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“What, your people didnt collude with King Wu to frame Zu An and the crown princess” Zu An asked.

Shi Jun sneered.

“Heh, there were people who asked me if I had something to do with King Qi, yet now, its King Wu all of a sudden.

You Embroidered Envoys really are good at framing others.

“Besides, that Zu An or whatever… Whats so special about him Why would a king go through all that just to deal with him” Shi Jun became upset whenever he thought about Zu An.

If not for what had happened between Zu An and his sixth brother, their Shi clan wouldnt have fallen so far.

That slap by the palace entrance in particular was just too humiliating.

Why would he ever admit that this fellow  was important

You have successfully trolled Shi Jun for 411 411 411…

Zu An was speechless when he saw the incoming Rage points.

He picked up a whip and struck Shi Jun.

“Speak properly!”

“Aaah!” Shi Jun screamed in misery.

The tools used by the Embroidered Envoy were all specialized, every single one of them similar to the Wailing Whip.

It was incredibly hard to endure when such a whip struck the body.

He didnt know why the other party would strike him, but he didnt dare to ask either.

He could only glare with resentment.

You have successfully trolled Shi Jun for 55 55 55…

“Whose idea was it to scheme against Zu An Why did you feel like you could push all of the crimes onto him” Zu An continued.

“That fella is so annoying that everyone wants him dead.” Shi Jun snorted angrily.

“The fact that he was involved in that kind of scandal with the crown princess means hes a suspect.

If he died in Xin Ruis home, and we spread some news, we could naturally push all the responsibility onto him.”

Zu An said mockingly, “However, its a pity that you not only failed to frame him, but also even ended up exposing yourselves.

“For the sake of saving that idiot Hua Bao, we exposed the casinos boss.

After silencing the casino boss, we even sent out Jia Sili.

With your Embroidered Envoys information, you would have found out that it was us sooner or later.

If we took the initiative to attack, we might instead carve out a path of survival for ourselves,” Shi Jun said angrily.

“Its just a pity that Zu An always has some damned stupid luck, always managing to turn misfortune into blessing.”

You have successfully trolled Shi Jun for 444 444 444…

Zu An laughed out loud.

“Hes clearly the son of luck, yet you keep targeting him.

Of course things wont work out as you wish.”

Shi Jun spat on the ground.

“Pah! That fella is just a lucky bastard who came from the streets.

If hes the son of luck, then Ill do a handstand and eat ** right now!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Jun for 888 888 888…

He had lived an extravagant lifestyle ever since he was young, so he had the pride of a clan heir.

He looked down on these commoners the most.

He could accept defeat in a struggle between the courts higher levels, but he absolutely wouldnt accept losing to a nobody he had always looked down on.

Zu An chuckled.

“We have more than enough of that to go around if you want some.” He even had the urge to have a jailer scoop up a few bowls of feces, but he decided not to in the end, or else he might really end up grossing out his brothers here.


He asked a few more questions, and Shi Jun cooperated well, answering almost everything.

He was probably terrified.

However, if he knew that the one he was dealing with was the Zu An he looked down on, and that this was the person he was totally helpless against, he might vomit blood from anger.

Zu An had already obtained the information he wanted, so he left the Embroidery House.

As for Shi Jun, there was no need to do anything to him.

He was already doomed.

He returned to the Eastern Palace in his official uniform.

After thinking for a bit, he headed to the Hundred Flower Palace.

The crown princess had entrusted him with the task of eliminating Concubine Bai, so he had to at least have a chat with her first.

Concubine Bai had always been rather low-profile.

Furthermore, after something had happened to Xin Rui, the Hundred Flower Palace had become even colder.

She had always been someone who liked peace and quiet, so there werent many eunuchs or maids there.

It was almost always just the bare minimum.

When Zu An reported that he had come for a visit, a maid quickly announced his arrival.

She returned and said, “Sir Zu, her highness invites you inside.”

Zu An followed the maid into the palace.

He saw an exquisite swing rocking back and forth slowly, and on it was a beautiful woman dressed in lavish palace clothes.

Her dress outlined her slender waist and enchanting bottom.

“I greet Concubine Bai,” he said.

He noticed that she was currently holding a chubby baby in swaddling clothes, his skin fair with a hint of red blush.

He was extremely cute.

The child seemed to have entered a wonderful dream from the swings rhythm; his soundly sleeping face had a smile.

There was a bit of drool on his lips as his small mouth moved from time to time.

Whenever that happened,  a bit of milk couldnt help but come out.

He had clearly just had his meal.

Zu An subconsciously gave Concubine Bai a look.

Because she was holding a child, her chest looked especially large and heavy.

“May I ask what made Sir Zu take interest in visiting this place today” Concubine Bai had been giving the child in her arms a doting look.

When she heard Zu Ans greeting, she raised her head with a smile.

Zu An had to admit that Concubine Bai really was beautiful.

Her beauty was different from that of the crown princess.

If the crown princess was graceful like a peony and gorgeous like a rose, then Concubine Bai was like an elegant chrysanthemum.

She was like the most exquisite and gentle small white flowers in the mountains, or the snow lotus herbs high up on the peaks.

The first impression she gave off was someone who was pure and without flaws, someone whom one would want to treasure and protect.

There were many officials and subordinates who obeyed the crown princess, but it was mainly because of her prestige and power.

If they were to decide who they liked more deep down, they would most likely choose the gentle and kind Concubine Bai.

“The crown princess sent me to wish your highness good health,” Zu An replied.

“Oh” Concubine Bai was surprised.

Her graceful brows rose slightly as she replied, “It really is quite surprising.

So the crown princess actually still remembered me.”

Zu An smiled.

“What is Concubine Bai saying Of course the crown princess remembers your highness.

Were all members of the Eastern Palace after all, so we should all do our best for the crown prince.”

Concubine Bai chuckled.

“No wonder Sir Zu rose so rapidly in your career.

I heard that you were promoted to crown princes chamberlain.

I reckon that the crown princess must also be fond of your way with words.”

She gestured toward the maid on the side while saying, “Bring us some Hundred Flower Tea.

This is big sister crown princess rising star.

How can we treat him with any disrespect”

“Understood.” The maid withdrew, but there was a bit of discontent in her eyes.

She thought to herself, The crown princess is going a bit too far if even her subordinate needs to be treated so well by our madam.

Zu An knew that Concubine Bai was merely looking for an excuse to make the maid leave.

He said with a smile, “To be honest, whenever I hear the words Hundred Flower Tea now, I cant help but feel some stress.”

Concubine Bai smiled.

She knew that he was talking about the last time Xin Rui had poisoned him and the crown princess.

“Dont worry, theres definitely nothing wrong with this tea.”

Zu Ans gaze moved to the child in her arms.

He couldnt help but say in praise, “The imperial grandson really is quite cute.

Can I hold him”

Concubine Bai stared blankly for a moment, her expression a bit strange.

After all, the imperial grandsons status was special.

Apart from her and her personal maid, who else dared to touch him If something happened to him, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

No one dared to take such a risk.

But as a mother, hearing someone praise her own child still made her feel good.

She said, “Sir Zus request is a bit improper.” Despite those words, she didnt get angry at all.

Zu An smiled and said, “Concubine Bai is mistaken here.

Im now the crown princes chamberlain, so its my responsibility to take care of various matters big and small in the Eastern Palace.

The imperial grandson is the little lord of the Eastern Palace, so its within my range of responsibilities to take care of him.”

Concubine Bai couldnt help but laugh.

“An ordinary person wouldnt dare to bring up this kind of request,” she said while standing up from the swing.

She walked over to his side with the child, cautioning, “Sir Zu, please be careful not to wake him up.

It wasnt easy for me to put him to sleep.”

Zu An carefully received the child.

He felt as if the baby were so delicate he weighed nothing.

“This is the first time Ive seen the imperial grandson for myself.

He looks quite clever and pretty.”

Concubine Bai was shocked.

The men of this world didnt really know how to carry a child.

She had actually broken out in cold sweat just now, worried that Zu An would be clumsy.

However, she hadnt expected the other party to be so proficient, and she could sense that he truly was fond of th child from his cautious and serious expression.

As such, she softened up as well.

“Sir Zu really is quite different from others.”

The two of them were close to each other, and Zu An could smell a mysterious and elegant fragrance.

Because he was holding the child, his elbow even unintentionally bumped into Concubine Bais soft body.

He said with a smile, “Your highness is standing so close to me.

Arent you scared that there might be some rumors”

Concubine Bai said indifferently, “This Hundred Flower Palace is already so cold and cheerless; there arent that many people who can spread gossip.

Besides, there are more discussions about what you and the crown princess do in private, so what do I have to be worried about”

Zu An chuckled.

“Your highness simple and elegant bearing really is enchanting.” Then he inadvertently said, “The imperial grandson is so cute.

He doesnt really seem to resemble the crown prince much…”

Concubine Bais expression changed and her tone became cold.

“Sir Zu, please speak cautiously.

Some words might result in capital punishment.”

“Your highness has misunderstood.

What Im saying is that the imperial grandson looks more like his mother; that hes as pretty as his mother.” Zu An changed his words to praise.

Concubine Bai harrumphed and took the imperial grandson back from him.

“What did Sir Zu come here for exactly I refuse to believe that youre just here for such trivialities.”

“There are indeed some matters I wish to talk about.

Xin Ruis case has reached a result,” Zu An said.

“Huang Gates Shi Jun abused his position to approach your highness maid Xin Rui.

When has an ordinary maid like Xin Rui ever experienced the pursuit of a distinguished and accomplished young master She ended up being caught in his trap.

Unfortunately, she didnt know that she was involved in a huge conspiracy; that he approached her to frame the crown princess, as well as to use this excuse to shift the blame onto you, causing casualties to the crown princes two most important wives at the same time.”

Concubine Bais expression changed slightly.

“The Shi clan truly is vicious.

Its all my fault for not paying more attention to Xin Rui.

That was why I didnt notice that she had been deceived by someone.”

“Is that so” Zu An chuckled.

“What I just told you was the conclusion the Embroidery House reached.

However, I have a completely different suspicion.”

“What do you mean” Concubine Bai asked, puzzled.

Zu An walked over to the swing and casually sat down.

He began to gently rock back and forth like she just had.

“Everyone believes that Shi Jun deliberately got closer to tempt Xin Rui, and that was even what Shi Jun himself believed.

But when I looked over all of the corresponding information, I discovered something interesting.

The one who took the initiative wasnt Shi Jun, but ratger Xin Rui.”

Concubine Bai frowned.

“What are you trying to say Xin Rui has always followed the rules properly.

She absolutely wouldnt have done something like this.”

“Is that so” Zu Ans smile faded as he continued, “Ive already obtained a certain record through a special channel.

I discovered that the two bumped into each other by accident, but without assuming that Xin Rui was the victim based on first impressions, and instead considering it from a different angle, one would discover that Xin Rui was the perpetrator the entire time.

She approached Shi Jun first, and made him chase after her.

The entire process was all guided by her.

Unfortunately, Shi Jun, that fool, always thought that he was just that special, and is still paying the scammer more money.”

Concubine Bai said indifferently, “These are nothing more than baseless accusations.

I understand Xin Ruis nature most clearly.

She has always been kind.

She would never do such a thing.”

“Your highness, please let me finish.” Zu An continued, “I was always confused about something.

Why did the mastermind insist on going through so much effort to send Xin Rui out of the palace Wouldnt it be better to just silence her I immediately realized that there had to be another reason, yet I just couldnt figure it out.

This continued until I received some information not too long ago.

I finally understood why the mastermind would go so far to send her out of the palace.”


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