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When he saw how unswerving the young lady was, Zu An found it a bit hard to watch.

He said, “Youre still young, so theres no need for you to make such an early decision.

Youzhao might not be as good as youre imagining him…”

The little girl immediately frowned and clenched her fists, exclaiming angrily, “Youre not allowed to speak badly about big brother Chu!”

You have successfully trolled Murong Qinghe for 233 233 233…

Zu An was speechless. Looks like I was worried for nothing.

Whatever, girl on girl is pretty interesting in itself. As such, he said, “In that case, confirm your relationship with Youzhao.

That way, youll be one of us, so Ill have a reason to help you out.”

The usually carefree and bold young lady instead became bashful when she heard Zu Ans words.

She continued to twiddle her fingers while walking around in place.

“Thats… Thats not too good, is it I dont know if big brother Chu is willing or not… Ah… This is so embarrassing…”

Zu An couldnt help but laugh when he saw her acting like a little girl.

A girl in love was cute after all.

He said, “Youll know whether hes willing or not once you ask.” Then, he quickly called over the other two.

“Huh Big brother Chu, why are you holding your bottom” Murong Qinghe was always concerned about her lover.

She immediately noticed something was strange.

“Its nothing.” Chu Youzhao gave her big sister a resentful look. This woman really is vicious! I was only going to borrow brother-in-law for a bit, its not as if I was going to find him a concubine or something… Why did you have to get so mad

Zu An gave them a rough summary of what he had just said.

Chu Youzhao was happy and excited, saying, “Of course I like Little Qinghe too! Little Qinghe is so cute; who wouldnt like her”

“Ah…” Murong Qinghe covered her mouth.

She was so happy she was beaming.

Zu An smiled and said, “In that case, then just get this matter over with.

I have a lot of empty rooms here, so the two of you can decide your relationship in one of them.”

“Huh” Murong Qinghe was stunned.

Even though she adored her big brother Chu, she still came from a great clan.

Her upbringing taught her that such behavior was crude and definitely offended public morals.

But if its big brother Chu… She gave Chu Youzhaos handsome side profile a look.

Her heart was pounding fiercely. If big brother Chu really wants to, then should I really refuse him

Chu Youzhao gave Zu An a nervous look.

“Brother-in-law, you…”

She thought that her brother-in-law had forgotten that she was a girl.

Why would he make her sleep with Murong Qinghe Dont tell me he heard what I said to big sis

Chu Chuyan was thinking the same thing.

The two sisters gave him a strange look.

Zu An was instead baffled. What the heck are these two looking at me like that for

Chu Chuyan coughed lightly.

She couldnt take it anymore.

“Theyre still too young; its a bit too early for that.”

Murong Qinghe was a young lady after all.

She couldnt resist her embarrassment anymore and quickly said, “Im leaving first.” Then, she rushed out of the door.

She quickly left with the servants waiting at the entrance, as if she were fleeing.

Chu Chuyan finally couldnt hold back when she saw her leave and said, “Ah Zu, what in the world are you thinking You already know that Youzhao is… Why are you making them sleep together”

Zu An smiled.

“Dont tell me you felt she would agree”

Chu Chuyan was stunned.

Only now did she realize that Murong Qinghe, who had come from an influential family, would never agree to sleeping together before marriage.

Zu An then explained, “This way, even fewer people will suspect that Youzhao is crossdressing.

In the future, Murong Qinghe will be the greatest supporter of that.”

Chu Youzhao suddenly experienced sorrow that didnt match her age.

“But I still tricked her… Wont she hate me in the future once she learns the truth”

Zu An thought to himself, Could it be that love really makes one mature earlier

Chu Chuyan said, “Indeed, were really letting down Qinghe here.

Thats why, Ah Zu, can you help her with this matter Otherwise, well feel too guilty.”

Zu An smiled and said, “Dont worry.

Its just a trifling Murong Luo; its not a big deal.

Ill try to save him.”

Chu Chuyan sighed in relief.

She gave him a warm look.

“Ah Zu, you really are great.”

Chu Youzhao subconsciously wrapped her arms around herself.

“Ah! You guys are so corny! Whatever, I wont stay here and disturb you two anymore.

Im going to sleep! But… Can you two not make so much noise at night” She was scared that she might get beaten again, and ran away while giggling.

Chu Chuyan was ashamed and panicky.

“Its all your fault that she makes fun of me for this every time!”

“Ill give her a good spanking tomorrow to get revenge for you.” Zu An chuckled, and then took her into his arms.

Chu Chuyan harrumphed.

“You just wanted to take advantage of her.”

Zu Ans face went rigid.

“How can you doubt your husbands integrity like this Your husband is going to punish you with the clan law!”

“What clan law” Chu Chuyans normally cold eyes became misty.

There was a warm smile hanging from her lips as well.

“Whip punishment!” Zu An moved closer to her ear, and then softly kissed her ice-cold and smooth earlobe.

Chu Chuyans entire body trembled.

Then, her body softened. This guy! Hes always touching my most sensitive spots.

The ice-cold goddess had already completely thawed and fallen into the world of mortals.

The next morning, Zu An headed to the imperial palace feeling refreshed.

Chu Chuyan was a girl who was cold on the outside, but warm on the inside.

Everyone thought that she was a capable woman who pushed men far away, as she had a reputation as the one who managed the Chu clans affairs.

He was the only one who knew what kind of tender being rested underneath that tough shell.

She actually had a young girls heart, and she was full of all manner of romantic fantasies.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been so obsessed with theDomineering Sword Immortal novel.

A warm smile appeared on Zu Ans face when he recalled the previous night.

“Huh Why are the streets so empty today Is everyone still in bed” Suddenly, he noticed that the originally bustling streets were now bleak instead.

While he was a bit confused, he suddenly became alert.

He saw a streak of dark light flying toward him out of the corner of his eye.

He quickly evaded to the side.

Unfortunately, that dark light was just too fast.

It was far faster than the dark elves ambush he had faced on his way to the capital.

Even so, with his current cultivation, it wasnt impossible to escape.

He would just be left in a bit of a sorry state.

However, the moment he dodged, he felt pain in the back of his head.

It was as if he had been stabbed by a needle.

Even though he quickly recovered, that flash of dark light had already arrived in front of him in that instant.

Only now did he see that it was a large arrow… No, it was many times thicker than an arrow.

It was as thick as a mature mans arm!

A siege crossbow! Those words appeared in Zu Ans mind.

He didnt know why such a large-scale military weapon would appear here.

He could only do his best to avoid getting hit in his vital areas.

Still, the massive crossbow bolt dug straight into the right side of his chest.


The force that struck in that instant felt as if he had been rammed into by a speeding train.

He was blown back by the tremendous force, and nailed to a nearby wall.

“Hmph, I heard this fella was quite amazing.

Wasnt he still easily done in by a siege crossbow”

“Hurry and take apart the siege crossbow; we cant leave behind any information.

You guys, go and remove his head.”

“Huh That fella really is sturdy.

If it were a normal cultivator, half of their body would have been blown apart.”

Voices spoke one after another.

Zu An didnt open his eyes, and instead used the jade badge to observe his surroundings through the small birds in the trees.

There was an opening in the second floor of a nearby residence; inside of it was a massive crossbow.

Several black-clad individuals were moving about next to it.

Some stayed behind and quickly dismantled the crossbows, while two other black-clad individuals rushed at Zu An with blades in hand.

Zu An frowned.

The power of the attack had just been too great.

That siege crossbow bolt in particular had all types of runes engraved on it.

Fortunately, he had undergone the Primordial Origin Sutras refinement, so his body was incredibly tough.

His body didnt explode under the impact, and it was quickly repairing his wounds.

But even though he was still alive, the huge impact had ravaged his meridians.

He still needed a dozen or so seconds before he could fight again.

In a normal situation, that amount of time would be nothing.

Now, it instead seemed extremely long.

When he saw those two black clad individuals get closer and closer, Zu An couldnt be bothered with the consequences anymore.

He decided to summon Daji.

As for Zhuxie Chixins suspicion and everything else, he would deal with it when the time comes.

At the same time, he prepared to useKeyboard Come to buy him those ten seconds of time.

The two black clad individuals arrived at Zu Ans side.

They raised the blades in their hands and hacked at his neck.

But suddenly, another black clad individual flew over.

Their hands shot out like lightning, smashing into the pairs chests.

The two individuals screamed miserably as they were blown back.

“Who are you!” A dozen or so figures surrounded the newly-arrived black-clad individual.

They all had powerful auras, and were clearly all experts.

Zu An had already recovered the ability to move.

He quietly examined the black clad individual standing in front of him.

Even though this person was clad in black, her figure was graceful and fair.

She was clearly a woman.


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