finally feel relieved.”

Jiang Luofus face darkened.

Her fists clenched so tightly they began to crack.

“Damn fatty, are you asking for a beating”

Yin Shi hurriedly waved his hands.

“A gentleman uses his hands, not his fists.

Violence would really be too uncouth.”

Jiang Luofu laughed coldly and retorted “Im a woman, not a gentleman.”

“The academy strictly prohibits fights.

Especially with statuses like ours, it would cause too much of a commotion if we really fought.

Teacher might put us in detention! With my personality, I really wouldnt be able to tolerate an isolation room where I had no one to talk to!” Yin Shi exclaimed.

Jiang Luofus expression changed.

She clearly had some lingering fears toward that isolation room too.

“How about this Ive been quite distressed about something.

If eighth sister can answer my question, then Ill willingly go back to where I came from, and I wont bother you anymore,” Yin Shi said with a giggle.

Jiang Luofus eyes twitched.

“Compared to debating you, I think the isolation room might be a bit better.”

“Come on, youre exaggerating! Who knows, you might be able to help me with my problem quickly.” Yin Shi was scared that she would refuse and quickly said, “Ive been studying a theory recently… A birds shadow never moves.

Does eighth sister feel that my statement is reasonable”

Jiang Luofus expression was stormy.

“Like hell its reasonable; of course a birds shadow moves! Wherever the bird moves, its shadow naturally follows it wherever it goes.”

Zu An couldnt help but laugh.

It seemedJiang Luofu really was annoyed to death by this guy.

She never spoke like this usually.

“Oh, but that may not be, you see.” Yin Shi had a complacent smile on his face.

He shook his head and said, “The birds shadow isnt moving, because the bird and the shadow are linked together.

New shadows are produced, while old shadows fade.

It merely creates an illusion of moving.”

Jiang Luofus eyebrows rose.

She really wanted to curse at him, but she knew that talking was this guys forte, and she would be the one to suffer more.

As such, she took a deep breath and calmed down, saying, “Alright, then what you said makes sense.

This research topic is also extremely valuable.

Well leave first.” She pulled Zu An over behind her and began to leave.

However, Yin Shi stopped them.

“Eighth sister, please dont be in such a hurry! Please tell me which parts are reasonable.

I still havent figured out how this theory can be used in practice.”

Jiang Luofu was stunned.

Zu An quickly rushed out to stop her when he saw that she was on the verge of erupting.

He looked at the fatty in front of him and said, “Um… This brother over here has a similar question for you.”

Yin Shis eyes lit up as he said excitedly, “Little brother, please ask.”

Jiang Luofu frowned.

She transmitted her voice and said, “Stop arguing against him, you wont win.”

Zu An gave her a look that suggesteddont worry, and then continued, “When you walk by the lakeside in the evening, a bright moon hangs overhead.

Youll find that the inverted image of the moon in the lake follows you as you walk.

Are there countless figures in the lake, or is there only a single moon that follows you”

Yin Shi replied, “Of course its a single moon.

According to my theory just now, the moons reflection has never even moved.”

Zu An smiled and said, “Suppose that theres only one; then what about the person on the other side of the lake Can it be that he wont be able to see the same inverted image In his eyes, that moon has always been following him, and the position of that moon is different from the one you see.”

“Hm Interesting…” Yin Shi continued to stroke his beard.

“Then are there many of them”

“Then if we say that there are many, why can you only see one” Zu An asked.

“This…” Yin Shi was at a loss.

The surrounding students eyes widened in shock.

Even Jiang Luofu found it inconceivable.

This was the first time in all these years that she had seen Yin Shi stumped.

When he saw that, Zu An smiled.

He grabbed Jiang Luofus hand and left with her.

Jiang Luofus face turned red. This kid really has no respect! She had only grabbed his hand just now because shed wanted to avoid this terrible situation.

Now, they were just leaving normally, so why was he holding her hand

Yin Shi scratched his head in frustration.

When he saw the two of them were already getting away, he could no longer hold himself back.

He rushed over to Zu Ans side and said, “Kid, then how many moon reflections are there If you dont know either, you were just messing with me! I wont forgive you easily for that!”

Jiang Luofu took a step forward to protect Zu An.

“Damn fatty, who are you trying to intimidate”

Yin Shi immediately smiled and said, “Eighth sister, please dont take offense.

Its just that I really am curious and hope that your little brother here can give me an answer.

Otherwise, my pride will really be hurt here.”

Zu An patted Jiang Luofus hand, gesturing to indicate that it was okay.

Then, he walked forward and said, “According to Quantum Bayesianism, whether the reflection exists or not relies on whether theres a person there to observe it.

If youre the only one there, then theres one reflection.

If there are multiple people, then there are many reflections.”

Yin Shi was stunned.

“Who isQuantum Bayesianism”

Zu An said, “Quantum theory comes from a great genius.

In this universe, there are many things that exist in a certain and uncertain state simultaneously.

As for which form they will show themselves in, that depends on the observer…” He gave this fellow a rough account of everything he had learned from the web about quantum theory.

Yin Shi was frowning at first, but soon afterward, his eyes shone brilliantly.

He mumbled to himself, “So thats what it is, so thats what it is… I seem to have new ideas about many things that have stumped me for so long…”

He put away his mischievous smile and cupped his hands in respect to Zu An.

“If I ever gain enlightenment one day, then it will definitely be because of sir today.

Please receive three kowtows from me.” Then, he kowtowed three times in respect.

Those students who had wanted to join in on the liveliness felt their eyes almost pop out of their sockets. What the hell is going on Mr.

Yin Shi is the libationers core disciple! He has tremendous status in the academy, yet he actually bowed as a disciple toward this young fella

The students began to whisper among themselves.

“Where did this guy come from”

“I have no idea.

I only know that he came with Ms.


“Then is he Ms.

Jiangs newest disciple”

“Thats impossible! Not even Ms.

Jiang can win in a debate with Mr.

Yin, so how could her disciple win”

“Youre right… Then is he Ms.

Jiangs lover”

“Look, theyre even holding hands.

I didnt expect Ms.

Jiang to be such a cougar…”

“Sigh, if she is, then I want her to come after my young self too…”

The students were whispering all types of things, but Jiang Luofu couldnt be bothered to get upset right now.

Instead, she looked at Yin Shi in shock, asking, “Have you gone mad Why would you bow toward a kid younger than you”

Yin Shi said with a firm expression, “In the path of pursuing the truth, those who have greater achievements come first.

Why is there a need to cling rigidly to age” Then, he gave Zu An an eager look.

“May I ask sir what your name is If there is a chance, I wish to consult sir for more guidance.”


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