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Goddammit! I shouldnt have said what I shouldnt have said!

Zu An felt like an absolute fool. Im so stupid, Im so, so stupid.

Ive met this emperor so many times already, but I still havent figured out low his morals are!

If he could receive his own Rage points, then it might be a string of 1024s right now.

The emperor felt amazing when he saw Zu Ans expression.

With his status and cultivation, how long has it been since he felt like this

He coughed and said, “But you dont need to worry too much.

This seal wont activate for some time.

As long as you do things well for me, then I will remove it for you after the matter.”

Zu An furiously cursed this man in front of him. Like hell Ill believe your stupid ass! This guy is just too evil. 

He knew that even if he completed those tasks, the emperor still wouldnt remove the seal so easily.

He might have to do more things, all the way until he had no value left…

However, he still pretended to be moved to tears on the surface.

“Thank you so much, your majesty!”

The emperor nodded in satisfaction.

He liked the feeling of having the lives and deaths of numerous people within his grasp.

“You can leave!”

“Understood!” Zu An bowed respectfully, but he left with a stomach full of curses.

When he passed through the entrance, Eunuch Wen nodded towards him with a smile.

But in Zu Ans eyes, this smile appeared especially sinister.

Sigh, I wonder who this Eunuch Wen really is.

A while later, he frowned.

The feeling of being tailed appeared again. 

He controlled the nearby little birds, but he didnt see anyone suspicious.

Am I being paranoid

Zu An shook his head.

He was under way too much pressure recently.

He was even starting to wonder if he was developing paranoia.

However, he still didnt dare to act careless.

He made a few circles around the palace and changed the animals that were watching.

He still didnt see anyone monitoring him.

He sighed in relief and headed towards his Golden Token Eleven courtyard.

He had to let Yun Jianyue know about Sun Luzhens matters, and also help bring her out.

Even though he didnt want to separate with a beauty like Yun Jianyue, the emperor was too dangerous.

Once he found out, then he would really be dead.

He didnt dare take any risks after the encounter he just had in the imperial study.

Zu An almost felt like he was coming home when he saw the courtyard hidden in the forest.

When he thought about how there was a woman waiting for him, the feeling was really good.

However, when he remembered the feeling of being tailed, just to be sure, he didnt walk straight in and instead pretended to pass by from the side.

After walking around for a while, he saw that there was nothing wrong.

He was just about to head back when he heard Yun Jianyues voice.

“Dont turn around.

Someones following you.”

Zu An: “”

There really was someone following him! Yun Jianyue was a grandmaster after all.

Now that she recovered some of her strength, her senses were much sharper than his.

“Do you know who it is Is it a fat eunuch” Zu An asked.

“His hiding technique is extremely skilled.

I havent recovered from my injuries yet, so I do not know where exactly he is, nor can I see him.

However, I know that he is there.” Yun Jianyues voice was cold, yet carried a bit of elegant charm.

It really was pleasant to listen to.

But Zu An wasnt in the mood to enjoy anything at all.

Instead, he felt goosebumps.

After all, he already tried all different ways to find out who it was, yet he didnt see anything.

It was easy to see just how formidable this person was.

He had way too many secrets.

Having a terrifying person like this monitoring him was frightening.

“How about we bait him out, and then we take him out together” Zu An rejected this idea as soon as he proposed it.

The emperor was overseeing the palace right now.

He will immediately know if there was any activity.

Once Yun Jianyue got involved, then the aura would be too obvious.

“I have a way.

Wait a bit.” Yun Jianyue became quiet after saying this.

Soon afterwards, the door creaked open.

Zu An was stunned.

What is going on

He turned around.

He saw a masked golden token envoy walk out from inside.

Was there another golden token envoy that entered my room Zu An was shocked.

However, he quickly realized that these were his clothes.

It went without saying who this person was.

No wonder Yun Jianyue asked for a set of his uniform before.

Yun Jianyue was tall and slender.

Together with how the uniform was designed to hide ones identity anyway, there was nothing strange at all when she pretended to be Golden Token Eleven.

Zu An saw her walk around.

He really didnt know how she was hiding that fat ass of hers.

Furthermore, even though the clothes seemed like they were right, he couldnt see anything.

However, this didnt stop Zu An from imagining her wonderful figure.

The uniforms of golden token envoys were handsome to begin with, but they had always been worn by men.

Now that a woman wore it, it added a different type of style.

Was this the so-called uniform seduction Like a female police officer

A bunch of thoughts passed by Zu Ans head.

However, he shook his head.

Now was not the time to be thinking about these things.

Zu Ans mind moved quickly.

He walked up and said, “So it was Sir Eleven! Thank you for rescuing the crown prince and princess last time.”

Yun Jianyue gave him a look, thinking to herself that this fella really was quite the actor.

She replied impatiently with a low voice.

WIth her experience, as long as she didnt speak too much, others wouldnt be able to tell that she wasnt a man.

Zu An cupped his hands.

“Looks like sir has some matters to attend to.

I wont disturb you then.

Sir, please feel at ease.”

Yun Jianyue nodded.

Then, she walked in another direction.

She spoke to him through voice transmission.

“Im going to walk around and see if I can find that person.”

Zu An replied, “Head towards the palace gates.

I already saved Sun Luzhen and the others.

You should use this chance to leave as well.”

Yun Jianyue was surprised and happy.

She didnt expect him to have really saved them from the imperial prison! She was curious as to how he did it, but she knew that now wasnt the time.

As such, she said with a bit of worry, “But what will you do once I leave There is an expert tailing you.”

“You wont be able to help me fight against him even if you stay.” Zu An chuckled and said, “Dont worry, this is the imperial palace.

With the emperor overseeing things, that mysterious expert wont dare to do anything.

Hell only follow me for a while, and youre my biggest secret right now.

Once you leave, I wont be scared of him following me.”

When she heard him say that she was his biggest secret, Yun Jianyues expression became strange.

These words made her heart rate speed up for some reason.

However, she quickly collected herself and said, “Okay, Im leaving first.

Lets find a chance to meet up later.”

When he saw the two leave in separate directions, a figure slowly emerged in the shadows of a large tree.

If there was someone who was watching this exact spot, their eyes might pop right out.

There wasnt anyone in the shade of this tree before, and this person seemed to have crawled straight out of the shadows.

“Hm There are two people.

Looks like King Qi guessed wrong.” That person muttered.

He looked left and right.

He hesitated for a bit, and then in the end, he headed after Yun Jianyue.

Yun Jianyues voice sounded by Zu Ans ears.

“That person is following me.”

Zu An was alarmed.

“You need to be careful!”

Meanwhile, he was quite confused.

He thought that this person came after him, yet now, it didnt seem like it.

What kind of background did this person have What was he after

Yun Jianyue chuckled.

“The one who should be careful is him.”

Zu An quickly realized something.

Yun Jianyue was a grandmaster after all.

Even after being injured, she was still a grandmaster.

The one in the shadows thought that he was catching fish, but it was instead a huge shark that bit the bait.

The two got further and further away from each other.

It already went beyond the range of ki transmission.

Yun Jianyue could continue to transmit her voice, but the ki she had to use was greater.

This would easily draw the emperors attention, so there was no need to do so.

Zu An continued to walk for a while.

Then, he secretly turned around and followed her.

He just didnt feel at ease if he didnt see Yun Jianyue leave the palace with his own eyes.

Either way, that feeling of being followed was now gone, so he wasnt scared of being discovered.

He followed her to the imperial palaces western gate.

He saw that Yun Jianyue didnt walk too quickly or too slowly.

His gait was just like that of an expert.

“I should make her wear these clothes again when there is a chance…” All types of perverted thoughts filled his mind.

A stupid smile unknowingly appeared on his face.

Yun Jianyue arrived at the gates.

She showed his Golden Token Eleven waist tile, and then those imperial guards quickly let her through.

Golden token envoys had tremendous status to begin with, and this one had just saved the crown prince and princess.

He was a popular fella in the eastern palace.

Who would want to offend someone like that

A beautiful voice sounded when she was just about to leave.


Yun Jianyue frowned.

Zu An also cried out in complaint.

Why did they have to run into her at this type of time!

The sounds of jewels clanking sounded from not far away.

A gorgeously dressed woman slowly walked over gracefully.

Who else could this be but the crown princess


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