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King Qis heir frowned.

“Who are you trying to scare with that shoddy thing”

The Taie Sword didnt look like anything special on the outside.

It wasnt shiny like normal divine weapons and instead looked rusted and useless.

It wasnt any surprise that it was called shoddy.

“Then do you want to have a taste of this shoddy thing” Zu An said with a chuckle.

He wanted to see if this fella would be so stupid as to agree to this condition.

If he did, then he would learn a really harsh lesson.

“Do you think Im an idiot” King Qis heir didnt agree.

Even though he didnt think this shoddy thing could break through his elemental barrier, there was no way he would just stand there like an idiot and let Zu An attack him.

“If you dont dare, then you cant blame me for going all out.” He reappeared by Zhao Zhis side like a ghost immediately after he finished speaking.

The sword in his hands thrusted out at his opponent at an inconceivable angle.

Zhao Zhis expression changed.

This guys movement technique is just way too weird! He didnt dare act carelessly at all.

Fortunately, one of the lightning elements advantages was speed.

As such, his figure flickered and evaded.

Then, he retaliated.

The two individuals flickered back and forth.

It was an absolutely dazzling sight for the spectators.

Murong Qinghe was completely stupefied.

“How is your brother-in-law so strong”

This scene before her already went beyond her understanding.

As a martial idiot, even though her cultivation wasnt much in the capital, she was definitely top notch among her peers, and her eyes were excellent.

There were many powerful cultivators in her clan, so being in this type of environment ever since she was young made her sight far superior to those who trained on their own.

But regardless of how she looked at it, Zu An shouldnt be his opponents match! King Qis heir had eight ranks of cultivation!

Yet the two of them were clearly equally matched right now!

Wait, no, she even felt like King Qis heir was gradually losing the advantage.

Zu Ans movement technique was just too strange, to the extent where his swordplay was completely unpredictable.

She was bewildered even while watching from this distance.

Chu First Miss seemed like an untouchable goddess when she used this technique, yet when this fella used the same thing, his aura became entirely different.

Chu Youzhao proudly stuck out her chest.

“But of course! Did you forget whose brother-in-law he is”

Murong Qinghe wrinkled her nose in disdain.

Who was the one cursing his brother-in-law a few months ago and even wondering if his big sister went blind Yet now, your attitude changed that quickly

King Qis heir was shocked and furious.

“Very good, youve successfully gained my attention now.

You have the right to see my sword.”

With his eight ranks of cultivation, he didnt think defeating Zu An would take much effort at all.

That was why he didnt use any weapons out of fear that it would make him look less cool.

But now, he couldnt be bothered anymore.

He wanted to wait until the other party exhausted all of his stamina first so that there would be an opening to exploit in his movement technique, but for some reason, the other partys energy seemed to be incredibly vast.

Not even a battle of this intensity was able to do anything to him.

If this continued, this young noble might be the one who was injured before he managed to exhaust his opponent.

He was a mighty eighty ranked cultivator, yet he couldnt even take down this rat off the streets.

If he was injured instead, how was he supposed to survive in his social circles in the future

“Look at you, still acting tough.” Zu An harrumphed in disdain.

“Youre pulling your sword out now, huh If not, I would\'ve already cut off all three legs.”

The young nobles face turned completely red.

He was almost struck by this fellas sword several times.

He originally had the confidence to hold out with his elemental barrier, but this sword kept aiming for his freaking little bro down there.

He really didnt have confidence in letting that sword hit it head-on.

He thrusted out his sword silently, inwardly furious. I have to chop off this bastards arms and legs even if I dont kill him today! I have to get rid of that irritating tongue too!

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 444 444 444…

Murong Qinghe blinked her eyes when she saw them tangle about each other again.

She looked at Chu Youzhao.

“Big brother Chu, what is a third leg”

A martial idiot like her was only sharp on matters of cultivation.

However, this phase really was a bit outside the scope of her knowledge. 

“A kid shouldnt ask so much about these things.” Chu Youzhao blushed.

She didnt know about this before either.

However, when she saw Zu An push down her big sis, she already fully understood what the third leg was without anyone teaching her.

“Youre not even that much older than me.” Murong QInghe mumbled and wasnt happy that the other party was looking down on her because of her age.

She was just about to say something, but when she saw Chu Youzhaos red face, her eyes became starstruck again.

Big brother Chu really is handsome! 


While Murong Qinghe was starstruck, King Qis heir wasnt in that great of a mood.

With his background and status, his weapon was naturally a top grade divine weapon.

He thought that he could easily slice through the chunk of metal in Zu Ans hands, yet that stupid stick just didnt break even after clashing several times.

Did I wake up on the wrong foot today

King Qis heir began to doubt his life.

It was one thing if he couldnt defeat a low level cultivator with eight levels of cultivation, but not even his weapon could defeat his opponents shoddy weapon! What the heck is going on

But he didnt let himself get distracted at all.

Instead, he seized an exceptional timing to stab Zu Ans thigh.

“Hmph! Lets see what youll do now!” However, his smile froze as soon as it appeared on his face, because the feeling from his sword was off.

Sure enough, the Zu An he stabbed gradually disappeared.

Its another afterimage!

He didnt even turn around and stabbed straight backwards.

Chu Youzhao cried out in alarm.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw that Zu An evaded behind King Qis heir.

However, his opponents reaction was too fast, so it looked as if Zu An was the one proactively bringing his chest up to that sword.

Even further out, the driver with the missing tooth sensed the madam in the carriage lean forward.

He knew that she was getting worried.

He explained, “Madam, do not worry.

This kids movement technique is quite stunning.

He wasnt injured.”

The woman inside the carriage thus sighed in relief.

On the battlefield, King Qis heir was also shocked.

He sensed that he missed this time as well.

He immediately wanted to evade to the side, but he was a step too late.

There was a sharp pain coming back from his thigh.

Blood erupted.

King Qis heir roared out.

He crazily brandished the sword in his hands.

A tyrannical blast of lightning scattered outwards.

This attack was enough to batter Zu An half dead.

Unfortunately, Zu An didnt greedily proceed with his attack.

He quickly withdrew after getting his advantage, so this attack completely missed.

“How can you break through my defenses!” King Qis heir lowered his head to look at the bloody wound on his leg.

He was shocked and furious.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 588 588 588…

If it wasn\'t because of his cultivator survival instincts that drove him to move sideways at the last second, his little bro might already be gone.

Zu An sighed in pity.

An eighth ranked cultivator had their fair share of skills after all! Otherwise, his attack just now wouldve already finished his opponent. 

“Who was it that was bragging about how I cannot even break through your defenses If you still dont believe me, should I show you again”

Zhao Zhis expression was cold.

He gave the Taie Sword an apprehensive look.

He knew that this weapon was where the problem lied.

“I admit that Ive underestimated you.

However, do you really think that you can defeat me because of that strange sword”

“Are you born under the year of the duck or something Why is your mouth so hard and stubborn” Zu An mocked.[1]

Nearby, Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe both subconsciously nodded.

They felt like King Qis heir was indeed embarrassing himself.

If you lose, you lose.

Even if you only lose the first bout, you still lost.

He was a glorious eighth ranked cultivator, yet he was pressured to this extent by a lower level cultivator and even injured.

It didnt matter no matter what you say at this point.

It was instead that driver with the missing tooth that frowned and said, “The kid is in danger.”

He was originally hoping that the madam inside the carriage would say something, and then he would explain what he meant.

But he didnt hear anything from her, so everything he wanted to say had to be swallowed back down.

This really wasnt a great feeling.

Zhao Zhis headband had already unwittingly broken apart.

His previously orderly hair was fluttering about in midair.

His eyes were suffused with a purple color.

“Do you know what is the difference between an eighth ranked cultivator and a lower rank cultivator”

Zu An was startled when he sensed the sudden change in his opponents aura.

He recalled what he learned before at the academy.

Sixth rank would form an elemental barrier.

This made it so that low level cultivators had practically no chance of winning.

This was the first major transformation on the path of cultivation.

The eighth rank was considered the second major transformation.

Before the eighth rank, cultivation relied purely on the natural ki of the world they stored within them.

In other words, they relied on their own power.

Once you reached the eighth rank, you can begin to borrow the power of the world outside!

Even in his past world where science and technology were developed, where humans could wander the cosmos and explore the seas, any random natural disaster carried far more destructive power than an atomic bomb.

Compared to the power of the world, humans were still too insignificant.

And right now, he could keenly sense that the worlds ki was frantically surging towards King Qis heir.


There is no year of the duck, hes mocking him


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