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When he heard the driver invite Zu An over, the young heir Zhao Zhis breathing became hurried.

There were very few people in this world who could receive that madams invitation

He had always been a proud person, yet he was never able to meet with her.

This was a woman who not even the emperor, his father, or the heirs of various nobility could hope to meet.

It was completely natural for her to disregard him as well.

Yet she ended up inviting Zu An, who he looked down on, for a meeting! This is something he didnt even dare to dream of!

They are close

This thought appeared in his head, but he immediately realized that it wasnt what he was thinking.

But Zu An was about to go through the carriage curtains and be with her in the same cabin.

To a certain degree, this was indeed the case.

His eyes were no longer filled with disdain beneath contempt when he looked at Zu An, but instead endless jealousy.

Why Why did the gorgeous Chu First Miss choose him!

Why did the number one beauty of the capital, Yu Yanluo, also treat him like this

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 555 555 555…

The worst part of it all was that Yu Yanluo saw his current sorry state.

This was absolutely social death!

He originally felt that there werent many spectators anyway, and those commoners already ran away.

Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe were both part of King Qis faction, so they wouldnt tell anyone.

The carriage looked like it was just from an ordinary clan, so they just needed to secretly get rid of them afterwards.

This way, no news regarding his miserable defeat to Zu An would even get out.

However, the capitals number one beauty Yu Yanluo just had to be inside that seemingly ordinary carriage!

There was no way he could kill her.

His dad might be the first to smack him to death if he dared to even try.

He himself couldnt even bear to!

He had seen her from the distance before, and he even dreamed about her.

That exceptional face seemed to be something that didnt belong to this secular world.

Which man would be able to resolve themselves to destroy this natural work of art

But the more it was like this, the more unbearable the memory of being stepped on by Zu An was.

Its all because of that dog spawn Zu An!

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 1024 1024 1024…

Zu An was surprised.

“Who is your madam”

The driver with the missing tooth chuckled.

“Youll know once you go inside.”

Zu An gave King Qis heir and Han Fengqiu a look.

He was a bit puzzled.

Who was it that could make both of them react like this

The woman inside this carriage spoke up.

“Young heir, this young master saved me just now after all.

Can we leave this matter at that out of favor for this humble one”

The voice was soft and pleasant.

It didnt act cute or childish at all, yet it made all those who heard it feel like their bones were melting.

Murong Qinghe was extremely envious.

“I wish my voice sounded that good.”

“But your voice is pretty nice.

Its a lot nicer than a certain pretentious someone.” Chu Youzhao harrumphed.

For some reason, she felt a natural enmity towards this mysterious woman.

She just felt like she was up to no good.

“Really” Murong Qinghe was extremely happy to hear the one she liked praise her like this.

A bit of rosiness appeared on her face.

My voice obviously doesnt sound as good, but big brother Chu still said that.

He must care a lot about me! Ah!!! Im so embarrassed.

King Qis heir was moved. Yu Yanluo actually spoke to me! And she took the initiative to do so!

He was a bit overwhelmed and subconsciously wanted to stand up to sort out his clothes, but only then did he notice that all of his clothes had been blasted to ashes by his own lightning.

Fortunately, Han Fengqiu acted quickly and covered him up to hide this ugly sight.

He gave Zu An a hateful glare. I will get my revenge, or my name is not Zhao Zhi!

But when he looked in the carriages direction, his malicious expression was instantly replaced by a smile.

“Since it is madams request, then I need to show that much respect.

Mister Zu, your murders of military officers will be properly investigated.

Were leaving!”

Han Fengqiu sighed in relief.

He really didnt know what to do if they continued to face this mysterious expert.

The young heir is worthy of being the young heir after all.

He used this chance to leave properly so that it didnt look like he was fleeing hastily.

But this young heir he was praising was full of regret. Fuck, what the hell am I trying to act cool for

If he stubbornly refused and stayed, he might instead draw more of that madams attention.

At the very least, he could exchange a few more words with her, right

Sigh, he finally got this rare chance to talk to her, yet he couldnt even meet her face to face.

It was instead Zu An who was able to interact so closely with her inside the carriage.

This Zu An is only a spineless coward who only knows how to hide behind a woman after all!

But I want to hide behind a woman like Madam Yu too!

Ahhhhhh!! This is so infuriating!

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 924 924 924…

Zu An watched as they left.

After a bit of hesitation, he decided not to do anything.

Someone at the peak of the ninth rank isnt easy to deal with.

Furthermore, his dad King Qi is an even bigger problem.

Now wasnt the time to burn all the bridges yet.


Our madam has invited you inside.” The driver arrived at his side, his tone a bit dissatisfied.

What the heck is this Who in the capital isnt honored by a meeting from my madam Every one of them is eager to meet her.

Yet it was instead this brat who was obviously no good who was instead unfazed

“Sorry, I was a bit absent-minded haha.” Zu An snapped out of his daze and quickly walked towards the carriage.

He was quite curious who the one inside was.

Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe subconsciously wanted to follow and find out who it was, but they were stopped by the driver.

“Young misses, please wait here for a bit.”

Murong Qinghe was one thing, but Chu Youzhao was angry and nervous.

Unfortunately, there wasnt much she could do in front of someone who was at least at the master rank.

She could only watch as her brother-in-law walked over to the carriage, as if he was walking straight into a succubus lair.

When Zu An arrived next to the carriage, he cupped his hands and said, “Thank you madam for your help.”

A chuckle sounded from within.

“You saved me just now as well.”

Chu Youzhaos nose wrinkled in disdain.

This womans laughter was just like that of a witch! Isnt she clearly trying to seduce him But she had to admit that this was the most beautiful voice she had ever heard.

Zu An laughed in self-mockery.

“If I knew that the madam had such a formidable guard, I wouldnt have meddled.

I was almost done in by King Qi Manor.”

As if sensing his dissatisfaction, the woman inside said with a gentle voice, “This only serves to further display your valor.

Even though outsiders might think of you as a sloppy and frivolous man, I know that there is a chivalrous core deep within your bones.

Regardless of how domineering the enemy is, they will still become furious when they see you.

This was how it was back then, and it is still the same way now.”

Zu Ans face heated up.

“Im starting to get embarrassed from all this praise too, haha… Hm It seems like you know me”

The carriage became quiet for a moment.

A while later, the woman inside said, “You should come in.”

The driver with the missing tooth was stunned.

Did I hear wrong The madam was actually inviting him inside

The two of them were going to share that narrow space

He had worked as a driver for this madam for many years already.

He knew that because of her stunning beauty, she cared a lot about the space between her and those she interacted with.

She would never let other men get that close to her.

But she let this brat go in! When he recalled how much this madam cared about Zu An, he really began to wonder if she liked this kid!

This brat is decent looking, but is my madam someone who cares about appearances She wont ever find someone as pretty as the one in the mirror, so the madam definitely didnt care about appearance.

Maybe she is admiring him as an impressive junior Yeah, this is possible…

While the driver with the missing tooth was thinking all types of things, Zu An already moved aside the curtains and went inside.

But before he could see her appearance, there was a feeling of dizziness in his head.

Fuck, the rebound of Keyboard Come is this brutal

His body fell uncontrollably as soon as this thought emerged.

Following a womans cry of alarm, he collapsed into a soft body.


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